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Found 59 Records with the keyword term of "Marine clays"

2013  Residual Liquefaction of Seabed under Standing Waves

2012  Accelerated Testing of Cement Treated Singapore Marine Clay Cured under Elevated Temperature

2011  Joint States of Information from Different Probabilistic Calibrations of Undrained Shear Strength of Submarine Clays

2009  Bayesian Probabilistic Approach for the Correlations of Compression Index for Marine Clays

2009  The Nature and Behavior of Sensitive Marine Clays

2008  Assessing Well Drilling Disturbance Effects on Offshore Foundation Piles in Clay

2007  Geotechnical Properties of Marine and Deltaic Soft Clays

2007  Residual Shear Strength for Interfaces between Pipelines and Clays at Low Effective Normal Stresses

2005  Clay – Water/Cement Ratio Identity for Cement Admixed Soft Clays

2005  Evaluation on Potential Use of Ariake Clay in a New Barrier System

2005  Lightweight Aggregates from Industrial Sludge—Marine Clay Mixes

2005  Measurement of Suction in a Marine Clay as an Indicator of Sample Disturbance

2004  Indentation of a Free-Falling Sharp Penetrometer into a Poroelastic Seabed

2004  Physicochemical and Engineering Behavior of Cement Treated Clays

2003  Thermal Stabilization of Iron-Rich Sludge for High Strength Aggregates

2002  Averaging Pore Statistics of Two-Dimensional Images for Predicting Permeability

2002  Consolidation and Permeability Properties of Singapore Marine Clay

2001  Behavior of Soft Singapore Marine Clay Treated with Cement

2001  Recovery and Marine Clay Stabilization of Heavy Metals Present in Spent Hydrotreating Catalysts

2000  Case Study of Excavation Base Stability in Deep Marine Clay

1998  Case History of an Excavation Stabilized by Deep Mixing Methods

1998  Effects of Construction of Diaphragm Wall Panels on Adjacent Ground: Field Trial

1998  Influence of Rigidity on Laterally Loaded Pile Groups in Marine Clay

1998  Penetration and Load Capacity of Marine Drag Anchors in Soft Clay

1997  Effect of Lime on Cation Exchange Capacity of Marine Clay

1997  Influence of Cations on Compressibility Behavior of a Marine Clay

1997  Sorption and Speciation of Heavy Metals from Incinerator Fly Ash in a Marine Clay

1996  Behavior of Pile-Supported Dolphins in Marine Clay Under Lateral Loading

1996  Drained Creep Behavior of Marine Clays

1996  Prediction of Time-Dependent Behaviour of Remolded Soft Marine Clay in Axi-Symmetric Undrained Conditions

1996  Reaction Products Formed in Lime-Stabilized Marine Clays

1995  Colinearity of Stresses, Strains, and Strain Increments During Shearing of Soft Clay

1995  Electrokinetic Extraction of Lead From Spiked Norwegian Marine Clay

1995  An Instrumented Jet Grouting Trial in Soft Marine Clay

1994  Influence of Flexible Mat on Settlements of Marine Clay

1994  Lateral Foundation Deformations for a Marine Test Fill

1994  Settlement of Test Fills for Chek Lap Kok Airport

1993  Estimation of Uplift Capacity of Helical Anchors in Clays

1992  Moduli and Damping Factors of Soft Marine Clays

1992  Performance of Test Embankment Constructed to Failure on Soft Marine Clay

1991  Performance of Precast Driven Piles in Marine Clay

1989  Classification of Marine Sediments

1988  Degradation of Marine Clays Under Cyclic Loading

1987  Geotechnical Investigations Offshore Hong Kong

1987  Instrumentation for Test Fill in Hong Kong

1987  Layered Clay-Sand Scheme of Land Reclamation

1987  Suitability of Marine Clays as Hazardous Waste Site Liners

1987  Test Fill at Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong

1985  State Variable Model for Volumetric Creep of Clay

1984  Phase Relations in Marine Soils

1981  Statistical Analysis of Marine Clay Deposits

1980  Dynamic Properties of Two Marine Clays

1978  Effect of Cyclic Loads on Undrained Strength of Two Marine Clays

1977  Storm Wave Induced Erosion of Marine Soils

1976  In-Situ Undrained Shear Strength of Two Marine Clays

1973  Field Test of Debris Fill Over Soft Soil

1969  Cause of Clay Sensitivity

1969  Engineering Properties of Some Sea-Floor Deposits

1962  Shear Characteristics of a Marine Clay