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2015  Developing a Radar-Based Flood Alert System for Sugar Land, Texas

2014  Damage Detection on Structures Using Texture Mapped Laser Point Clouds

2014  Enhanced Detection and Mapping of Buried Utilities—A Sustainability Perspective

2014  Euclidean Distance Mapping and the Proposed Greenway Method in Malta

2014  Flooding Hazard Mapping in Floodplain Areas Affected by Piping Breaches in the Po River, Italy

2014  Hydraulic Modeling of Extreme Hydrologic Events: Case Study in Southern Virginia

2014  Recharge from an Array of Polygonal Channels

2014  Simplified Mapping Rule for Bounding Surface Simulation of Complex Loading Paths in Granular Materials

2013  ARkStorm II: A Hydraulic Modeling and Flood Inundation Mapping Effort on Santa Clara River for Emergency Planning Exercises by Local Responders in Ventura County, CA

2013  Boundary Shear Stress in Smooth Trapezoidal Open Channel Flows

2013  Delineating the Reality of Flood Risk and Loss in Southeast Texas

2013  Mapping the 95th Percentile Daily Rainfall in the Contiguous U.S.

2013  NickolayLamm has used prediction and topographical maps to create a series of images that show what cities in the United States will look like in the future...

2013  Real-Time Occlusion Handling for Dynamic Augmented Reality Using Geometric Sensing and Graphical Shading

2013  A Real-Time Simulator for the Behavior of Large-Scale Crowd over City-Wide Maps using CUDA

2013  Regional Extreme Rainfall Mapping for Bangladesh Using L-Moment Technique

2013  Self-Organizing Gaussian-Based Downscaling of Climate Data for Simulation of Urban Drainage Systems

2012  3-D Stratigraphy and Root Geometry from Trench and Ground-Based LiDAR Mapping

2012  Application Research of Total Station and CAD Technology in Traditional Architecture Surveying

2012  Automated Approach for Developing Integrated Model-Based Project Histories to Support Estimation of Activity Production Rates

2012  Characterization of Geotechnical Conditions for Proposed 329 km Remote Transportation Corridor in Northern Ontario

2012  Closed-Form Theoretical Solution for Finite-Depth Seepage below Flat Apron with Equal End Cutoffs and a Downstream Step

2012  Darcian Seepage through a Parallelogrammic Ramp: Toth’s Model Revisited

2012  Earthquake Hazard Class Mapping by Parcel in Las Vegas Valley

2012  Evaluating the Performance of Ordinary Kriging in Mapping Soil Salinity

2012  Geologic Mapping for Offshore Engineering, Mississippi Delta

2012  Geophysical Investigation and InSAR Mapping of Permafrost and Ground Movement at the Iqaluit Airport

2012  Identify Information Exchanges by Mapping and Analyzing the Integrated Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Design Process

2012  Image-Based 3D Mapping of Rebar Location for Automated Assessment of Safe Drilling Areas Prior to Placing Embedments in Concrete Bridge Decks

2012  Linking HAZUS-MH Risk-Analysis Methodology to Contaminant-Release Models

2012  Mapping a Structure’s Impact on the Environment

2012  Mapping Surface Vesicles of a Cylindrical Basalt Specimen Using Laser Scanning

2012  Mapping the Submittal Process in a Design-Bid-Build Project

2012  Mapping Utility Infrastructure via Underground GPS Positioning with Autonomous Telerobotics

2012  New Map-matching Method Based on Decision Circle for GNSS-based ETC Systems

2012  NewsBriefs: Map Provides New Clues to Titanic’s Demise (The Associated Press)

2012  NewsBriefs: New Map Details Antarctica’s Rock Bed (BBC)

2012  Photogrammetric Methods and Geologic Discontinuity Mapping for Spillway Modifications, Pathfinder Dam, Wyoming

2012  Probabilistic Mapping of Water Leakage Characterizations Using a Bayesian Approach

2012  Rejuvenating Pre-GPS Era Geophysical Surveys Using The National Map

2012  Rendering Stereoscopic Augmented Reality Scenes with Occlusions Using Depth from Stereo and Texture Mapping

2012  Research on a Map-matching Method for a GNSS-based ETC System

2012  Road Construction Earthwork Volume Calculation Using Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning

2012  Spatial Mapping of Runoff from a Watershed Using SCS-CN Method with Remote Sensing and GIS

2012  Steady Subsurface Drainage of Ponded Surface by an Array of Parallel Ditches

2012  Surface Geophysical Measurements for Locating and Mapping Ice-Wedges

2012  To Level or Not to Level: Laser Scanner Inclination Sensor Stability and Application

2012  Uncertainty Quantification in Flood Inundation Mapping Using Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimate and Sensitivity Analysis

2012  Vision-Based SLAM System for Small UAVs in GPS-Denied Environments

2011  Application of Digital Photogrammetry in Trenchless Engineering

2011  Challenges to Mapping Coastal Risk in the Southeastern United States for FEMA’s Risk Map Program

2011  CORS and OPUS for Engineers, Tools for Surveying and Mapping Applications

2011  Design of Track Alignment Using Building Information Modeling

2011  Earthquake Hazard Class Mapping by Parcel in Las Vegas Valley

2011  Estimation of Storm Surge Inundation and Hazard Mapping

2011  FEMA’s Update Process for Coastal Surge and Wave Analysis for Flood Insurance Rate Maps

2011  Finite-Depth Seepage below Flat Aprons with Equal End Cutoffs

2011  Flow Field and Morphology Mapping Using ADCP and Multibeam Techniques: Survey in the Po River

2011  Improving the Ensemble Streamflow Prediction by Adjusting Hydrologic Ensemble Traces

2011  IRFAM: Integrated Rule-Based Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory Mapping System for Watershed Modeling

2011  Long-Term Performance of a Flood Alert System and Upgrade to FAS3: A Houston, Texas, Case Study

2011  Mapping the Underworld: A Step-Change in the Approach to Utility Location and Designation

2011  A Method for Generating Schematic Maps of Traffic Information for Mobile Phones

2011  Method of Assessment of Human-Induced Area Risks and Creation of Risk Map Using Geoinformation Systems

2011  A Methodology of Constructing Dynamic Risk Maps for Large Metropolitan Areas

2011  New Automated Point-Cloud Alignment for Ground-Based Light Detection and Ranging Data of Long Coastal Sections

2011  New Mapping Tool and Techniques for Visualizing Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts

2011  NewsBriefs: NASA Develops Map of Carbon Stored in the Earth’s Tropical Forests (NASA)

2011  Prediction Analysis of CTB Asphalt Pavement Moduli Based on FWD Deflection Data

2011  Prospects of Mind Maps for Better Visualization of Infrastructure Literature

2011  Rapid 1-mm Mapping of Runways in an Integrated Environment

2011  Research on Formal Theory Framework of Navigation Digital Map

2011  ReSET-Raster: Surface Energy Balance Model for Calculating Evapotranspiration Using a Raster Approach

2011  Simplified Method for Spatial Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential in the St. Louis Area

2011  Storm Surge Study of the Hawaiian Islands Using the EST Method

2011  A Study of Implementation of IP-S2 Mobile Mapping Technology for Highway Asset Condition Assessment

2011  A Traffic Information Fusion Algorithm Based on Self-Organizing Maps

2011  Tropospheric Modeling and Fixed Stations Constraints in Precise GPS Computations: Case Study

2011  Water Point Mapping for the Analysis of Rural Water Supply Plans: Case Study from Tanzania

2010  Alignment Geohazard Evaluations Using Interactive GIS

2010  Collecting and Converting 2-D Utility Mapping to 3-D

2010  Comparison of Flood Top Width Predictions Using Surveyed and LiDAR-Derived Channel Geometries

2010  The Development of a Silicon-Drift-Detector-Based X-Ray Spectrometer for Remote Surface Analysis

2010  FEMA Flood Map Modernization Program

2010  Geophysical-Geological Mapping of Infrastructure in New York Harbor

2010  Geothermite Reactions for In Situ Resource Utilization on the Moon and Beyond

2010  A Hydraulic Modeling Framework for Producing Urban Flooding Maps in Zanesville, Ohio

2010  Impact of Bridge Rail Geometry on Floodplain Analysis

2010  Knowledge-Based Landslide Susceptibility Zonation System

2010  Mapping Soft Soil Zones and Top-of-Bedrock beneath High-Traffic Areas in Honolulu Using 2D ReMi

2010  Modeling of Flood Wave Propagation through Levee Breach Using MIKE21, A Case Study in Helleh River, Iran

2010  Multi-Hazard Evaluation of Steel Frame Subsystem Stability Considering Damage Mapping from Extreme Lateral Loading

2010  Numerical Age and Residence-Time Mapping for a Small Tidal Creek: Case Study

2010  Regional Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration in Arid and Semiarid Regions

2010  Remote Sensing and GIS for Groundwater Mapping and Identification of Artificial Recharge Sites

2010  Three-Dimensional Mapping of Seawater Intrusion Using Geophysical Methods

2010  A Two-Phase Mapping Approach of Dynamic Traffic Information Integration

2010  Visualization and Assessment of the Aging Infrastructure Using Self-Organizing Map

2009  Alternative Postprocessing Relative Positioning Approach Based on Precise Point Positioning

2009  Application of Remote Sensing Based Tillage Mapping Technique to Evaluate Water Quality Impacts of Tillage Management Decisions in Upper White River Basin