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Found 47 Records with the keyword term of "Machine foundations"

2014  Design and Research for Foundations of Turbine-Generator Sets

2014  Dynamic Analysis of Onshore Modules Supporting Heavy Machines

2013  Calculation of Response Modification Factor for an Existing All-Concrete Elevated Tank Pedestal

2013  Design of Foundations for Large Dynamic Equipment in a High Seismic Region

2013  Vibratory Machine Foundation Design: When to Perform a Dynamic Analysis

2012  Dynamic Interaction of Two Nearby Machine Foundations on Homogeneous Soil

2011  Designing Foundations for Vibrating Machinery: Dealing with Soil and Software Issues

2010  Forensic Engineering for Machine Foundations

2010  New Dynamic Participation Factor for Turbine-Generator Foundations

2008  Dynamic Effects of Impact Machine Foundations

2007  New Design Approach for Computing Peak Dynamic Response of Turbo Generator Pedestals Using Modal Synthesis

2006  Simplified Model for Vertical Vibrations of Surface Foundations

2005  Determination of Local Structural Vibration Properties For the Design of Machine Foundations

1998  Vibration Isolation of Machine Foundations by Periodic Trenches

1996  Active Isolation of Machine Foundations by In-Filled Trench Barriers

1996  Active Vibration Control of Machine Foundation

1996  Investigation on Active Isolation of Machine Foundations by Open Trenches

1994  Coupling Translation and Rocking Motions

1994  Vibration of Foundations on Incompressible Soils with No Elastic Region

1993  Minimum-Weight Design of Machine Foundation Under Vertical Load

1993  Predicting Turbine-Generator Foundation Vibrations

1990  Stiffness Coefficients of Layered Soil Systems

1987  Design of Large Steam Turbine-Generator Foundations

1987  Sidesway in Offset Printing Presses

1986  3-D Flexible Embedded Machine Foundations by BEM and FEM

1986  Dynamic Response of Arbitrarily Shaped Foundations

1986  Dynamic Response of Arbitrarily Shaped Foundations: Experimental Verification

1986  Dynamics of Machine Foundation

1986  Vibration Isolation of Structures From Surface Waves in Layered Soil

1985  Dynamic Analysis and Performance of Compressor Foundations

1985  Experiments with Shallow and Deep Foundations

1985  Low Tuned Compressor Foundations on Soft Clay

1985  Vibration Isolation of Machine Foundations

1985  Vibration Problems in Geotechnical Engineering

1984  Active Control of Machinery Foundation

1983  Study on Vibration of Framed Machine Foundation

1982  Design of Fan Foundations

1982  Rocking Vibrations of Footings

1979  Vertical Vibration of Machine Foundations

1978  “Handbook of Machine Foundations,” by P. Srinivasulu and C.V. Vaidyanathan (Book Review)

1977  Design of Machine Foundations on Piles

1976  Optimal Aseismic Design of Building and Equipment

1976  Vibration-Absorber Effect under Seismic Excitation

1974  Dynamic Response of Embedded Machine Foundations

1973  Case Study of Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction

1971  Sliding-Rocking Vibration of Body on Elastic Medium

1970  Dynamic Prestraining of Dry Sand