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2015  New Orleans under Reconstruction: The Crisis of Planning, By Carol McMichael Reese, Michael Sorkin, and Anthony Fontenot. Brooklyn, New York: Verso, 2014

2015  Reversing Louisiana’s Land Loss

2014  Evaluation of Geosynthetics in Unpaved Roads Built over Natural Soft Subgrade Using Full-Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing

2014  Flood Risk Management: The Need for Sound Policies and Practices

2014  Geocharacterization for Design and Construction of Gulf Intracoastal Waterway - West Closure Complex in New Orleans, Louisiana

2014  GIS-Based Water Budget Framework for High-Resolution Groundwater Recharge Estimation of Large-Scale Humid Regions

2014  Multiscale Monitoring for Health Assessment of Levees in New Orleans

2014  A Perspective on the Levee Failures in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina

2014  Reevaluation of the Gap Formation in the New Orleans Levee System

2014  Study on Energy Foundation Design in South Louisiana

2014  Sustainable Erosion Remediation and Restoration Measures in South Louisiana Navigation Channels

2013  Broader Appeal

2013  Characterization of Soil-Foundation Interaction for a T-Wall Flood Protection System in New Orleans

2013  Design and Construction of Deep Mixing at Orleans Avenue Canal, New Orleans

2013  Evaluation and Prediction of 17th Street Canal I-Wall Stability Using Numerical Limit Analyses

2013  Evaluation of Daily Reference Evapotranspiration Methods as Compared with the ASCE-EWRI Penman-Monteith Equation Using Limited Weather Data in Northeast Louisiana

2013  Expansive Clay Minerals and Hurricane Katrina

2013  IHNC- Seabrook Sector Gate Complex - How We Arrived Here After Hurricane Katrina

2013  Joint Pixels InSAR for Health Assessment of Levees in New Orleans

2013  Mixing and Turbulence in a Flooding Coastal River

2013  New Orleans Large Diameter Steel Force Main Condition Assessment Using Alternate Failure Criteria

2013  Project Implementation and Construction Sequencing with 93 Projects: The Baton Rouge SSO Program

2013  Simulation of Oscillations in Lake Pontchartrain Induced By Hurricane Katrina

2013  Special Report: Defending New Orleans

2013  Surge Generation Mechanisms in the Lower Mississippi River and Discharge Dependency

2012  César Pelli Designs Unconventional Chapel for Historically Black Catholic University

2012  Construction Operations and Quality Control of Deep Mixing at Levee LPV111 New Orleans

2012  Deep Mixing Design for Raising Levee Section, LPV 111 New Orleans, LA

2012  Evaluation of Continuous Deflection Testing Using the Rolling Wheel Deflectometer in Louisiana

2012  Evaluation of the MEPDG Permanent Deformation Models in Louisiana Conditions

2012  The History of Deep Mixing in New Orleans

2012  Implementation of LRFD of Drilled Shafts in Louisiana

2012  Investigation of the Design criteria for the Analysis of I-Wall in New Orleans, Louisiana for Flood Side Gap Condition

2012  Investigations of Stability Improvements for Submerged Berm on Soft Clay in South Louisiana

2012  The Lessons of Katrina: What Went Wrong and Why

2012  A Modern Marvel Crosses the Mighty Mississippi

2012  Overview of Deep Mixing at Levee LPV 111, New Orleans, LA

2012  Sustainable Recovery of New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward

2012  Two-Dimensional Numerical Model of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway near New Orleans

2012  Undergraduate Geotechnical Lesson Modules Based on New Orleans Levee Failures

2012  Unique Use of Dry Soil Mixing Creates Stable Levee Conditions along the IHNC

2011  Challenges and Considerations for Coastal Flood Analyses in Louisiana

2011  The Degrading Mississippi Delta: How Much Longer Can it be Sustained?

2011  Design Considerations for Mass Concrete Elements of Flood Gates for New Orleans Hurricane Protection Project

2011  Erosion Study of New Orleans Levee Materials Subjected to Plunging Water

2011  Evaluation of a T-Wall Section in New Orleans Considering 3D Soil-Structure Interaction

2011  Finite Element Soil-Pile-Interaction Analysis of Floodwall in Soft Clay

2011  A Hierarchical Bayesian Model Averaging Approach to Cope with Sources of Uncertainty in Conceptual Ground Water Models

2011  An Investigation of the Effect of Seepage on the Stability of Sheet Pile Supported I-Wall in New Orleans, Louisiana

2011  Major Floodwall Project Wraps Up in Louisiana’s St. Bernard Parish

2011  Measurement and Modeling of Hydraulic Characteristics of Permeable Friction Course (PFC)

2011  New Orleans Struggles with Hurricane Recovery

2011  NewsBriefs: New Orleans Plans New Streetcar Routes (The New York Times and RTA)

2011  Post-Katrina Land Change Assessment along the South Shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, USA: A Four-Year Perspective, 2005-2009

2011  Reducing Erosion of Earthen Levees Using Engineered Flood Wall Surface

2011  Rockefeller Refuge Gulf Shoreline Protection Demonstration

2011  "The Great Wall of Louisiana" Protecting the Coastline from Extreme Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise

2011  Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Flow and Algal Biomass Distribution in Lake Pontchartrain

2011  Waves ’93: Opening Remarks by Robert L. Wiegel

2010  Assessment of Slope Failure Using Advanced Geotechnical Tests: Case Study in Harrisonburg, Louisiana

2010  Baton Rouge, Louisiana Sanitary Sewer Overflow Program Conveyance Design Requirements

2010  A Case Study of Undrained Shear Strength Evaluation from In Situ Tests in Soft Louisiana Soils

2010  A Comparative Evaluation of Unbalanced Loads in the Stability Analysis of T-Walls Subjected to Hurricane Loading

2010  Dissolved Oxygen Impairment and BMP Effectiveness in Mermentau River Basin

2010  Distribution of Metals for Particulate Matter Transported in Source Area Rainfall-Runoff

2010  Evaluation of Bearing Capacity of Driven Piles from CPT Data and Development of Design Software

2010  Evaluation, Rehabilitation Planning, and Stay-Cable Replacement Design for the Hale Boggs Bridge in Luling, Louisiana

2010  Field Damage Survey of New Orleans Homes in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

2010  The Flushing of Louisiana’s Coastal Bays under Hurricane Conditions

2010  Investigation of the Effects of Proposed Hurricane Protection Structures on the Characteristic Transport of Larval Fish into Lake Pontchartrain

2010  Katrina Ruling Should Not Be Appealed, Members of Congress Urge Administration

2010  Louisiana Levee District Launches Local Hurricane Protection Plan

2010  Modeling Tidal Dynamics and Tidal Datums along the Coasts of Texas and Western Louisiana

2010  Multidisciplinary Assessment of Critical Facility Response to Natural Disasters, The Case of Hurricane Katrina

2010  National World War II Museum Expands

2010  Performance Evaluation of a FRP-Wrapped Balsa Wood Bridge Deck System

2010  Predictions of Pile Setup and Its Resistance Factors for South Louisiana

2010  Setup Prediction of Piles Driven into Louisiana Soft Clays

2010  A Smart Health Monitoring System for the New I-10 Twin Span Bridge over Lake Pontchartrain

2010  Storm Surge Simulations of Hurricane Ike (2008): Its Impact in Louisiana and Texas

2010  Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Flow Circulations in Lake Pontchartrain

2010  Tidal Influence on Embankment Settlement in Coastal Louisiana

2010  Tightrope in Houma: Balancing Competing Needs for a Deepened Channel

2009  Combined Parallel Seismic and Cone Penetrometer Testing of Existing Foundations for Foundation Length and Evaluation

2009  A Comparison between High Water Marks and Hydrograph Recordings in Hurricane Rita

2009  Corps’s Largest Design/Build Civil Works Project To Shield New Orleans

2009  Geotube Reinforced Sand Dunes to Buffer Louisiana Barrier Island from Hurricanes

2009  Hurricane Protection System Reviewed, Deemed Successful during Hurricane Gustav

2009  Hydrodynamic Investigation of Coastal Bridge Collapse during Hurricane Katrina

2009  Lessons in Bridge Vulnerability from Hurricane Katrina: Reconnaissance Findings and Analysis of Empirical Data

2009  Louisiana Highway Construction Cost Trend after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

2009  Louisiana Uses Mississippi River Sediment to Restore Marshland

2009  Luling Bridge Stay Cable Replacement

2009  Planning— Baton Rouge, Louisiana Sanitary Sewer Overflow Program

2009  Post-Hurricane Gustav Reconnaissance of the New Orleans Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System

2009  Reliability Based Analysis of Axial Load Capacity of Drilled Shaft in Louisiana Soils

2009  Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans: Water Loss Control Program

2009  South Louisiana River and Coastal Ports: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina

2009  Statistical Evaluation of BMP Effectiveness in Reducing Nutrient Impairment in Mermentau and Vermilion-Teche River Basins

2009  Temporospatial Analysis of Hurricane Katrina Regional Evacuation Traffic Patterns