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Found 36 Records with the keyword term of "Loops"

2014  Precision Analysis of the Semi-Strapdown Homing Guided System

2007  Solution for the Closed-Loop Problem in Pressurized Multipipe Systems

2006  Dynamic Response of Closed-Loop System with Uncertain Parameters using Interval Finite-Element Method

2004  Designing Safe Systems: Using System Dynamics to Understand Complexity

2004  Incident Causation Model for Improving Feedback of Safety Knowledge

2000  Characterizing the 3D Stress-Strain Behavior of Sandy Soils: A Neuro-Mechanistic Approach

2000  Closed Loop Predictive Optimal Control Algorithm Using ARMA Models

2000  Comparison of ANNs and Empirical Approaches for Predicting Watershed Runoff

2000  Modeling Drained Triaxial Compression Behavior of Sand Using ANN

1999  Hardening Models and Their Predictions of Material Response

1999  Real-Time Substructure Tests Using Hydraulic Actuator

1999  Response of ASCE Task Committee Test Cases to Open-Loop Control Measures

1999  Studying Initiation and Growth of Shear Cracks in Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Full-Field Digital Imaging

1998  Introduction of Smith Predictor into Dynamic Regulation

1998  Open-Close Loop Active Control of Articulated Leg Platform

1997  Approach to Evaluation of Hand Strength Given Visual Biofeedback

1997  Covariance Control Using Closed Loop Modeling for Structures

1997  Mobilizing the Partnering Process

1996  Feedback Service for Reducing Losses Due to Building Problems

1996  H∞ Active Seismic Response Control Using Static Output Feedback

1996  Making Effective Use of Construction Lessons Learned in Project Life Cycle

1996  Travel Modeling with and without Feedback to Trip Distribution

1995  Improving Construction Safety by Providing Positive Feedback on Backup Alarms

1993  The Permanent Traffic Count Analysis Package

1992  Feedback Mechanisms for Operational Simulation

1992  Implementation of TQM in Building Design and Construction

1992  In-Use Emissions with Today’s Closed-Loop Systems

1991  Optimising Electric Power From a Small Scale Hydro Plant

1990  A Comparison of Straight and Circular Fibers for Concrete

1989  Overview

1989  Post-Audits of Environmental Programs and Projects

1988  Closed-Loop Control for Hydraulic Laboratory Operation

1985  Active Control of Seismic-Excited Buildings

1985  The Effects of Structural Optimization on the Design of Controls in Large Space Structures

1982  Artificial Intelligence in Simple Beam Design

1976  Flows Split in Closed Loops Expending Least Energy