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2013  Analytical Solution for Long-Wave Reflection by a General Breakwater or Trench with Curvilinear Slopes

2013  Designing Floating Wave Attenuators for Long Period Waves

2013  Prediction of Coastal Far Infragravity Waves from Sea-Swell Spectra

2012  Analytical Solution for Long-Wave Scattering by a Circular Island Mounted on a General Shoal

2011  Analytical Solution for Long-Wave Reflection by a Rectangular Obstacle with Two Scour Trenches

2011  Long-Wave Scattering by a Vertical Cylinder with Idealized Scour Pit

2011  Spectral Sampling Method for Uncertainty Propagation in Long-Wave Runup Modeling

2009  Waves Generated by a Pressure Disturbance Moving in a Channel with a Variable Cross-Sectional Topography

2008  Extracting Long Waves from Tide-Gauge Records

2008  Stochastic Solution for Uncertainty Propagation in Nonlinear Shallow-Water Equations

2007  NewsBriefs: Long-Wavelength Tsunami Generator Being Built (University College London)

2006  Maximum Fluid Forces in the Tsunami Runup Zone

2006  Prediction of Long Forcing Waves for Harbor Agitation Studie

2006  Well-Balanced Finite-Volume Model for Long-Wave Runup

2005  Analytical Study of Linear Long-Wave Reflection by a Two-Dimensional Obstacle of General Trapezoidal Shape

2005  Propagation of Long Water Waves through Branching Channels

2003  Parameters Affecting the Performance of Wetting and Drying in a Two-Dimensional Finite Element Long Wave Hydrodynamic Model

2001  Designing for Low Frequency Waves

2001  The Effect of a Modulating Breakpoint on Bar-Trapped Waves

2001  Forced and Free Long Waves Generated by Winter Storms and Typhoons

2001  Free Long Wave – Short Wave Interaction in a Surf Zone

2001  Harbor Resonance Induced by Pressure-Forced Surface Waves

2001  Long Period Wave Effects as Measured by a Dual Frequency DGPS Buoy

2001  Observations of Long Waves on a Uniform Slope

2001  A Practical Method for Estimating Bound Long Waves and Its Application to the Analysis for Free Long Waves

2001  Second-Order Wave Generation in Laboratory Bassins

2001  Surf Beat Generation by a Time-Varying Breakpoint

2001  Time Domain Simulation of Long Period Oscillations in Harbors

2001  Wavelet Spectrum of Freak Waves in the Ocean

1999  Application of Physical Model in Long Wave Studies for The Port of Long Beach

1999  Attenuation of Very Long Waves by a Large Resonator as a Outer Harbor

1999  Effect of Long Waves on Cross-Shore Sediment Transport Rates

1999  Effect of Long Waves on Transport Rate Under Irregular Sheet Flow Conditions

1999  Linear and Nonlinear Modeling of Long Waves Propagating around Channel Bends

1999  Long Waves in Flume Experiments

1999  Long-Period Oscillations in a Harbour with Fluid Mud Bottom

1999  Numerical Modeling of Long Wave Ship Motions

1999  Oblique Long Waves on Beach and Induced Longshore Current

1999  Transformation of Wave Groups and Accompanying Long Waves in Shallow Water

1999  Trapped and Free-Wave Propagation in Channels and Harbours

1999  Wave Dynamics and Revetment Design on a Natural Reef

1999  Wave Setup and Other Tidal Anomalies in Coastal Rivers

1998  Harbour Resonance and Wave Disturbance Studies in Baleeira Harbour by Using the DREAMS Numerical Model

1998  Numerical Modeling of Tidal Wave Runup

1998  Physical Modeling of Harbor Resonance

1998  Sediment Transport Dynamics in a Dredged Channel

1998  Spectral Modeling of Nonlinear Dispersive Waves

1997  Coastal Engineering

1997  Effects of Bottom Steepness on Long-Period Waves

1997  Experimental Study on Sediment Transport in Surf and Swash Zones Using Large Wave Flume

1997  Field and Experimental Study on Countermeasure to Long Period Waves

1997  Front Matter

1997  Generation of Second-Order Long Waves by a Wave Group in a Laboratory Flume and Its Control

1997  The Influence of Long Waves on Macrotidal Beach Morphology

1997  Laboratory Experiment on Long Wave Generation by Time-Varying Breakpoint

1997  Laboratory Experiments on Generation of Long Waves in the Surf Zone

1997  Long Wave Runup on Coastal Structures

1997  A Realistic Model for the 1992–96 Tidal Waves

1997  The Swash Zone: A Focus on Low Frequency Motion

1997  Wave Groups in the Surf-Zone: Model & Experiments

1996  Dynamic Processes on a Ridge and Runnel Beach

1996  An Energetics Approach to Sand Transport on Beaches

1996  Forces on a Vertical Wall due to Long Waves, Bores, and Dry-Bed Surges

1996  Influence of Short and Long Waves Coupling on Sand Suspending

1996  Looking for Wave Groups in the Surf Zone

1996  On the Origin of Infragravity Waves in the Surf Zone of a Dissipative Multiple Bar System

1995  Coupled Vibration Equations for Irregular Water Waves

1995  Influence of Long Waves on Ship Motions in a Lagoon Harbour

1995  Long Waves due to Interactions beneath Wave Groups

1995  The Measured and Computed Hokkaido Nansei-Oki Earthquake Tsunami of 1993

1995  Modeling of Breaking and Nonbreaking Long-Wave Evolution and Runup Using VTCS-2

1995  A Nonlinear Surf Beat Model

1995  Relationship of a moored vessel in a harbour and a long wave caused by wave groups

1994  Analysis of Prototype Long Period Waves for Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Resonance Studies

1994  The Daytona Beach “Large Wave” Event of 3 July 1992

1994  Measured Total Wave Climate of a Small Craft Harbor

1994  Measurement and Analysis of Wave Data in Los Angeles—Long Beach Harbors

1994  Numerical Modeling of Waves in Harbors

1994  On the Generation of Infragravity Waves by Shoaling Multidirectional Waves

1994  The Role of Long Waves in Sand Bar Formation - a Model Exploration

1994  Short and Long Wave Transformation Modelling in a Large Scale Flume

1993  Breakpoint-Forced and Bound Long Waves in the Nearshore: A Model Comparison

1993  Dispersion, Nonlinearity, and Viscosity in Shallow-Water Waves

1993  Distribution of Undertow and Long-Wave Component Velocity Due to Random Waves

1993  Field Observation of Surf Beats Outside the Surf Zone

1993  Incident Wave Groups and Long Waves in the Nearshore Zone

1993  Laboratory Tests on the Interaction Between Nonlinear Long Waves and Submerged Breakwaters

1993  Long Period Wave and Suspended Sand Transport in the Surf Zone

1993  Low Frequency Waves in Intermediate Water Depths

1993  Mixing by Shear Instabilities of the Longshore Current

1993  Verification of a One-Dimensional Surfbeat Model Against Laboratory Data

1993  Wave Transformations Over a Submerged Bar: Experiments and Theoretical Interpretations

1992  Open Boundary Condition for Multiple Level FE Tidal Current Flow Analysis

1992  Propagation of Long Waves Onto Shelf

1991  Berm Erosion Due to Long Period Waves

1991  Bottom Pressures Due to Long Waves: Laboratory and Field Measurements

1991  Coastal Engineering

1991  Decomposition and Interception of Long Waves by a Submerged Horizontal Plate

1991  Dynamic Stability of Armor Units—A BEM Approach

1991  Effect of Long Waves to Local Sediment Transport Rate