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2015  Estimating Construction Contingency: Accommodating the Potential for Cost Overruns in Road Construction Projects

2015  Integration of Multinomial-Logistic and Markov-Chain Models to Derive Land-Use Change Dynamics

2014  3PL’s Role in the Supply Chain with Capital Constraints

2014  Adaptability Analysis of Distance between Exits and Entrances of Urban Expressways

2014  Adaptation Evaluation on the Passenger Equipment Capacity of High-Speed Railway Stations Handling Normal Speed Trains

2014  Agricultural Commodities Supply Chain Coordination for Food Safety

2014  Agri-Food Supply Chain Characteristics Based on Different Circulation Modes

2014  Analysis about Enhancement of Our Country’s Emergency Logistics

2014  Analysis about Factors Affecting Waste Household Appliances Recycling Behavior

2014  Analysis about Project Control, Project Evaluation, Project Audits and Project Monitoring in Logistics Areas

2014  Analysis Method of Two-Way Balance of Transportation Supply and Demand in a Regional Corridor

2014  Analysis of Adaptability to Railway Freight Station for All Process Logistics

2014  Analysis of an Effective Coordinating Mechanism of Supply Chain Management

2014  Analysis of Drivers’ Illegal Tendentiousness Based on the Fuzzy Signal Detection Theory

2014  Analysis of Elastic-Plastic Seismic Response of a Low-Pylon Cable-Stayed Bridge under a Rare Earthquake

2014  Analysis of Factors on the Performance of Logistics Companies in China Based on the Panel Data of the Listing Corporation

2014  Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Characteristics for Railway Freight Decisions Based on Big Data

2014  Analysis of Railway Freight Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Method Based on Business Intelligence

2014  Analysis of Safety Problems in the Express Delivery Industry and Future Development Proposals

2014  Analysis of Stock Intrinsic Value of Logistics Listed Company Based on the Dividend Discount Model

2014  Analysis of the Airlines’ Merger Integration Performance Based on the Value Chain — Analysis of the M&A Case of Hainan Airlines

2014  Analysis of the Current Situation of Agricultural Products in Shanghai and Future Development Proposals

2014  Analysis of the GPRS-Based Electronic Bus Stop Board

2014  Analysis of Travel Characteristics of Metro Extension Line: A Case Study in Chengdu China

2014  Analysis on Door-Door Total Logistics Service of Railway Freight

2014  Application of a Retail Network‘s Comprehensive Evaluation in the Location of a Distribution Center

2014  Application of Affinity Propagation on the Selection of a Logistics Distribution Center

2014  Application of Big Data Technology in Marketing Decisions for Railway Freight

2014  Application of Big Data Technology in Unstructured Data Management for Railway Freight E-Commerce

2014  Application of Flexible Edge Matching Algorithm in a High-Speed Railway

2014  Application of Improved Kerberos Authentication and AES Algorithm in an Electric Power Materials Management System

2014  Application of RFID on the Tracking and Tracing System for Pallets

2014  Application of Value-Added Service for Railway Freight Information Resources

2014  Application of Wisdom Logistics Technology in Railway Transportation

2014  Applications and Management of The Micro-Logistics Industry with Big Data in China

2014  Automatically Out-of-Gauge Identification of Rail Freight Loading and Transportation Schemes

2014  Based on Time and Requirements Evaluate An Area of Emergency Repositories’ Service Capacity

2014  Bi-Objectives Optimization of a Second-Generation Biofuel Supply Chain under Demand Uncertainty

2014  Bivariate Frequency Analysis of Annual Maximum Rainfall Event Series in Seoul, Korea

2014  Building a Railway Logistics Center Based on Freight Stations and Marshalling Yards

2014  Centrifugal Model Tests of Balance Weight Retaining Walls under Translation Movement

2014  CICTP 2014, Safe, Smart, and Sustainable Multimodal Transportation Systems

2014  City Group Logistics Ecosystem Live Agents Symbiosis Evolution Analysis

2014  City Parking Guidance Information System Based on the Internet of Things

2014  Co-Integration Analysis of the Coordinated Development between the Transportation System and Regional Economy in Sichuan Province

2014  Comprehensive Optimization Model of Diagrams of High-Speed Railway Express Freight Trains Operated in Passenger Train Patterns

2014  Connotation and Modularization Design of Railway Logistics Products

2014  Consistency Analysis of Traffic State Clustering Identification on a City Expressway

2014  Constructing a New-Style Logistics Hub for Special Engineering Vessels in the South China Area under the Marine Power Strategy

2014  Constructing the Service Quality Evaluation System of Fresh Meat Cold Chain Logistics

2014  Construction of a Railway Freight Tracking Inquiry System

2014  Construction of Intelligent Logistics Platform Based on the Internet of Things Management Model

2014  Construction of the Logistics System of the Expressway Service Area Based on the Internet of Things

2014  Construction of the Regional Public Logistics Information Platform

2014  Corporate Purchasing Items Classification Based on the Triangular Fuzzy Number

2014  Correlation Analysis between Network Evolution of Railway Lines and Social Economic Development Based on Grey Correlation Theory

2014  Coupling of the Agricultural Product Logistics Industry and Low-Carbon Economy under the New Urbanization

2014  Decision Models of Price, Service, and Coordination of a Dual-Channel Logistics Service Supply Chain Consisting of Two Vendors and One Integrator

2014  Design and Application of Intelligent Transportation System Based on The Internet of Things

2014  Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Logistics Distribution System Based on the Internet of Things

2014  Design of a Loose Pallet Pool Based on Cloud Computing

2014  Design of an Incentive Mechanism for ELVs Recycling Industry Chain

2014  Design of Urban Expressway Traffic Incident Detection System Based on LabVIEW Instrument

2014  Designing Rail Freight Production Based on Feedback Control Theory

2014  A Determination Method of Generalized Cost in a Logistics Chain under Stochastic Conditions

2014  Development of the New Movable Guardrail Combined Steel Pipe with Steel Cables

2014  Development Plan of Suburban Highway Networks in the Rapid Urbanization Process of Chengdu

2014  Diagnosis and Optimization on the Logistics Cost of a Tobacco Business Company

2014  Discussion about the Distribution of IC Cards for Railways

2014  Discussion of the Pricing Method on Rail-Water Intermodal Transportation

2014  Double-Goal Optimized Model for Urban Passenger Transport Structure

2014  Dynamic Simulation for Car-Bicycle Collisions Based on PC-CRASH

2014  Dynamic Vehicle Routing Optimization on Urban Distribution with Real-Time Information

2014  Effects of Logistics Transportation Infrastructure Investment on the Chongqing’s Economic Growth

2014  Elastic-Plastic Seismic Response Analysis of the Long Span Combined Highway and Railway Continuous Rigid Frame Bridge

2014  Emergency Logistics Channel Selection Decision Based on Rough Sets Theory and Extension Model

2014  Emergency Scheduling Model of Multi-Objective-to-Resource under Uncertain Requirements

2014  Empirical Analysis of the CP Model of the Forest Fruits Industry and Logistics Industry

2014  Environmental Impact Analysis for Logistics System

2014  EPQ Model Based on Machine Recession

2014  Evaluation and Optimization of Two-Echelon Distribution Networks with the Aid of Simulate Anneal Arithmetic and Neighbourhood Search Methods

2014  Evaluation and Selection of a Procurement Model Based on the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

2014  Evaluation Model of Railway Freight Transportation’s Social Benefits and Government Incentives

2014  Evaluation of Airport Site Selection Based on the Multilayer Fuzzy Reasoning Model

2014  Existence of Herd Behavior on the Advertising Market

2014  Exploring Choice Behavior of Express Service in China

2014  Exploring the Motivations and Decisions of Enterprise Knowledge Communications

2014  Expounding on the Issues Related to Urban Transportation Planning in the Case of Second Ring Road in Chengdu

2014  Express Freight Train Diagram Coordinating Methodology

2014  Extracting Urban Subzonal Land Uses through Morphological and Spatial Arrangement Analyses Using Geographic Data and Remotely Sensed Imagery

2014  Financing and Purchase of Micro Enterprise of Cotton Processing Based on Inventory Financing

2014  Fresh Agricultural Products Supply Chain Model under an Ec Environment

2014  Front Matter

2014  Function Design of a Railway Freight System Based on Electronic Commerce

2014  Game Analysis of City Bus Priority

2014  Game Analysis of Cooperation between Government and Enterprise on Storing Emergency Supplies

2014  Game Analysis on the Creative Talents Drain in Logistics Enterprises Based on Limited Rationality

2014  A Game Model for Enterprises’ Energy-Saving Product Innovation Strategies Based on Tax Incentives

2014  GIS Application in the Logistics Distribution System

2014  Granger Causality Analysis on the Economy and Transportation Infrastructure Construction