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2014  Facility Location-Network Design Problem: Reliability and Investment Budget Constraint

2013  Critical Traffic Control Locations for Emergency Evacuation

2012  Bee Colony Optimization Approach to Solving the Anticovering Location Problem

2012  Distribution Center Location Model of Low-Carbon Logistics Based on Carbon Tax

2012  An Evaluation Method for Rationality of Setting Locations of Guide Signs at Intersections

2012  An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Set Covering Location Problems

2012  Location of Municipal Centers for New Counties within the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

2012  Location Selection of Logistics Center Based on Entropy Fictitious Ideal Solution Method

2012  Multi-Objective Optimization Model of Hub Location-Allocation in Intermodal Logistics Networks

2012  Research on the Optimal Dwell Point Location of Single Stacker in Multiple Aisles Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

2012  Study about the Location Problem of a Civil Explosive Distribution Center Based on SOM Neural Network

2012  Study on Location Method of Marshalling Station Based on Node Importance

2011  Effect of Rail Transit Accessibility on the Selection of Shanghai Expo Entrances

2011  Experiment Identifying Approach for Accident-Prone Locations of Highways in Mountainous District

2011  Improved Model for Single Strategic-Loading-Station Location Problem

2011  Layout Methods and Location-Selecting Optimization for Highway Service Area

2011  Layout of BRT Station

2011  Location Selection Formula of Logistics Distribution Center Research Based on Immune Genetic Algorithm

2011  Location Selection of Railway Logistics Center of Eastward Coal Transportation from Xinjiang

2011  Modeling and Solution of the Hazardous Waste Location-Routing Problem under Uncertain Conditions

2011  Modeling Uncertainties in Emergency Service Resource Allocation

2011  A Novel Bi-Level Programming Model for Facility Location in Supply Chain Network Design

2011  Parking Demand Forecasting of Urban Comprehensive Development Blocks Involving Shared Parking and Location Conditions

2011  A Planning Model for Determining Optimal Locations of Parking Guidance Sign Boards Based on Utility Maximization

2011  Quantitative Comparison between Two Different Distribution Centers’ Dynamic Location Decision Methods

2011  A Reasonable Methodology of Solving Traffic Analysis Zone Size Based on CELL-ID Location Technique

2011  Traffic Safety Regional Gradient Characteristics Analysis Based on Geographical Factors

2010  Based on an Improved Model of P-Median Used in the Emergency Location Problem

2010  Based on P-Median Location Model in Emergency Material Storage Facility Location Problem on Anhui Province

2010  Design for Logistics Center Locating System Based on RFID

2010  The Design of Uncapacitated Single Allocation Hub-and-Spoke Networks Using a Hybrid Algorithm

2010  Development of a Planning Method for Coordinating a Public Transport Network with the Location of Transfer Terminals

2010  An Empirical Taxonomy for Location Strategy of Third-Party Logistics in China

2010  Evaluation of Programs of Regional Distribution Center Location

2010  How to Identify Hazardous Locations in Roadway Network

2010  Identifying Critical Locations of Post-Earthquake Transportation Networks Based on Vulnerability Analysis

2010  Improvement of Rate Quality Control Method in Identifying Hazardous Locations

2010  Integrated Location-Inventory Model and Algorithm for Emergency Biopreparate Supplies Reserve Network under Stochastic Demand

2010  Location Model of Processing Factory of Crop Residues Fodder

2010  Location Model of Risk Pooling with Variable Construction Costs Based on Compensation and Punishment Policy

2010  Locations of Bus Stops at the Upstream of Signalized Intersection Based on the Model of Efficiency

2010  Maximal Benefits Location Model Based on the Fuzzy Function and Analytic Network Process

2010  Mixed-Integer Programming Model of Urban Emergency Logistics Facilities Location under Unconventional Emergency

2010  Model and Algorithm for Hazardous Waste Location-Routing Problem

2010  Modeling of Cross Dock Location and Its Application to CD between Parts Suppliers and Vehicle Manufacturers

2010  Real-Time Spatial Location Tracking of Construction Resources in Lay Down Yards

2010  Research and Application of Multi-Logistics Centers’ Location Based on System Clustering Method and Modified Centroid Method

2010  Research on Distribution Center Location Model of Maximum Coverage Based on Collaborative Inventory of Supply Chain

2010  Research on Emergency Material Storage Facility Location Problem of Guangdong Province

2010  Research on Location Method of Vehicle Construction Project Access in Urban Areas

2010  Stochastic Dynamic Location-Routing-Inventory Problem in Two-Echelon Multi-Product Distribution Systems

2010  Study on Location Model of Multi-Node Distribution Centers in Closed-Loop Supply Chain

2010  Study on Location Model of Regional Logistics Center Based on Accessibility

2010  Study on Location of Nanjing Logistics Distribution Center

2010  Study on Multiple-Objective Programming in Location of Chain Supermarket in Magapolis

2010  Study on the Railway Strategic Loading Station Location Model

2009  The 3D Geological Environment Modeling and Application of Virtual Environment Railway Location System

2009  Assessment of Methods for Adjusting Construction Cost Estimates by Geographical Location

2009  Bus Location Display System Based on GPRS

2009  Design of Intelligent Decision Module for Storage Location Assignment in AS/RS

2009  Explaining Subjective Risks of Hurricanes and the Role of Risks in Intended Moving and Location Choice Models

2009  Float Types in Linear Schedule Analysis with Singularity Functions

2009  A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Stochastic Dynamic Location-Routing-Inventory Problem in Closed-Loop Logistics System for Reusing End-of-Use Products

2009  Identification of Hazardous Locations Based on Integrated Highway Safety State Analysis

2009  Integrated Short-Term and Long-Term MCDM Model for Solving Location Selection Problems

2009  Methodology for Automating the Identification and Localization of Construction Components on Industrial Projects

2009  Model for the 3D Location of Buried Assets Based on RFID Technology

2009  Modeling Multi-Level Distribution Center Layout Problem with RTT

2009  The Modeling of Triangular Fuzzy Number on the Location Selection of Passenger Station

2009  A Multi-Objective Decision Model of Traffic Rescue Service Site Location on Road

2009  Optimal Location and Control of Pressure Reducing Valves in Water Networks

2009  Optimized RDC Location Model for Household Appliances Enterprises in China

2009  Regional Logistics Centers Location Layout Based on Rough Set Theory AHP and Cluster Analysis

2009  Research on Location of Railway Logistics Center

2009  Research on Taboo Simulated Annealing Combinatorial Optimization Algorithm of Location Routing Problem with Pickups and Deliveries

2009  A Study of Vehicle and Materials Depot Location Problems for Winter Road Maintenance

2009  Study on a Passageway Location Model of Underground Expressway

2009  Study on Logistics Center Location Bi-Level Programming Model and Algorithm Based on Competition

2009  Study on the Location Parking Index Based on Function Division of Parking Space

2009  A Study on the Location Selection of Public Traffic Transfer Hub Based on Improved Particle Swarm Algorithm

2009  Traffic Detector Optimal Location Model and Algorithm for Dynamic OD Estimation

2008  Decision-Making Model for Grain Logistics Center Site Selection in Main Sales Areas

2008  An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Constructing a (K, L)-Core Of a Tree Network

2008  Evaluation Method for Location Selection of Railway Container Logistics Center Based On Safety Influence Factors

2008  A Fuzzy Location-Routing-Inventory Problem in Logistics Distribution Systems

2008  The Interval Analytical Hierarchy Process on Location of Logistic Distribution Center

2008  Leak Detection Case Study by Means of Optimizing Emitter Locations and Flows

2008  Location and Routing Models for Emergency Logistics Systems in Natural Disasters

2008  Location Optimization Model for Urban Taxi Service Lots

2008  Location Planning of Dry Port Based on Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm

2008  A Location-Allocation Model and Its Algorithm for Multi-Echelon Logistics Systems

2008  Multimensional Encoding Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Location Routing Problem with Time Window

2008  Optimal Locations of Pressure Meters for Burst Detection

2008  Optimization of Water Tanks Size and Location on Networks

2008  Potential Well Locations in In Situ Bioremediation Design Using Neural Network Embedded Monte Carlo Approach

2008  Productivity Scheduling Method Compared to Linear and Repetitive Project Scheduling Methods

2008  A Research of Robust Location Model of Enterprise Logistics Centers

2008  Research on Location Selection for Emergency Center of the Coal Enterprises Based on Gravity Method

2008  Research on the Problem for Location of Railway Strategic Loading Station

2008  Research on Workstation-Oriented Location Optimization Model in Vehicle Assembly Line