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2014  Effects of Various Environmental Exposures and Sustained Load Levels on the Service Life of Postinstalled Adhesive Anchors

2014  Fatigue Reliability of Hammerhead Bridge Piers

2014  Hybrid Simulation of Bridge Response to Three-Dimensional Earthquake Excitation Followed by Truck Load

2014  Identification of Vehicular Axle Weights with a Bridge Weigh-in-Motion System Considering Transverse Distribution of Wheel Loads

2014  Investigating the Effects of Loading Frequency and Temperature on Moisture Sensitivity of SBS-Modified Asphalt Mixtures

2013  Anisotropy of Alkali-Silica Reaction under Loading

2013  Comparative Analyses of Methods for Posting Spring Load Restrictions

2013  Materials under Shock Loading: from Biot’s Theory to Nano-Poromechanics

2013  Modelling Rest-Inserted Loading in Bone Mechanotransduction Using Poroelastic Finite Element Models: The Impact of Permeability

2013  Performance Assessment of Flexible Pavements Using Active Contour Models

2013  Performance Evaluation of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Pipe under D-Loads

2013  Strain Response of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Material Blends under Extended Loading Testing

2011  Aerial Advancement

2010  Structural Behavior of Wood Light-Frame Wall Segments Subjected to In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Forces

2009  Influence of Overloading to Braking Performance

2009  Load Displacement Behavior of ACIP Piles in Cohesive Soils

2009  Single-Span Deep Beams Subjected to Unsymmetrical Loads

2008  Concept of Equivalent Load for Stiffness and Its Application

2008  Effect of Aircraft Load Wander on Unbound Aggregate Pavement Layer Stiffness and Deformation Behavior

2008  Effect of Loading and Temperature on Dynamic Modulus of Hot Mix Asphalt Tested under MMLS3

2008  Enhancing Performance of Slab-Column Connections

2008  Evaluation of a Predictive Constitutive Model for Sands

2008  Horizontal Support of Historic Roof Structures: Design and Structural Efficiency

2008  Impact Behavior and High-Energy Absorbing Materials

2008  Implications of Complex Axle Loading and Multiple Wheel Load Interaction in Low Volume Roads

2008  Interpretation of Accelerated Laboratory Testing of the Prototype Modulas Stress in Motion Sensor with the MMLS3 Load Simulator

2008  Louisiana Highway 1 Pile Load Test Program

2008  Perpetual Pavements: Applying the Approach to Very Heavy Loads

2008  Study on Mechanical Characteristic of Subgrade under More Loads

2008  Study on the Pavement Damage under Overweight Load

2007  Discussion of Pin-connected Joints Design Considering Contact

2007  Effect of Weigh-in-Motion System Measurement Errors on Load-Pavement Impact Estimation

2007  Hydrodynamic Forcing of Long-Line Mussel Farms: Observations

2007  Lateral Force Induced by Rectangular Surcharge Loads on a Cross-Anisotropic Backfill

2007  Nonstationary Dynamic Pavement Loads Generated by Vehicles Traveling at Varying Speed

2007  The Source Of the Problem

2007  Three-Dimensional Response of Buried Pipes under Circular Surface Loading

2007  Was it?

2006  Assessment of the Failure of an Electrical Transmission Line Due to a Downburst Event

2006  Buckling of Simply Supported Rectangular Reissner — Mindlin Plates Subjected to Linearly Varying In-Plane Loading

2006  Computational Issues in the Development of a 3D Contact Interface Element

2006  Correlating Loaded Wheel Testing Dynamic Stability with Asphalt Pavement Analyzer Rut Depth

2006  Design of Bolt Anchored Reinforced Shotcrete Linings Subjected to Impact Loadings

2006  Development of a Damage Model for Stabilized Soil Layers Subjected to Repetitive Aircraft Loadings

2006  Effect of Coarse Aggregate Angularity on Rutting Performance of HMA

2006  Evolution of Fabric Anisotropy in Granular Soils under Triaxial Loadings

2006  Improved Soil Property Classification through Automated Triaxial Stress Path Testing

2006  Influence of Functionally Graded Material on Buckling of Skew Plates under Mechanical Loads

2006  Influence of Stress Levels on the Development of Permanent Deformation in Unbound Granular Materials

2006  Measured and Theoretical Pressures in Base and Subgrade Layers under Dynamic Truck Loading

2006  Nonlinear Equation for Flexural Stiffness of Slender Composite Columns in Major Axis Bending

2006  Numerical Model for Reinforced Soil Segmental Walls under Surcharge Loading

2006  Prediction of Truck Type Choice under Strict Overloading Enforcement

2006  Preventing Disproportionate Collapse

2006  Review and Future Perspective of Road Research in Switzerland Based on ”Rundlauf” Circular Test Track Results

2006  Safety Assessment of Concrete Tunnel Linings under Fire Load

2006  Use of Digital Imaging Technique for Studying Strain Localizations

2005  Complete Elastic Contact Subject to Cyclic Shear in Partial Slip

2005  Hierarchical High-Fidelity Analysis Methodology for Buckling Critical Structures

2005  Load Modeling

2005  Loads on Braced Excvations in Soft Clay

2005  Locality of Truck Loads and Adequacy of Bridge Design Loads

2005  Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures

2005  Probabilistic Approaches for Pavement Fatigue Cracking Prediction based on Cumulative Damage using Miner’s Law

2005  Progressive Collapse of Precast Panel Buildings Subjected to External Loading

2005  Reliability Analysis

2005  Stress in Orthotropic Steel Deck Components Due to Vehicular Loads

2005  A Substructure Based Parallel Linear Solution Framework for Structural Systems Having Multiple Loading Cases

2005  Substructure Simulation of Inhomogeneous Track and Layered Ground Dynamic Interaction under Train Passage

2004  Automated Incremental Loading of Numerical Hydrodynamic Engines

2004  Buried Pipe Encased in Concrete

2004  Distribution of Traffic Loads for Shallowly Buried Pipe by D.E.M. Analyses

2004  Effects of Stressed Loading on Startup and Granulation in Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactors

2004  Experimental Investigations of the Response of Suction Caissons to Transient Combined Loading

2004  Experimental Studies of Soil Load Transfer to Flexible Sewer Liners: Latest Results and Implications for Design

2004  Failure Mechanism of Concrete under Fatigue Compressive Load

2004  Fracture of Plain and Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Slabs under Monotonic Loading

2004  Monitoring of Environmental Loads on Timber Buildings

2004  Multiaxial Behaviors of Laminated Rubber Bearings and Their Modeling. I: Experimental Study

2004  State-of-the-Practice: Rubblization of Heavy Load Concrete Airfield Pavements

2004  Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Analysis of High Damping Rubber Bearings

2004  Truck Load Models for Bridges

2003  Analysis of Theoretical Versus Actual HDD Pulling Loads

2003  Behavior of Plate Load Tests on Soil Layers Improved with Cement and Fiber

2003  Centrifuge Modelling of Soil Load Transfer to Flexible Sewer Liners

2003  Construction Loads in SEI/ASCE 37-02

2003  Data Requirements for Load Estimation in Well-Mixed Tidal Channels

2003  D.E.M. Analysis on Behavior of Shallowly Buried Pipe Subject to Traffic Loads

2003  Effect of Base Fixity on Buckling of Heavy Column with End Load

2003  Elastic Stability and Second-Order Analysis of Three-Dimensional Frames: Effects of Column Orientation

2003  Environmental Loads in SEI/ASCE 37-02

2003  Experimental Validation of Lagrange-Rayleigh-Ritz Modeling Technique for Mass Loaded Actively Controlled Panels

2003  Linear Stochastic Dynamical System under Uncertain Load: Inverse Reliability Analysis

2003  Loads and Load Combinations in SEI/ASCE 37-02

2003  Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures

2003  Numerical Study of the Effect of Preloading on Undrained Bearing Capacity

2003  Performance of Long Rectangular Barrettes in Granitic Saprolites

2003  Post-Preload Settlements of a Soft Bay Mud Site

2003  Reappraisal of Marston’s Formula

2003  SEI/ASCE 37-02 Design Loads on Structures during Construction Standard - Background, Purpose and Scope