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2015  Axial Loading Tests and Simplified Modeling of Sandwich Panels with GFRP Skins and Soft Core at Various Slenderness Ratios

2015  Capacity Evaluation of a Prestressed Concrete Adjacent Box Girder with Longitudinal Cracks in the Web

2015  Field Lateral Load Tests on Slope-Stabilization Grouted Pipe Pile Groups

2015  Field Tests of Elevated Viaducts in Mexico City

2015  Field Verification of Simplified Analysis Procedures for Segmental Concrete Bridges

2015  Numerical Analysis of Plate-Load Test Results on Fractured Rocks Using an Equivalent-Continuum Model: Case Study of the Bakhtiary Dam Site

2015  Tunnel Design and Modulus of Subgrade Reaction

2015  Wood Panelized Roof Subpurlin Hanger Construction Defect Assessment and Load Testing to Establish Defect Tolerances

2014  Acoustic Emission Intensity Analysis for In Situ Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Slabs

2014  Bridge Remaining Strength Prediction Integrated with Bayesian Network and In Situ Load Testing

2014  Comprehensive Load Test on Prestressed Concrete Piles in Alluvial Clays and Marl in Savannah, Georgia

2014  Distributed Strain Behavior of a Reinforced Concrete Bridge: Case Study

2014  Experimental Resistance Function Development of Steel Studs under Combined Axial and Flexural Loads Using Load-Tree Testing

2014  Field Load Test of a Curved Steel I-Girder Bridge During Construction and Comparison with 2D Grid Modeling Approach

2014  Full-Scale Testing of Three-Sided Precast Concrete Arch Sections

2014  In Situ Load Testing of a One-Way Reinforced Concrete Slab per the ACI 437 Standard

2014  Laboratory Study on Geosynthetic Protection of Buried Steel-Reinforced HDPE Pipes from Static Loading

2014  Laser-Based Field Measurement for a Bridge Finite-Element Model Validation

2014  Long-Term Loading Behavior of a Full-Scale Glubam Bridge Model

2014  Monotonic Loading Tests of Ring-Beam Connections for Steel Reinforced Concrete Columns and RC Beams

2014  O-Cell Tests on Two 70 m Long Bored Piles in Vietnam

2014  Performance of Granitic, Shale, and Limestone Forest Road Aggregates Subjected to Repeated Loading

2014  Self-Learning Framework for Estimating Load Transfer Curves from Uninstrumented Pile Loading Tests

2014  Theoretical Load-Transfer Curves along Piles Considering Soil Nonlinearity

2014  Torsional Shear Behavior of Anisotropically Consolidated Sands

2013  Analysis of Geocell Load Transfer Mechanism Using a New Radial Load Test

2013  Analytical Calibration Approach to Develop a Seepage Model for the London Avenue Canal Load Test

2013  Bearing Capacity of Spread Footings on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2013  Behavior of Self-Anchored Suspension Bridges in the Structural System Transformation

2013  Eliminating Deck Joints Using Debonded Link Slabs: Research and Field Tests in Ontario

2013  Experimental and Numerical Study of Micropiles to Reinforce High Railway Embankments

2013  Experimental Study on Full-Scale Pretensioned Bridge Girder Damaged by Vehicle Impact and Repaired with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Technology

2013  Finite-Element Analysis and Load Rating of Flat Slab Concrete Bridges

2013  Foundation Geometry and Load Testing Reduces Uncertainty for a Sports Stadium

2013  Full-Scale Testing of Open-Ended Steel Pipe Piles in Thick Varved Clayey Silt Deposits along the Delaware River in New Jersey

2013  Instrumented Pile Load Testing Program for a Coal-Fired Power Plant

2013  Interpretation of the Bearing Capacity of Unsaturated Fine-Grained Soil Using the Modified Effective and the Modified Total Stress Approaches

2013  Laboratory Load Tests and Analysis of Bailey Bridge Segments

2013  Large Model Footing Load Test on Multi-Layer Reinforced Coal Ash Slope

2013  Live-Load Test Comparison and Load Ratings of a Posttensioned Box Girder Bridge

2013  Load Settlement Response of Footing Placed over Buried Flexible Pipe through a Model Plate Load Test

2013  Load Test Procedures for In-Service Shiploaders

2013  On the Interpretation of Drilled Foundation Load Test Results

2013  Pervious Concrete Pile: An Innovation Ground Improvement Alternative

2013  Pile Setup in Cohesive Soil. I: Experimental Investigation

2013  Pile Setup in Cohesive Soil. II: Analytical Quantifications and Design Recommendations

2013  Radial Basis Function Neural Network Predicting of Resilient Modulus for Shanxi Subgrade Soils

2013  Seismic Investigation/Below-Water Load Test for a 100-Year-Old Pier

2013  Tensile Capacity of Single-Angle Shear Connections Considering Prying Action

2012  Analysis of Footing Load Tests on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2012  Design, Certification, and Load Testing of Facade Access Equipment

2012  Development of a Database for Pile Load Tests

2012  Eccentric Axial Load Testing for Concrete-Encased Steel Columns Using 800 MPa Steel and 100 MPa Concrete

2012  ETT/CREZ Direct Embedded Pole Foundation Load Tests

2012  Evaluation of Statically-Loaded Large Diameter Steel Pipe Embedded with Lime Stabilized Native Clay Soils

2012  Evaluation of the Lateral Load-Resisting System of a Stadium Structure

2012  Field Stiffness Reduction Evaluations from Back-Analysis of Pile Load Tests

2012  Full-Scale Ultimate-Load Test of a Stress-Laminated-Timber Bridge Deck

2012  High Capacity Cast-in-Place Concrete Pile Load Tests in Oil Sand near Fort McMurray, Alberta

2012  Hyperbolic Model for Load Tests on Instrumented Drilled Shafts in Intermediate Geomaterials and Rock

2012  Influence of Steel Fibers and Headed Bars on the Serviceability of High-Strength Concrete Corbels

2012  In-Plane Monotonic and Cyclic Racking Load Testing of Structural Insulated Panels

2012  Instrumentation, Nondestructive Testing, and Finite-Element Model Updating for Bridge Evaluation Using Strain Measurements

2012  Knowledge Is Bliss-A Case for Supplemental Pile Testing to Ascertain Fidelity

2012  Lateral Movements of Long-Driven Piles during Pile Driving

2012  Load Test of a Large Bored Pile for the Golden Ears Bridge

2012  Load Testing and Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement of 1920s Vintage Chicago Public School Building

2012  Load Tests of Transmission Line Structures and Structural Components

2012  Pile Driving Formulas: Past and Present

2012  Pitt River Bridge 2007 Static Pile Loading Test

2012  PressureCast Steel Pipe Combined Load Test Set-Up and Execution

2012  Reliability-Based Design of Augered Cast-in-Place Piles in Granular Soils

2012  Sensor Networks, Computer Imaging, and Unit Influence Lines for Structural Health Monitoring: Case Study for Bridge Load Rating

2012  Study on Soil Type Effects on Micropile Behavior Using Full Scale Loading Tests

2012  Test Loading of Piles and New Proof Testing Procedure

2012  Testing of Augered Cast-in-Place Piles Installed with Varying Auger Rotations

2011  Back Analysis of Static Pile Load Test for SPT-Based Pile Design: A Singapore Experience

2011  Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks on Skewed Steel Superstructure under Truck Wheel Loads

2011  Calibrating Resistance Factors of Single Bored Piles Based on Incomplete Load Test Results

2011  Capacity Evaluation of a Severely Distressed and Deteriorated 50-Year-Old Box Beam with Limited Data

2011  Characterization of Model Uncertainty in the Static Pile Design Formula

2011  Determination of Shear Strength Parameters of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) by Means of Static Plate Load Tests

2011  Development, Calibration, and Validation of a New M-E Rutting Model for HMA Overlay Design and Analysis

2011  Evaluation of In Situ Pavement Material Properties and Behavior through Field Instrumentation and Load Testing

2011  Full-Bridge Deflected Shape Synchronous Measurement in Bridge Loading Test

2011  Full-Scale Field Load Testing of Storm-Water Storage Chamber Structures

2011  Health State Evaluation for Multi-Span Double-Curvature Arch Bridge Based on Static-Dynamic Load Testing

2011  Helical Pile Acceptance Criteria, Design Guidelines, and Load Test Verification

2011  High-Strain Dynamic Load Testing at the Bahia-San Vicente Bridge: Evaluation of Results against Design Values

2011  Horizontal Bearing Capacity of Piles in a Lateritic Soil

2011  Improved Evaluation of Equivalent Top-Down Load-Displacement Curve from a Bottom-Up Pile Load Test

2011  Influence of Existing or Newly Constructed Pile on Flexible Circular Footing Settlement

2011  Influence of Seasonal Changes on Inclined Load Tests on Drilled Shafts

2011  Interpretation of Lateral Load Test of Batter Pile Group Using High Order Polynomials Curve Fitting

2011  Introduction to PILOT Database and Establishment of LRFD Resistance Factors for the Construction Control of Driven Steel H-Piles

2011  Load Test Options for Helical Piles Using the Osterberg Cell

2011  Osterberg Cell Load Testing on Helical Piles

2011  Research on Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Mixture by Triaxial Repeated Load Test

2010  Axial Capacity of Drilled Shafts in Clay over Gravel Formation

2010  Base Resistance of Drilled Shafts in Fractured Rock