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Found 85 Records with the keyword term of "Load combinations"

2014  Effect of Installation on the Bearing Capacity of a Spudcan under Combined Loading in Soft Clay

2011  Load Combination Requirements in ASCE Standard 7-10: New Developments

2007  Reliability Basis for Counteracting Load Combinations in ASCE Standard 7-05

2007  Statistical Significance of Less Common Load Combinations

2001  Inelastic Analysis of Steel Frames with Composite Beams

2001  Minimum Building Lifecycle Cost Design Criteria. II: Applications

2000  Cantilever and Suspended Span Roof Framing System

2000  Combined Shear-and-Patch Loading of Plate Girders

2000  PID Controlled Combined Axial Torsional Testing System for Cohesive Soil

1999  Analysis of Composite Panels Subjected to Thermo-Mechanical Loads

1999  Bounds of Structural Response for All Possible Loading Combinations

1999  Combined Loads on Sheathing to Framing Fasteners in Wood Construction

1999  Effect of Compressibility on Strain Hardening Beams under Combined Loading

1999  RC Flate Plate Under Combined In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Loads

1998  Large Deflection of Reissner-Mindlin Plates on Elastic Foundations

1998  Stochastic Analysis of Load Combination

1998  Strength of DT Tubular Joints with Brace and Chord Compression

1998  Undrained Limit Analyses for Combined Loading of Strip Footings on Clay

1997  Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Frames

1997  Scandinavia’s International Connection (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)

1997  Timber Column Design/Analysis Spreadsheet Program

1996  Combining Snow and Earthquake Loads for Limit States Design

1996  Load Combinations and Load Factors for Construction

1996  Thin-Walled Prestressed Concrete Members under Combined Loading

1993  Hot Spot Stresses of Tubular Joints Subjected to Combined Loadings

1993  Joint Effects on Behavior of Transmission Towers

1993  Sectional Capacity of Circular Steel Tubes under Combined Loading

1992  Howe Truss Behavior Interpreted by Deflections

1992  Square and Rectangular Hollow Sections Subject to Combined Actions

1991  Design of Piles in Permafrost Under Combined Lateral and Axial Load

1991  Macro Wind Parameters for Load Combination

1991  Optimal Design of Frames to Resist Buckling under Multiple Load Cases

1991  Probabilistic Combination of Forces in Tension Leg Platform Tethers

1991  Short Thin-Walled Cylinders Under Combined Loading

1991  T-Joints in Rectangular Hollow Sections Subject to Combined Actions

1990  Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Pipe Under Combined Loads

1990  Behavior of Concrete Panels Subjected to Axial and Lateral Loads

1990  Combined Load Capacity of Threaded Fastener–Wood Connections

1990  Combined Load Testing of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe

1990  Dynamic Reliability of Multi-Degrees-of-Freedom Structures with Hysteretic Characteristics Under Combined Random Loads

1990  Empirical Failure Criteria with Correlated Resistance Variables

1990  Evaluation of Combined Load Tests of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe

1990  Extreme Value Distribution for Stochastic Processes Subject to a Full Load Climate

1990  The Extremes of Combinations of Environmental Loads

1990  Fracture and Failure of Concrete in Uniaxial and Biaxial Loading

1990  Lifetime-Maximum Load Effect for Highway Bridges Based on Stochastic Combination of Typical Traffic Loadings

1990  Load Modelling for Single Story Steel Buildings

1990  A Methodology for Assessing the Reliability of TLP Tethers Under Maximum and Minimum Lifetime Loads

1990  Nonlinear Load Exceedances with Correlated Sustained Load Process

1990  Optimization of Structures Under Stochastic Loads

1990  Probabilistic Evaluation of Load Factors for Steel Rigid-Frame Piers on Urban Expressway Network

1990  Reliability-Based LRFD For Bridges: Theoretical Basis

1990  Wind Vs. Seismic Design

1989  Design Analysis of Cable Networks

1989  Issues in Evaluating Combined Repeated Loading of Deep Foundations

1989  Load Combinations for LRFD With Wood Construction

1989  Model Tests of Gravity Platforms: Description

1989  Simplified Second-Order Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Frames

1989  Synergism in Combined Blast and Fragment Loadings: Can it be Defined?

1989  Transmission Line Structure Loading

1989  Vector Optimization of Structural Systems

1988  A Multilayered Model for Analysis of Composite Pipes

1988  Outcrossing Rates By Point Crossing Method

1988  Probabilistic Load Combinations in Nuclear Structures

1988  Thin-Walled Box Columns under Arbitrary End Loads

1987  Effect of External Pressure on Strength of Short Tubular Members

1987  Longitudinal Stresses and Strains in Design of RPM Pipes

1987  Strength of Cable Trusses Under Combined Loads

1986  Behavior of Unbraced Multipanel Concrete Frames

1986  Extremes of Gaussian Processes with Bimodal Spectra

1986  A Wind/Wave Study of Combined Wind and Wave Loads on a TLP

1985  Approximations for Momements in Box Girders

1985  Design Load Combination Factors

1985  Hydrodynamic Forces on a Circular Cylinder Due to Combined Wave and Current Loading

1985  Limit States Criteria for Masonry Construction

1985  Reliability of Systems under Renewal Pulse Loading

1984  Containment Integrity of SEP Plants under Combined Loads

1984  Creep of Thin-Walled Cylinder under Combined Loads

1984  Development of Concrete Nuclear Containment (ACI 359) Code Requirements as they Relate to Probability Based Load

1984  Load Combination Analysis by Translation Processes

1984  Load Combinations and Clustering Effects

1984  New Practice Proposed

1984  Nonlinear Combinations of Load Processes

1984  Reliability Assessment of Indian Point Unit 3 Containment Structure Under Combined Loads

1984  Stochastic Combination of Load Effects