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2015  Analysis of the Residual Safety Level in RC Slabs with Severe Joist Corrosion

2015  Assessment of the Strengthening of an RC Railway Bridge with CFRP Utilizing a Full-Scale Failure Test and Finite-Element Analysis

2015  Bearing Capacity of a Group of Stone Columns in Soft Soil

2015  Bearing Capacity of Circular Footings on Reinforced Soils

2015  Experimental Response of Beam-Slab Substructures Subject to Penultimate-External Column Removal

2015  New Design Approach for Spudcan Penetration in Nonuniform Clay with an Interbedded Stiff Layer

2015  Rectangular Foundations on a Sand Embankment over Mine Tailings

2015  Seismic Bearing Capacity of Shallow Embedded Foundations on a Sloping Ground Surface

2015  Ultimate Bearing Capacity of a Strip Footing on Ground Reinforced by a Trench

2014  Accuracy, Uncertainty, and Reliability of the Bearing-Capacity Equation for Shallow Foundations on Saturated Clay

2014  Analysis of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Shallow Circular Foundation

2014  Axial Load Capacity of Pipe Piles in Sands

2014  Bearing Capacity of Strip Footings in Cohesionless Soil Subject to Eccentric and Inclined Loads

2014  Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundations in Reinforced Soils

2014  Bearing Capacity of the High-Rise Pile Cap Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbines

2014  Bearing Capacity Reduction of Vibratory Installed Large Diameter Pipe Piles

2014  Behavior of a Foundation on a Sloped Fill Reinforced with Vertical Bars under Repeated Loading

2014  Centrifuge Tests of Superlarge-Diameter Rock-Socketed Piles and Their Bearing Characteristics

2014  Condition Assessment of Existing RC Highway Bridges in China Based on SIE2011

2014  Deflection-Based Bearing Capacity of Suction Caisson Foundations of Offshore Wind Turbines

2014  Development of an Innovative Load-Bearing Steel Stud Wall System for Blast Protection of Building Envelopes

2014  Displacement of Spread Footings on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2014  Effect of Depth and Number of Layers of Reinforcement on Bearing-Capacity Ratio of Strip Footing Resting on Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag Reinforced with Geogrid

2014  Effect of Installation on the Bearing Capacity of a Spudcan under Combined Loading in Soft Clay

2014  Effect of Loading Direction on the Bearing Capacity of Cold-Reduced Steel Sheets

2014  Effect of the Flow Rule on the Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundations on Sand by the Upper-Bound Limit Analysis and Slip Lines

2014  Effect on Bearing-Capacity Ratio of Strip Footing for Various Granular Fill Thicknesses and Numbers of Geogrid Layers in Granular Fill Overlay on Soft Soil

2014  Effects of In-Plane Lateral Restraint and Post-Punching Capacity on Load-Carrying Capacity of Slab-Column Connections against Disproportionate Collapse

2014  Full Scale Field Study of Jack-In Piles

2014  Full-Scale Tests on Shear Connections of Composite Beams Under a Column Removal Scenario

2014  GIS for Highway Engineering Bearing Capacity Evaluation

2014  Influence of Intermediate Principal Stress on the Bearing Capacity of Strip and Circular Footings

2014  Lateral Load Carrying Capacity of Laminated Bamboo Lumber and Oriented Strand Board Connections

2014  Load-Bearing Capacity of Deviated CFRP Strips

2014  Model Test on Lateral Loading Performance of Secant Pile Walls

2014  Optimization of Design of Column-Reinforced Foundations

2014  Performance and Blast Design for Non-Load Bearing Precast Concrete Panels

2014  Performance of Granitic, Shale, and Limestone Forest Road Aggregates Subjected to Repeated Loading

2014  Prediction of Limit-Bearing Capacity of Footings on Geocell-Reinforced Soils

2014  Rapid-Construction Technique for Bridge Abutments Using Controlled Low-Strength Materials

2014  Reliability-Based Serviceability Limit State Design of Spread Footings on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2014  Retracted: Choi, Jungyoul "Influence of Track Support Stiffness of Railway Tracks on Track Impact Factor" . Eng. Mech., 140(8), 04014052, 10.1061/(ASCE)EM.1943-7889.0000744

2014  Seismic Rocking Isolation of an Asymmetric Frame on Spread Footings

2014  Spudcan Penetration Analysis for Case Histories in Clay

2014  Thermal and Mechanical Modeling of Load-Bearing Cold-Formed Steel Wall Systems in Fire

2014  Two Near-Optimal Layouts for Trusslike Bridge Structures Bearing Uniform Weight between Supports

2013  Accounting For Certainty

2013  Active Debonding Detection for Large Rectangular CFSTs Based on Wavelet Packet Energy Spectrum with Piezoceramics

2013  Beams on Elastic Foundations: Analysis and Design of Shallow T-Footings on Clays in the San Francisco Bay Area

2013  Bearing Capacity and Settlement of Skirted Shallow Foundations on Sand

2013  Bearing Capacity of Foundations with Inclined Groundwater Seepage

2013  Bearing Capacity of Piles in Soft Clay Underlaid by Cohesive Frictional Soil

2013  Bearing Capacity of Spread Footings on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2013  Capacity and Load Movement of a CFA Pile: A Prediction Event

2013  Carrying Capacity of Stainless Steel Columns in the Low Slenderness Range

2013  Cause and Countermeasure of Structure Disease of Bridge

2013  Characteristics of Super-Long Pile-Bearing Vertical and Horizontal Loads

2013  Combination of Bamboo Filling and FRP Wrapping to Strengthen Steel Members in Compression

2013  A Combined Experimental and Numerical Study: Linking Vibration Response to Load Carrying Capacity of a Masonry Dome

2013  Destructive Testing of a Decommissioned Reinforced Concrete Bridge

2013  Discussion on Superposition Empirical Formula of Ultimate Bearing Capacity Based on the Upper Bound Limit Analysis Theory

2013  Effect of Spatial Correlation of Cone Tip Resistance on the Bearing Capacity of Piles

2013  Evaluation of Lateral Load Capacity of Bored Piles in Weathered Granite Soil

2013  Experimental Characterization of Aging Effects on Steel Bridge Bearings under Cyclic Loads

2013  Insight into the Seismic Liquefaction Performance of Shallow Foundations

2013  Instrumented Static Load Test on Rock-Socketed Micropile

2013  Interpretation of the Bearing Capacity of Unsaturated Fine-Grained Soil Using the Modified Effective and the Modified Total Stress Approaches

2013  Investigation of Cold-Formed Steel Wall Reinforcement Systems to Resist Progressive Collapse

2013  Load Capacity of Concrete Slabs with Recycled Aggregates

2013  Load Settlement Response of Footing Placed over Buried Flexible Pipe through a Model Plate Load Test

2013  Load-Carrying Capacity and Required Reinforcement Strength of Closely Spaced Soil-Geosynthetic Composites

2013  Methods in Detecting Typical Embankment Defects During Operation Period

2013  Model Errors in Bearing Capacity of Vertically Loaded Foundations

2013  New Geometric Average Method for Calculation of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations on Stratified Sands

2013  New Road Surfaces: Logical Bases for Simple Quality-Related Pay Adjustments

2013  Predicting Punchthrough of Jackup Spudcans on Sand over Clay

2013  Research on the Lateral Load Capacity of Offshore Platform Piles under Scour Conditions

2013  Research on the Road Bearing Capacity Based on Real-Time Data

2013  Robustness Assessment of a Steel Truss Bridge

2013  Seismic Bearing Capacity of Foundations on Cohesionless Slopes

2013  Set Up and Resulting Punch-Through Risk of Jack-Up Spudcans during Installation

2013  Simulation Design of Composites Containerization Tray

2013  Study on Compressive Bearing Capacity of Full-Scale Square Concrete Columns Confined by High Strength Transverse Steels

2013  Time Effect on Bearing Capacity of Jacked Piles Using the Back-Analysis Method

2013  Transverse Modeling of Concrete Box-Girder Bridges for Prediction of Deck Slab Ultimate Load Capacity

2013  Under Control

2012  Application of the Meshfree Method for Evaluating the Bearing Capacity and Response Behavior of Foundation Piles

2012  Axial Behavior of Square Reinforced Concrete Columns Strengthened with Lightweight Concrete Elements and Unbonded GFRP Wrapping

2012  Bearing Strength Capacity of Continuous Supported Timber Beams: Unified Approach for Test Methods and Structural Design Codes

2012  Behavior of Eccentrically Loaded Small-Scale Ring Footings Resting on Reinforced Layered Soil

2012  Behaviour of a Strip Footing Near Slope Crest Under Vertical Cyclic Loading

2012  Bio-Building Materials for Load-Bearing Applications: Conceptual Development of Reinforced Plastered Straw Bale Composite Sandwich Walls

2012  Calculating the Vertical Bearing Capacity of Piles with Nonlinear Load Transfer Model

2012  A Case Study: Unreinforced Soil Mixing for Excavation Support and Bearing Capacity Improvement

2012  Computer Simulation on Bearing Capacity of Multilayer Soils in Baotou

2012  Concrete Strength of Vertical Joints in the Cantilever-cast Segment of Prestressed Concrete Box Girders

2012  Development of Bearing Capacity of Fine Grained Permafrost Deposits in Western Greenland Urban Areas Subject to Soil Temperature Changes

2012  Evaluation of Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations Using Random Field Theory in Comparison to Classic Methods

2012  Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Bearing Capacity of Head-on Cross Section of Tubular Core Slab Considering the Function of Tubes

2012  Experimental Study of the Bearing Capacity of Double CFST Member