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2015  Evaluation of Production Models for Load Rating Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts

2015  Joint Response of Existing Pipe Culverts under Surface Live Loads

2014  Finding Maximum Moment: Determining HL-93 Truck Position on Simple Spans

2014  Influence of Traffic Loading on the Seismic Reliability Assessment of Highway Bridge Structures

2014  Lateral Live-Load Distribution Characteristics of Simply Supported Steel Girder Bridges Loaded with Implements of Husbandry

2014  Live Load Distribution Factors in Two-Girder Bridge Systems Using Precast Trapezoidal U-Girders

2014  Parametric Effects on Evaluation of an Impact-Damaged Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girder Repaired by Externally Bonded Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Sheets

2014  Reliability-Based Safety Assessment of Bridge Members on Monitored Live Load Effects

2013  Bilinear S-N Curves and Equivalent Stress Ranges for Fatigue Life Estimation

2013  Development of State-Specific Load and Resistance Factor Rating Method

2013  Effect of Train Live Load on Railway Bridge Abutments

2013  Evaluation of a Noncomposite Steel Girder Bridge through Live-Load Field Testing

2013  Field Performance of Corrugated Steel Plate Road Culvert under Normal Live-Load Conditions

2013  Live-Load Test Comparison and Load Ratings of a Posttensioned Box Girder Bridge

2013  Reliability-Based Dynamic Amplification Factor on Stress Ranges for Fatigue Design of Existing Bridges

2013  Slope Stability under Cyclic Foundation Loading - Effect of Loading Frequency

2012  Effects of Instantaneous Live Load on the Performance of Constructed Concrete Members in Cold Regions

2012  Live Load Effects on Response of Bridges during Earthquakes

2012  Live-Load Analysis of Posttensioned Box-Girder Bridges

2012  Physical Evaluation of the Dissipation of a Concentrated Load When Applied to Reinforced Concrete Pipe

2012  Shake Table Suggests Live Loads May Improve Bridges’ Seismic Performance

2011  Accidental Eccentricity of Story Shear for Low-Rise Office Buildings

2011  ASCE Standard 7-10 Dead and Live Loads

2011  Development of Live-Load Distribution Factors for Glued-Laminated Timber Girder Bridges

2011  Development of Maglev Guideway Loading Model

2011  Framework for Simplified Live Load Distribution-Factor Computations

2011  Full-Scale Field Load Testing of Storm-Water Storage Chamber Structures

2011  Investigation of AASHTO Live-Load Reduction in Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridges

2011  Method to Compute Live-Load Distribution in Bridge Girders

2011  Unified Approach for LRFD Live Load Moments in Bridge Decks

2010  Analysis of Eiffel’s Maria Pia Bridge

2010  Equivalent Uniformly-Distributed Live Load on Two-Way Slabs

2010  Load Configuration and Lateral Distribution of NATO Wheeled Military Trucks for Steel I-Girder Bridges

2009  Bridge Safety Evaluation Based on Monitored Live Load Effects

2009  Effect of Restraint on Behavior of Inverted Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shells under Unbalanced Live Loads

2009  Live Load Distribution Formulas for Single-Span Prestressed Concrete Integral Abutment Bridge Girders

2008  Development of a Bridge Live Load Model for Serviceability Limit States

2008  Development of Bridge Rating Applications Using OpenSees and Tcl

2008  Effect of Skewness on the Distribution of Live Load Reaction at Piers of Skewed Continuous Bridges

2008  Effect of Soil and Substructure Properties on Live-Load Distribution in Integral Abutment Bridges

2008  Evaluation of Live-Load Lateral Flange Bending Distribution for a Horizontally Curved I-Girder Bridge

2008  Field Investigation of a Sandwich Plate System Bridge Deck

2008  Live Load Distribution Factors for Cast-in-Place Concrete Box Girder Bridges

2008  Live Load Distributions on an Impact-Damaged Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridge Repaired Using Prestressed CFRP Sheets

2008  Parapet Strength and Contribution to Live-Load Response for Superload Passages

2008  State-Specific LRFR Live Load Factors Using Weigh-in-Motion Data

2007  AASHTO-LRFD Live Load Distribution for Beam-and-Slab Bridges: Limitations and Applicability

2007  Live Load Distribution for Reactions at Piers of Continuous Prestressed Concrete Skewed Bridges

2007  Live Load Radial Moment Distribution for Horizontally Curved Bridges

2007  Long Term Investigation of Live Load on Illinois Bridges

2007  Probabilistic Characterization of Live Load Using Visual Counts and Iin-Service Strain Monitoring

2006  Developing Bridge Rating Factors for the I. B. Perrine Bridge

2006  The Effect of Skewness on Live Load Reactions at Piers of Continuous Bridges

2006  Full-Scale Field Tests on Flexible Pipes under Live Load Application

2006  Influence of Parapets and Aspect Ratio on Live-Load Distribution

2006  Live Load Distribution Factor for Highway Bridges Based on AASHTO-LRFD and Finite Element Analysis

2006  Live-Load Distribution Factors for Prestressed Concrete, Spread Box-Girder Bridge

2006  Sensitivity of Live Load Distribution Factors to Vehicle Spacing

2006  Shear Live-Load Distribution Factors for I-Girder Bridges

2006  A Simple Method to Predict the 3-D Live Load Response of Slab-on-Girder Bridges

2006  Study of Turkish Bridge Standards Involving a Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridge

2006  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Live Loads on Culverts

2005  Concrete Beams Exposed to Live Loading during Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Strengthening

2005  Load Rating versus Reliability Analysis

2005  Simplified Method for Calculating Lateral Distribution Factors for Live Load Shear

2004  Alternate Load Paths in Historic Truss Bridges: New Approaches for Preservation

2004  Effect of Live-Load Deflections on Steel Bridge Performance

2004  Evaluation of AASHTO Live Load and Line Load Distribution Factors for I-Girder Bridge Decks

2004  Service Load Effective Compression Flange Width in Fiber Reinforced Polymer Deck Systems Acting Compositely with Steel Stringers

2004  Simplified AASHTO Load and Resistance Factor Design Girder Live Load Distribution in Illinois

2004  Simplified Method of Lateral Distribution of Live Load Moment

2003  Evaluation of Live-Load Deflection Criteria for I-Shaped Steel Bridge Girders

2003  Live-Load Distribution Factors for Concrete Box-Girder Bridges

2003  LRFD Orthotropic Plate Model for Live Load Moment in Filled Grid Decks

2003  Three-Dimensional Response of Buried Pipe under Vehicle Loads

2002  Effect of Live Load Surcharge on Retaining Walls and Abutments

2001  Design Live Loads for Passenger Cars Parking Garages

2001  Effect of Construction and Service Loads on Reliability of Existing RC Buildings

2001  Live Load Distribution for Steel Girder Bridges

2001  Live Load Distribution in Girder Bridges Subject to Oversized Trucks

2001  Live Load Tests of the San Antonio “Y”

2001  Live-Load Distribution Factors in Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges

2001  Response of Prestressed Concrete I-Girder Bridges to Live Load

2001  Stochastic Model for Multilane Traffic Effects on Bridges

2000  AASHTO-LRFD Live Load Distribution Specifications

2000  Continuous, Long-Term Monitoring of Two Advanced Polymer Composite Bridges

2000  Design Live Loads for Parking Garages

2000  Live Load in Prestressed Concrete I-Girder Bridges

2000  Vehicular Overloads: Load Model, Bridge Safety, and Permit Checking

1999  Bridge Girder Distribution Factors for Live Load

1999  Calibration of Load Factors for Load and Resistance Factor Evaluation

1999  Deck Slab Stresses in Integral Abutment Bridges

1999  Field Measurements on a Composite Bridge

1999  Field Testing of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Rebar Reinforced Concrete Bridge Deck

1999  Finite Element Reliability-Based Assessment of an Existing Suspension Bridge Using Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis

1999  Influence of Deck Material on Response of Cable-Stayed Bridges to Live Loads

1999  Modeling of Bridge Dead and Live Loads

1999  Northern Red Oak Glued-Laminated Timber Bridge

1998  Dynamic Response of Cable-Stayed Bridges Under Moving Loads

1998  Elastic Analysis of Buried Pipes under Surface Patch Loadings