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2007  Cross-Shore Variation of Predominant Longshore Sediment Transport Rate

2007  Geomorphic and Sedimentologic Evidence for Net Littoral Drift — A Review

2005  Implications of Harbor Dredging for the Santa Barbara Littoral Cell

2003  Longshore Sediment Transport Rates on a Microtidal Estuarine Beach

2002  Coastal Engineering: Study Suggests Many Factors Affect Erosion on Beaches with Seawalls

2001  Cross-Shore Distributions of Longshore Sand Transport Rate in Surf and Swash Zones

2001  Equilibrium Flow Area of Tidal Inlets Affected by Littoral Drift

2001  Performance of Longshore Sediment Transport Formulas Evaluated with Field Data

2001  STRAND—A Model for Longshore Sediment Transport in the Swash Zone

1999  Analytical Model of Spit Evolution at Inlets

1999  Anthropogenic vs. Natural Influences on Inlet Evolution: West-Central Florida

1999  Application of Shore Protection Schemes in Hornbæk

1999  Bathymetric Change Off the Washington–Oregon Coast

1999  Bridge Scour Analysis in Tidal Waterways

1999  Bypassing of Dredged Muddy Sediment and Thin-Layer Disposal, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

1999  Comparison of Storm Longshore Transport Rates to Predictions

1999  Complicated Littoral Drift Systems on the Gulf Coast of Peninsular Florida

1999  Cross-Shore Sediment Transport: A Field Test of the Bailard Energetics Model

1999  Depth of Closure: Improving Understanding and Prediction

1999  Developing Process-Response Models for Spits

1999  Evaluation of Longshore Sediment Transport Models on Coarse Grained Beaches Using Field Data: A Preliminary Investigation

1999  Field Observatgions of Small Scale Sedimentation Processes

1999  Infilling Processes, Nature of Littoral Barriers and Stability of Inlets in Spanish Natural Harbours

1999  Inlet Impacts and Families of Solutions for Inlet Sediment Budgets

1999  Littoral Processes in a Prograding Coast: The Case Study of the Atlantic Ocean Coast of Uruguay

1999  Littoral Transport Under Complex Wave Fields: Pecém, North East Brazil

1999  Longshore Drift Evaluation on a Groyned Shingle Beach Using Field Data

1999  Modeling Cross-Shore Sediment Transport at Different Scales Using Equilibrium Beach Profile Theory

1999  Motions of Pebbles on Pebble Beach

1999  Regional Sediment Budget for Fire Island to Montauk Point, New York, USA

1999  Seasonal Shoreline Variations by Cross-Shore Transport in a One-Line Model under Random Waves

1999  Sediment Suspension by Random Breaking Waves Evaluated from the CERC Formula

1999  Stabilisation of the Tidal Entrance at Hornafjordur, Iceland

1999  Thybor\xon Barriers—A Mastercase of Coastal Engineering

1999  Towards a Proper Coastal Defence Management of the Belgian East Coast

1999  Unanticipated Response to Detached, Segmented Breakwaters along Raccoon Island, Louisiana

1998  Changing Wave Climate and Littoral Drift Along the California Coast

1998  Littoral Processes, Sediment Budget and Coast Evolution in Vietnam

1998  Modeling of Seasonal Variations by Cross-Shore Transport Using One-Line Compatible Methods

1998  Morphodynamic Modeling of Shoreface Bars

1998  Seasonal Closure of Tidal Inlets

1998  Shoreface Nourishment at Terschelling, The Netherlands: Feeder Berm or Breaker Berm?

1998  Wave-Induced Currents in Multiple-Bar Nearshore Zone

1997  Beach Monitoring Program of Valencia (Spain)

1997  Complete Closure of the Nanakita River Mouth in 1994

1997  Control of Wave Propagation Angle by Tapered-Submerged Breakwater

1997  Design Capacity of a Longshore Current Recirculation System for a Longshore Sediment Transport Laboratory Facility

1997  Ebb Tidal Delta Evolution of Coastal Inlets

1997  Improvement of the Most Accurate Longshore Transport Formula

1997  Interaction of the Colorado River Project, Texas, with Longshore Sediment Transport

1997  Modeling Inlet Sand Bypassing

1997  Morphological Development of the Terschelling Shoreface Nourishment in Response to Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Processes

1997  Numerical Modeling of Nearshore Morphological Changes under a Current-Wave Field

1997  Prediction of Sand Movement near Port of Kanazawa

1997  Tweed River Sand Bypass: Concepts and Progress

1996  Changes of Sand Grain Distribution in the Surf Zone

1995  Accuracy and Applicability of the SPM Longshore Transport Formula

1995  An Attempt to Model Longshore Sediment Transport on the Catalan Coast

1995  Beach Erosion Around a Sand Spit - An Example of Mihono-Matsubara Sand Spit

1995  The Complementary Interaction Between Beach Nourishment and harbour Management: Four Cases in Spain

1995  Experimental Studies on the Effect of the Dredging on Chang-Hwa Reclamation Area, Taiwan

1995  The Extent of Inlet Impacts Upon Adjacent Shorelines

1995  Field Tests of Radiation-Stress Estimators of Longshore Sediment-Transport

1995  Formation of Dynamically Stable Sandy Beaches on the Amanohashidate Coast by Sand Bypassing

1995  Sediment Transport in Various Time Scales

1994  Analysis of Sand Movement on Noto Coast by Geochemical Method

1993  Beach Enhancement Through Nourishment and Compartmentalization: The Recent History of Santa Monica Bay

1993  Breakwater Design in the Chesapeake Bay: Dealing with the End Effects

1993  Coastal Processes on the Wai-San-Ding Barrier of Taiwan STrait, R.O.C.

1993  Management and Engineering at Araruama Lagoon, Brazil

1993  Modification and Layout of the Galveston Island Groin Field for Retaining Sand on Beach

1993  Monitoring the Impacts of a Coastal Protection Structure on La Guira Bay, Tobago

1993  The Northern Coast of the State of Rio De Janeiro

1992  Application of a Beach Plan Evolution Model in Sergipe, Brazil

1992  Design Considerations for Small Artificial Islands in Franks Tract, California

1992  Hampton, New Hampshire: Beach Nourishment Project

1992  Longshore Sediment Transport Rate at Morro Bay, CA

1992  Numerical Beach Profile Modelling for Beachfill Projects

1991  Beach Erosion in Japan and Its Classification

1991  Case Study: Downdrift Benefits Four Miles and Six Years from a Gravelly Beach Nourishment on Lake Michigan

1991  Coastal Lagoon Entrance Dynamics

1991  Coastal Process Study on Beacon Shoreline

1991  Coastal Sediment Budget Analysis Techniques

1991  Coastlines of Trinidad and Tobago—A Coastal Stability Perspective

1991  Controlling Parameters on Littoral Transport and Coastline Development

1991  Cross-Shore Sediment Transport Determined by EOF Method

1991  Development of an Input Data Set for Shoreline Change Modeling

1991  Evaluation of Radioactive Sand Tracers to Measure Longshore Sediment Transport Rates

1991  Field Measurements and Analysis of Wave Induced Nearshore Currents

1991  Gravel Spit Stabilized by Unusual(?) High-Energy Wave Climate in Bay Side, Tierra Del Fuego

1991  Historical Coastal Morphodynamics at St. Marys Entrance and Vicinity, Florida, U.S.A.

1991  Induced Subsidence: Environmental and Legal Implications

1991  Integrated Photogrammetric and Geophysical Monitoring of Shoreline Instability in Littoral Cells in the Pacific Northwest, USA

1991  Large-Scale Coastal Evolution of Louisiana’s Barrier Islands

1991  Legal Remedies Against Inlet-Caused Erosion

1991  Littoral Dune Transport and Morphology Under a Variable Wind Regime

1991  Littoral Environmental Considerations of a Barrier Island in Beach Fill Design: Key Biscayne, Florida

1991  Longshore Transport of Pebbles: Experimental Estimates of K

1991  Mathematical Model of Groyned Shingle Beaches

1991  Neashore Sediment Transport by Slush/Brash Ice in Southern Lake Michigan