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Found 31 Records with the keyword term of "Littoral deposits"

1999  Defining an Unusual Littoral Regime to Optimize Dredging at East London

1999  The Importance of Inlet Littoral Budget Variability

1998  Coastal Boundary Determination and Littoral Rights in Texas

1998  Littoral Processes, Sediment Budget and Coast Evolution in Vietnam

1997  Littoral Impact of Ocean City Inlet, Maryland, USA

1997  Wave Resolution Effects on Predicted Shoreline Positions

1995  Modern Functional Design of Groin Systems

1994  Cartographic Characterization of the Littoral Camps of Dunes

1993  Textural Features of Sediments and TEmporal Evolution of the Littoral Between Capo Passero and Capo Scalambri (South East Sicily): An Attempt at Automatic Zoning

1991  Grain-Shape Analysis of Littoral and Shelf Sands, Southern California

1991  Monitoring of the 1985/86 Beach Nourishment Project at Bar Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

1989  Murrells Inlet: Where to From Here

1988  Stability Factors in Groin Engineering

1987  Distribution of Sediment Transport Across the Surf Zone

1987  Littoral Sand Losses to Scripps Submarine Canyon

1987  Nearshore Sand Sources for American Samoa: An Alternative to Using Beach Sand

1987  Vertical Profile of Littoral Sand Tracers From a Distribution of Waiting Times

1985  Examples of Sediment Distribution in the Italian Adriatic Coast. A Comparison Between the Shepard and the Nota Textural Classifications

1983  Beach Evolution Caused by Littoral Drift Barrier

1983  Breakwaters for Beach Protection at Lorain, OH

1983  Low-Cost Measurements of Shoreline Change

1983  Properties of the Mediterranean Coastal Rock-Soil Units Relative to Regional Control

1983  Shoreline Changes Downdrift of a Littoral Barrier

1982  Field Experiments on Longshore Sand Transport in the Surf Zone

1982  Littoral Processes in Campello Coasts

1982  Longshore Transport Determined by an Efficient Trap

1980  Near Shore Suspended Sediment Load During Storm and Post-Storm Conditions

1979  Extreme Values of Breaker Direction and Longshore Current

1970  Effects of Nonuniform Wave Energy in the Littoral Zone

1970  Littoral Transport and Energy Relationship

1965  Trends in Sand By-Passing Systems