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2014  Analysis of External Water Pressure on the Support and Lining of Deep Mountain Tunnels below High Water Tables

2014  Seismic Enhancements for Delivering Water to the City of Los Angeles across the San Andreas Fault in the Elizabeth Tunnel

2013  Analysis on Bimetallic Lined Pipe for Sour Service in Oil and Gas Field

2013  Internal Forces Arising in the Segmental Lining of an Earth Pressure Balance-Bored Tunnel

2013  Life-Cycle Design Considerations for Hydraulic Tunnels: Lessons Learned from Inspection and Maintenance Cases

2013  Long-Term Assessment of a Layered-Geotextile Protection Layer for Geomembranes

2013  Microstructure and Deformation Mechanism of High Strain Line Pipe

2013  Pipelines for Water Conveyance and Drainage

2013  Selection of Wall Rock Thickness for Thermal Stress Analysis of Circular Tunnel Concrete Lining

2013  Study on the Lining Design Methods for the Trenchless Rehabilitation of Urban Water Mains

2012  Estimating Residual Strength of Deteriorated 96" Interceptor and Strength Enhancement Provided by Lining Methods Using Computer Modeling and Forensic Investigation Tools

2012  Large-Scale Quantification of Wrinkles in a Smooth Black HDPE Geomembrane

2012  PressureCast Steel Pipe Combined Load Test Set-Up and Execution

2012  Study on Water Pressure Distribution and Inner Force of Drainaged Segment Lining

2012  Usefulness of Empirical Equations in Assessing Canal Losses through Seepage in Concrete-Lined Canal

2012  Waterproofing Solutions for Metro Tunnels

2011  Evaluation of Seven Flexible Linings to Determine Suitability As an Alternative to Mortar Lining

2011  Field Performance of Coatings and Linings for Welded Steel Pipe in the Water Industry

2011  Quantification of Volatile Organic Compounds Diffusion for Virgin Geosynthetic Clay Liners and for a GCL after Contact with a Synthetic Leachate

2011  Steering Efficiency of Microtunnelling in Various Deposits

2011  Study on Behavior and RCFEM Designing of Restricting Crack Width of Circular Pressure Tunnel Lining

2011  The Tunnel Arch Effect Analysis of Anchor-Sprayed Lining Structural System

2010  Apparatus for Testing the Combined Effects of Deformation and Chemical Exposure on Polymeric Liners

2010  Application of Single Pass Tunnel Lining with Steel Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete on the Ventilation Shaft of Mount Motian Tunnel

2010  Centrifuge Modeling of Face Excavation in Tunnels with a Deformable Lining

2010  Experimental Test on Communication Cable Tunnel Constructed by Shield Tunneling Method for Maintenance

2010  Health Monitoring of Tunnel Shotcrete Lining Using Nondestructive Testing Methods

2010  Research on 3D Numerical Model of Segment Lining for Large-Section River-Crossing Shield Tunnel

2010  Risk Assessment of Voids behind the Lining of Mountain Tunnels

2010  Study on Evaluation Method of Fire Safety of Tunnel Lining Structure

2010  Thickness and Hydraulic Performance of Geosynthetic Clay Liners Overlying a Geonet

2009  Analysis of Maximum Allowable Pulling Force in Pipe Lining Rehabilitation

2009  Experimental and Theoretical Studies on (Relative) Permittivity of the Tunnel Lining

2009  Novel Rehabilitation Technology of Oil Pipelines

2009  Quick Maintenance for Tunnel Lining Voids with Polymer Grouting Technology

2009  Research on Mechanic Characteristic of Waterproof Membrane for Highway Tunnel

2009  Research on Polymer Injection Technology for Quick Tunnel Repairment

2009  Structural Fire Safety of Circular Concrete Railroad Tunnel Linings

2009  Watermain Rehabilitation Using U-Type HDPE Liner Crossing Xiang River

2008  The Design and Performance of Pressure Pipe Liners under Static and Cyclic Loading

2008  Plastic Pipeliner Long-Term Design: How to Accommodate Creep

2007  Beneficial Reuse of FGD Material in the Construction of Low Permeability Liners: Impacts on Inorganic Water Quality Constituents

2007  Flooding Probability Constrained Optimal Design of Trapezoidal Channels

2007  Hydraulic Conductivity of Geosynthetic Clay Liners Exhumed from Landfill Final Covers

2007  Model Discussion of Pressure Fluctuations Propagation within Lining Slab Joints in Stilling Basins

2007  Pipelines 2007, Advances and Experiences with Trenchless Pipeline Projects

2007  Reliability Analysis of Shotcrete Lining during Tunnel Construction

2007  Time-Dependent Response of Tunnels Considering Creep Effect

2006  An Analytical Solution for DOT Shield-Driven Tunnel Lining

2006  An Application of Bayesian Statistics for Monitoring the Thickness of Shotcrete Linings

2006  Behavior of Thermoplastic Liners within Degraded Concrete Pipe

2006  Comparison of Hydraulic Conductivity Test Methods for Landfill Clay Liners

2006  Design of Bolt Anchored Reinforced Shotcrete Linings Subjected to Impact Loadings

2006  Earth Pressure on Linings of Shield Tunnel

2006  Effect of Wet — Dry Cycles and Cation Exchange on Gas Permeability of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

2006  Field Comparison of NDE Methods for Tunnel Condition Assessment

2006  Finite-Element Implementation of BExM Elastoplastic Model for Swelling Unsaturated Soils

2006  Forces on Plunge Pool Slabs: Influence of Joints Location and Width

2006  Liquid Head on Landfill Liners Due to Leachate Recirculation

2006  Microanalytical Characterizations of Eroded and Slaked Mudstone Proposed as Landfill Liner Material

2006  Optimal Design of a Compacted Soil Liner Containing SOrptive Amendments

2006  PCCP Carbon-Fiber-Liner Repair-Standard-Specifications

2006  Physical Response of Geomembrane Wrinkles Overlying Compacted Clay

2006  Propagation Characteristics of Rayleigh Waves in a Partially Saturated Ground

2006  Safety Assessment of Concrete Tunnel Linings under Fire Load

2006  Steel Liners in Large Diameter Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe: Calleguas Municipal Water District’s 2005 Failure, Repair, Evaluation, and Reinforcement

2006  Structural Health Monitoring for LRT Underground Tunnel Liner

2006  Translational Failures of Geosynthetic Lined Landfills under Different Leachate Buildup Conditions

2006  Transmission Main Cleaning and Lining

2006  Ultimate Strength Prediction of Steel Liners Using Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

2005  Interaction between Tunneling and Groundwater.Numerical Investigation Using Three Dimensional Stress.Pore Pressure Coupled Analysis

2005  Optimal Design of Parabolic Canal Section

2005  Structural Fire Performance of Concrete and Shotcrete Tunnel Liners

2005  Techniques and Performance of Post-Prestressed Tunnel Liner

2004  Design Methods for Steel Liners to Prevent Collapse by External Pressure During Relining of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe

2004  Repetitive Loading Effects on Cast Iron Pipelines with Cast-in-Place Pipe Lining Systems

2004  Seepage from Lined Canal using Finite-Element Method

2003  Accelerated Creep Testing of Trenchless Liners

2003  Advancing Under London

2003  CIGMAT Testing Programs for Coatings/Linings, Grouts and Pipe-Joints in Sewers

2003  The Design of Non-Circular Linings

2003  Water Main Rehabilitation Using Rapid-Setting Polymeric Lining Material—Sandwich, MA

2002  Condenser Line Water Lining Rehabilitation

2002  Groundwater: Century-Old Water Main May Solve London’s Water Problem

2002  Hybrid Method for Analysis of Segmented Shotcrete Tunnel Linings

2002  The Introduction and Implementation of Rapid-setting Polymeric Materials for In Situ Applied Linings (UK Experience)

2001  Annulus Grouting of Slipliner Rehabilitation

2001  Broader View of Shotcrete Control and Design for Specific Utilization

2001  Buckling of Cylindrical Tunnel Liners

2001  Deflection Limits of Mortar Lined and Coated Welded Steel Pipe under 120° Sand-Bearing Loading

2001  Determining Irrigation Canal Seepage with Electrical Resistivity

2001  Early Strength and Physical Properties in Accelerated Shotcrete

2001  Highly Deformable Shotcrete Lining—Design and Experience

2001  How to Use Modern Wet Mix Shotcrete Technology for Single Shell Permanent Tunnel Linings

2001  Long-Term Buckling Performance of HDPE Liners

2001  Making the Linkage: From Laboratory Testing to Design and Installation Guidelines for Channel Linings and Scour Countermeasures

2001  Mechanical Properties of Early Age Steel Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete

2001  Monitoring Two Tunnels

2001  Pipeline Rehabilitation with Fiber-Reinforced Mortar Lining

2001  Rehabilitation of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe—A Utility Perspective