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2014  Case Study on Tunnel Lining Assessment Using Stress Wave-Based Nondestructive Testing Methods

2014  Hydraulic Conductivity Variation in a Confined Aquifer

2014  Short-Term Local Tensile Strains in HDPE Heap Leach Geomembranes from Coarse Overliner Materials

2014  Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Transport through a Composite Liner with Co-Extruded Geomembrane Containing Ethylene Vinyl-Alcohol (EVOH)

2013  Classification Methodology for Landfill Leachates

2013  Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of the Pueblo Dam River Outlet Works

2013  Interface Shear Testing of GCL Liner Systems for Very High Normal Stress Conditions

2013  PCCP Rehabilitation using Advanced Hybrid FRP Composite Liner

2013  Rehabilitation of 120 Inch PCCP at a New Mexico Power Plant using CFRP and Strongpipe Hybrid FRP Systems

2012  Compacted Soil Liner Interface Strength Importance

2012  The Development of a Novel Steel Reinforced Composite (SRC) Liner for the Rehabilitation of Deteriorated PCCP

2012  Effect of Wire Breaks on Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) Reinforced with Steel Liners—A Case Study

2012  Experimental Examination of Selected Limit States of Structural Liners at Locations of Ring Fracture

2012  Experimental Study on Application of Industrial Waste in Landfill Liner

2012  Hydraulic Conductivity of Environmentally Controlled Landfill Liner Test Pad

2012  Modeling Volatile Organic Compound Transport in Composite Liners

2012  Proven Pipeline Rehabilitation System Using Steel Liners for the San Diego County Water Authority

2012  Reevaluation and Modification of Plasticity-Based Criterion for Assessing the Suitability of Material as Compacted Landfill Liners

2012  Thermal Expansion and Contraction of Geomembrane Liners Subjected to Solar Exposure and Backfilling

2012  WSSC’s Systematic Approach to the CFRP Liner Installation Process

2011  Analytical Solution for Diffusion of VOCs through Composite Landfill Liners

2011  Application of Thermal Insulation in Landfill Liners

2011  Characterization of Lime and Gypsum Amended Class F Fly Ashes As Liner Materials

2011  Diffusion of Volatile Organic Compounds through an HDPE Geomembrane

2011  Improving Performance of Geosynthetics for Containment of Volatile Organic Compounds through the Use of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH)

2011  Introduction to Concrete Protection Liners

2011  Migration of PCBs through a Composite Liner System

2011  Seismic Analysis of a Geosynthetic Liner System

2010  Antioxidant Depletion from a High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane under Simulated Landfill Conditions

2010  Causes of Etiwanda Pipeline Mortar Lining Failure

2010  Modification to Translational Failure Analysis of Landfills Incorporating Seismicity

2010  Non-Destructive Test to Measure Pollutant Transport into Landfill Liners

2010  Numerical Examination of a Method for Reducing the Temperature of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Liners

2010  Performance of North American Bioreactor Landfills. I: Leachate Hydrology and Waste Settlement

2010  Steel Selection and Pipe Fabrication Challenges of a 120-Inch-Diameter High-Strength-Steel Tunnel Liner Project

2009  A 144-Inch-Diameter Composite Steel-and-Concrete Tunnel Liner Designed for External Heads Up to 1200 Feet

2009  Annular Flow in Lined Pipelines

2009  Corrosion Control Characteristics of Low Density Cellular Concrete Grout for Final Steel Liners for Tunnels

2009  Design of a Drop Shaft Pressurized Steel Liner to Connect Pipeline and Tunnel Segments of the Clean Water Coalition’s System Conveyance and Operations Program Effluent Interceptor

2009  Testing of Rigid Polyurethane Spray-On Lining under Internal Pressure

2008  Aging of HDPE Geomembrane in Three Composite Landfill Liner Configurations

2008  Coupled Mechanical Consolidation and Contaminant Transport Modelling of Composite Barrier Systems: A Parametric Sensitivity Analysis

2008  Depletion of Antioxidants from an HDPE Geomembrane in a Composite Liner

2008  Geofiber Reinforced Soil Liner for Waste Containment Systems

2008  Graphical Application of Buckling Equations for a Cylindrical Steel Tunnel Liner with and without Stiffeners

2006  Design of Compacted Lateritic Soil Liners and Covers

2005  Aging of Geomembranes Used in Hydraulic Structures

2005  Assessment of Maximum Allowable Strains in Polyethylene and Polypropylene Geomembranes

2005  A Comparison Between Bar-Wrapped Concrete Cylinder Pipe and Mortar Lined and Mortar Coated Steel Pipe

2005  Design Method for Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Liner System Subjected to Sinkhole Cavity under Landfill Site

2005  Effectiveness of Covers and Liners Made of Red Mud Bauxite and/or Cement Kiln Dust for Limiting Acid Mine Drainage

2005  Evaluation on Potential Use of Ariake Clay in a New Barrier System

2005  Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Geosynthetic Anchor Trench

2005  Field Performance of an Asphalt Barrier Test Pad

2005  Geoenvironmental Assessment of Two Tropical Clayey Soils for use as Engineered Liner Materials

2005  Geosynthetic Bunker Liners: A Proposed Design Methodology for Golf Course Improvement

2005  Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Lateritic Soil

2005  Innovative Geosynthetic Liner Design Approaches and Construction in the Mining Industry

2005  Leakage through Liners under High Hydraulic Heads

2005  Long-Term Behavior of Water Content and Density in an Earthen Liner

2005  Material Selection for the Design of inclined Covers with Capillary Barrier Effect

2005  Optimal Design of a Compacted Soil Liner Containing Sorptive Amendments

2005  Polymer Treatment of Bentonite Clay for Contaminant Resistant Barriers

2005  Polyurea Repair of a MSW Landfill Liner System

2005  Role of the Material Constitutive Model in Simulating the Reusable Launch Vehicle Thrust Cell Liner Response

2005  Use of Geosynthetic Drainage Materials at Landfills in Florida

2005  The Value of Geoelectric Leak Detection Services for the Mining Industry

2004  Applicability of Caliche (Gatch) as Liner/Cover in Arid Climate Landfills: Laboratory and Field Pad Testing of Permeability

2004  Construction of the Hazeltine, Road Runners Rest II and Brinkmann-Woodward Gravel Pits, Denver, Colorado

2004  Estimation of Soil.Water Characteristic Curve of Clayey Till Using Measured Pore-Size Distributions

2004  Fiber Reinforcement for Waste Containment Soil Liners

2004  Flow of Gasoline through Composite Liners

2004  Foundation Isolation for Seismic Protection using a Smooth Synthetic Liner

2004  Soil Isolation for Seismic Protection using a Smooth Synthetic Liner

2002  City of Los Angeles Tests 48 Year Old T-Lock Protected Pipe

2002  Evaluation of Buried Secondary Containment Liners

2002  Inelastic Stability of Loosely Fitted Cylindrical Liners

2002  Laboratory Investigation on the Static Response of Repaired Sewers

2002  Potential and Limitations of Applying HELP Model for Surface Covers

2002  Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Tanks Using Composite Steel Liners: Case Studies

2002  Transit-Time Design for Diffusion through Composite Liners

2002  Use of New Liner In Water Distribution System

2001  Asphalt Liner Prevents Landfill Leaks

2001  The Case for Maintaining Groundwater Monitoring

2001  Constitutive Behavior of Geosynthetic Interfaces

2001  Do We Need Monitoring Wells at Double-Lined Landfills?

2001  Predicting Leakage through Composite Landfill Liners

2001  Progressive Failure of Lined Waste Impoundments

2001  Strategy for Landfill Design in Arid Regions

2000  Ammonium Transport Through Lagoon Liners: Modeling Studies

2000  Foundry Green Sands as Hydraulic Barriers: Laboratory Study

2000  Instability of Thin Pipes Encased in Oval Rigid Cavity

2000  Long-Term Performance of Pipeline Renewal Liners

1999  Epoxy-Soaked Fiberglass Liner Strengthes Manholes

1999  Field Investigation of Landfill Leachate Collection System Clogging

1999  An Innovative Solution for the Repair of the Sepulveda Feeder

1999  Nondestructive Examination of Steel Liners and Penstocks to Ascertain Structural Integrity

1999  PCCP Repair with Steel Liner and Polyurethane

1999  Putting a Pipe in a Pipe

1999  Secondary Containment Systems for Bulk Oil Storage Facilities in Region 5