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Found 73 Records with the keyword term of "Linear analysis"

2014  Improving Forecasting Accuracy of Project Earned Value Metrics: Linear Modeling Approach

2014  Using a Lumped Mass, Nonuniform Stiffness Beam Model to Obtain the Interstory Drift Spectra

2011  Integrating Efficient Resource Optimization and Linear Schedule Analysis with Singularity Functions

2011  Seasonally Frozen Soil Effects on the Seismic Site Response

2010  Optimization Research: Enhancing the Robustness of Large-Scale Multiobjective Optimization in Construction

2009  Float Types in Linear Schedule Analysis with Singularity Functions

2009  Linear Analysis of Ordinary Bridges Crossing Fault-Rupture Zones

2009  Stability of a Pair of Counterrotating and Corotating Vortices of Different Strengths

2008  Productivity Scheduling Method Compared to Linear and Repetitive Project Scheduling Methods

2006  Comparison of Various Procedures for Progressive Collapse Analysis

2006  Three-Dimensional Linear and Simplified Nonlinear Soil Response Methods Based on an Input Wave Field

2005  The Arrogance of Straight Lines

2005  Buckling of Oriented Strand Board Webbed Wood I-Joists

2005  Direct Inelastic Earthquake Design using Secant Stiffness

2004  Linear Viscoelastic Analysis of Asphalt Mastics

2001  Linear Analysis of Shallow Water Wave Propagation in Open Channels

2000  Analysis of Muskingum Equation Based Flood Routing Schemes

2000  Explicit Aquifer Diffusivity Estimation Using Linearly Varying Stream Stage

2000  Extended Use of Linear Graph Theory for Analysis of Pipe Networks

2000  Generalized Linear Models for Analyses of Kilometrage and Accident Data

2000  Linear Air/Water Temperature Correlations for Streams during Open Water Periods

1999  Boundary Condition Effects in Buckling of “Soft” Core Sandwich Panels

1999  Linear Stability Analysis of Lateral Motions in Compound Open Channels

1999  Multiple Linear Regressions for Lake Ice and Lake Temperature Characteristics

1998  Bridge Flutter Derivatives at Vortex Lock-In

1998  On the Development of Complete Flow Models for Wave-Current Interactions

1997  Dynamic Response of Laterally Excited Pile Groups

1997  Fracture Parameters by Polylinear Tension-Softening Analysis

1997  Linear Analysis of Coupled Equations for Sediment Transport

1997  A New Linearization Strategy for Structural Optimization

1996  Evaluation of Equivalent Linear Analysis Methods of Bridge Isolation

1995  Buckling Analysis of Thin-Walled Members with Variable Thickness

1995  Effects of Linearizing on Rocking-Block Toppling

1995  On the Time Domain Analysis of Viscoelastic Models with Complex Coefficients

1995  Reliability Analysis of Parallel Pile Systems

1995  Time-Dependent Mild-Slope Equations for Random Waves

1994  Bulb-T and Glulam-FRP Beams for Timber Bridges

1994  HVLS: Horizontal and Vertical Logic Scheduling for Multistory Projects

1994  Propagation of Linear Gravity Waves Over Slowly Varying Depth and Currents

1994  Wave Reflection: Field Measurements, Analysis and Theoretical Developments

1993  Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Precipitation Data Over a Densely Gaged Experimental Watershed

1993  Conditional Simulation of Spatially Correlated Earthquake Ground Motion

1993  The Interaction of Deep-Water Gravity Waves and a Curved Shearing Current

1993  Linear and Nonlinear Finite Element Analyses of RC Skewed Slab Bridges with Integral Wall Abutments

1993  Seismic Performance and Retrofit of the Golden Gate Bridge

1993  Soil-Water Distribution under Trickle Source

1992  Flexible Membrane Wave Barrier

1991  Analysis of Waterbody Surface Heat Exchange

1991  Boundary Element–Transfer Matrix Method for Plated Structures

1991  Equivalent Statistical Quadratization for Nonlinear Systems

1991  Linear Elastic Finite Element Analysis of Axisymmetric Shells on Elastic Foundations

1991  Optimal Linearization of Morison-Type Wave Loading

1990  Linear Hyperbolic Model for Alluvial Channels

1990  Response Modification Factors for Buildings and Bridges

1990  Richardson’s Number Revisited

1989  Application Examples of FEM to Concrete Structures

1989  Axisymmetric Vibration of Disk Resting on Saturated Layered Half-Space

1989  Seismic Isolation of the USC University Hospital

1988  Analysis of Onsite Measurements of Scour at Piers

1988  BEFEC-A Program for Analysis of U-Lock Structures

1988  Computational Strategy for Analysis of Quasi-Symmetric Structures

1988  Shear Lag Effect in Box Girder with Varying Depth

1988  Simple Method of Obtaining Su-Brooks Retention Parameters

1988  Stochastic Equivalent Linearization for 3-D Frames

1988  Structural Response Variability II

1988  Thermal Consolidation of Thick and Soft Soil Layer

1987  Interpretation of Vertical Vibration Tests on Small Scale Piles

1986  Buckling and Vibration of Arches and Tied Arches

1986  Consolidation After Undrained Piezocone Penetration I: Prediction

1986  Energy Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridges

1975  Tornado-Induced Waves in a Basin

1973  Solution of Linear Equations—State-of-the-Art

1967  Linear and Nonlinear Analysis by Conjugate Analogy