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2015  Numerical Stress-Strain Analysis of Buried Steel Pipelines Crossing Active Strike-Slip Faults with an Emphasis on Fault Modeling Aspects

2015  Ultimate State of Thin-Walled Circular Steel Columns Subjected to Biaxial Horizontal Forces and Biaxial Bending Moments Caused by Bidirectional Seismic Accelerations

2014  Behavior of Coupling Band Joints in Buried Corrugated Steel Pipelines

2014  Defining the Plastic Limit Moment for Shell Intersections Based on a New Criterion

2014  Effects of Woody Vegetation on Seepage-Induced Deformation and Related Limit State Analysis of Levees

2014  Evaluation of Anchor Bolts with Excessive Standoff in Cantilever Sign and Signal Structures

2014  Experimental Behavior of Low-Ductility Brace Connection Limit States

2014  Interrelation among Service Life, Reliability Index, and Costs of Concrete Structures Subjected to Aggressive Exposure

2014  Reliability Analysis of Load and Resistance Factor Design of Slopes

2014  Reliability-Based Serviceability Limit State Design of Spread Footings on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2014  Static Strength of Axially Loaded Elliptical Hollow Section X Joints with Braces Welded to Wide Sides of Chord. II: Parametric Study and Strength Equations

2014  Towards Next Generation LRFD Extreme Event Design Limit States

2013  Bearing Capacity of Piles in Soft Clay Underlaid by Cohesive Frictional Soil

2013  Effect of Load History on Performance Limit States of Circular Bridge Columns

2013  Experimental Study on the Mechanical Behavior and Failure Mechanism of a Latticed Steel Transmission Tower

2013  Robust Geotechnical Design of Drilled Shafts in Sand: New Design Perspective

2013  Stress-Laminated Timber Decks Subjected to Eccentric Loads in the Ultimate Limit State

2013  Three-Dimensional Limit Analysis of Slopes with Pore Pressure

2012  Design Methodology for Axially Loaded Auger Cast-in-Place and Drilled Displacement Piles

2012  Development of a Reliability Framework for the Use of Advanced Nonlinear Finite Elements in the Design of Concrete Structures

2012  Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Limit States in Base Isolated Buildings Including Pounding

2012  Experimental Examination of Selected Limit States of Structural Liners at Locations of Ring Fracture

2012  Load and Resistance Factor Design of Drilled Shafts in Sand

2012  Load and Resistance Factors for External Stability Checks of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls

2012  LRFD Calibration of the Ultimate Pullout Limit State for Geogrid Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls

2012  A Systematic Limit-State Design Approach for Finite Element Analysis of Buried Oil Transporting Pipeline

2011  Characterization of Model Uncertainty in the Static Pile Design Formula

2011  Damage Modeling and Damage Limit State Criterion for Wood-Frame Buildings Subjected to Seismic Loads

2011  Deformation-Based Limit States for Earth Embankments

2011  Expanded Reliability-Based Design Approach for Drilled Shafts

2011  Greener and Leaner—Unleashing Capacity of Railroad Concrete Ties via Limit States Concept

2011  Limit Load Carrying Capacity of Two-Way Slabs with Two Edges Clamped and Two Edges Simply Supported in Fire

2011  Limit States and Service Life of Cement Renders on Façades

2011  Limit States Design of Pile Foundations in Clay under Combined Action of Transient Uplift Loads and Frost Jacking

2011  LRFD Resistance Factors for Design of Driven H-Piles in Layered Soils

2011  Multidimensional Performance Limit State for Hazard Fragility Functions

2011  Reliability-Based Design of Shallow Foundations in Cohesionless Soils under Compression Loading: Serviceability Limit State

2011  Stability Charts for 3D Failures of Steep Slopes Subjected to Seismic Excitation

2011  Undrained Stability of Footings on Slopes

2010  Advances in Computational Limit State Analysis and Design

2010  Advantages and Limitations of Ultimate Limit State Design Methods for Braced Excavations

2010  High-Rise Building Foundations—A Limit State Design Approach

2010  New Multidimensional Visualization Technique for Limit-State Surfaces in Nonlinear Finite-Element Reliability Analysis

2010  Probabilistic Evaluation of Seismic Performance of Steel Moment Framed Buildings Incorporating Damper Limit States

2010  Reliability-Based Analysis of Strip Footings Subjected to an Inclined or an Eccentric Loading

2010  Reliability-Based Evaluation of Flexural Members Strengthened with Externally Bonded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites

2010  Safety of Structures in Strong Winds and Earthquakes: Multihazard Considerations

2010  Stress-Strain Responses of Block Samples of Compressible Chicago Glacial Clays

2010  Workshop on Direct Strength Method Design of Cold-Formed Steel Members

2009  Bridge Safety Evaluation Based on Monitored Live Load Effects

2009  Critical Pool Level and Stability of Slopes in Granular Soils

2009  Developing Partial Factors for Serviceability Limit State Design of Large-Diameter Bored Piles

2009  Eigenvalue Problem from the Stability Analysis of Slopes

2009  Floor Response Spectra for Frame Buildings under Ultimate and Serviceability Limit States

2009  Identification and Modeling of Limit States of Viscous Dampers under Large Earthquakes

2009  LRFD for Helical Anchors: An Overview

2009  Nonlinear Modeling of Flat-Plate Systems

2009  Optimization of Pile Groups Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithms

2009  Probabilistic Analysis of Circular Tunnels in Homogeneous Soil Using Response Surface Methodology

2009  Reliability Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles Involving Nonlinear Soil and Pile Behavior

2009  Resistance Factors for Ultimate Limit State Design of Large-Diameter Bored Piles

2009  Resistance Factors for Use in Load and Resistance Factor Design of Driven Pipe Piles in Sands

2009  Ultimate State of Thin-Walled Circular Steel Columns under Bidirectional Seismic Accelerations

2008  Collapse Study of an Unreinforced Masonry Bearing Wall Building Subjected to Internal Blast Loading

2008  Development of a Bridge Live Load Model for Serviceability Limit States

2008  Economic Design Optimization of Foundations

2008  Effect of Arching on Uplift Capacity of Pile Groups in Sand

2008  Multiple Resistance Factor Methodology for Service Limit State Design of Deep Foundations using a ”t-z” Model Approach

2008  Nonlinear Analysis of Space Trusses Using Modified Normal Flow Algorithm

2008  Reliability Index for Serviceability Limit State of Building Foundations

2007  Bearing Capacity in Long-Span Tubular Truss Chords

2007  Serviceability Limit State for Probabilistic Characterization of Excavation-Induced Building Damage

2007  Uncertainty Analysis of Micropile Pullout Based upon Load Test Results

2007  Undrained Limit States of Shallow Foundations Acting in Consort

2007  Web Yielding, Crippling, and Lateral Buckling under Post Loading

2006  Assessment of Variable Uncertainties for Reliability-Based Design of Foundations

2006  Establishing Serviceability Limit State in the Design of Bridge Foundations

2006  Limit-State Curve of Base-Course Material and Its Relevance for Resilient Modulus Testing

2006  Mitigating Risk from Abnormal Loads and Progressive Collapse

2006  Resistance Factors for Use in Shallow Foundation LRFD

2006  Serviceability Considerations in Reliability-Based Foundation Design

2005  Behavior of Patch-Repaired Concrete Structural Elements under Increasing Static Loads to Flexural Failure

2005  Design of Angle Columns with Locally Unstable Legs

2005  Experimental Validation of a Shear Stud Connection between Steel Girders and a Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Deck in the Transverse Direction

2005  Lifetime Performance Analysis of Existing Reinforced Concrete Bridges. I: Theory

2005  Load Rating versus Reliability Analysis

2005  Nature of Soil – Water Characteristic Curve for Plastic Soils

2005  On Limit States Design of Cable Systems for Buildings

2005  Shape Factors for Limit Loads on Square and Rectangular Footings

2005  Target Design Levels for Maritime Structures

2004  Application of Kinematically Admissible Solutions to Passive Earth Pressure Problems

2004  Bridge Deck Replacement for Minimum Expected Cost Under Multiple Reliability Constraints

2004  Limit Loads on Reinforced Foundation Soils

2004  Limit State Design of CIP Post-Tensioned Concrete Box Girder Bridges

2004  Resistance of Buildings to Pyroclastic Flows: Analytical and Experimental Studies and Their Application to Vesuvius

2004  Using a Small Ring and a Fall-Cone to Determine the Plastic Limit

2003  Assessment of Current Load Factors for Use in Geotechnical Load and Resistance Factor Design

2003  Multiple Limit States and Expected Failure Costs for Deteriorating Reinforced Concrete Bridges

2003  Reliability of Frame and Shear Wall Structural Systems. I: Static Loading

2003  Reliability of Frame and Shear Wall Structural Systems. II: Dynamic Loading