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1996  Limit Design of Axisymmetric Shells with Application to Cellular Cofferdams

1995  Limit Behavior of Stone Arch Bridges

1994  Analytical Approach to Collapse Mechanisms of Circular Masonry Arch

1994  Design of Box Girder Bridges by Nonlinear Theory

1994  Geosynthetic Loads in Landfills Slopes: Displacement Compatibility

1994  How to Optimize Frames Using Plastic Design Concept

1994  Innovative Design of Steel Gable Frames

1994  Reliability of Short and Slender Reinforced-Concrete Columns

1993  Bearing Capacity of Nonhomogeneous Clay Layers under Embankments.

1993  Design Wind Speed and Design Criteria of Buildings

1993  LRFD for Engineered Wood Structures—Connection Behavioral Equations

1993  Optimum Limit Design of Continuous Prestressed Concrete Beams

1993  Performance and Serviceability of Composite Floors

1992  Bearing Capacity on Nonhomogeneous Cohesive Soils under Embankments

1992  Design of Bridge Pier Pile Foundations for Ship Impact

1992  Ductile Multiple-Anchor Steel-to-Concrete Connections

1992  Second-Order Inelastic Analysis Methods for Steel-Frame Design

1992  Shakedown Limit State of Compact Steel Girder Bridges

1992  Shear Zone Formation and Slope Stability Analysis

1992  Stability of Embankments over Weak Soils of Limited Thickness

1991  Extreme Waves and Wave Counts in a Hurricane

1991  Layer Model of Bending-Shear Failure in RC Plates and Beams

1990  Limit States Design in Masonry

1990  Limit-States Design of Prestressed Concrete Pipe: I. Criteria

1990  Limit-States Design of Prestressed Concrete Pipe: II. Procedure

1990  Structural Reliability of Wood Beam-Columns

1989  Bridge Loading Evaluation for Limit States Design in Japan

1989  CSTRUCT: Computer Environment for Design of Steel Structures

1989  An Overview of the U.S. Coordinated Program for Masonry Building Research

1989  Residual Stresses in Beams with Yielding During Unloading

1989  Smooth Limit Surfaces for Metals, Concrete, and Geotechnical Materials

1989  Variation in Design Practice for Lattice Towers

1988  Lifetime Reliability of Wood Structural Systems

1988  Limit Design for Direct Control on Serviceability

1988  The Long-Term Behaviour of Composite Columns

1988  Quantifying Ductility in Continuous Composite Beams

1988  Ultimate Strength of Concrete-Filled Tube Columns

1987  Load Factors for Limit States Codes

1987  Markov Model for Wood Structural Systems

1987  Reliability of Structural Systems With Multiple Limit States

1987  Resistance Factor for Wood in Bending or Tension

1986  Long Reinforced Concrete Columns

1986  Nonlinear Design of Reinforced Concrete Frameworks

1986  Probabilistic Limit States Design of Moment-Resistant Frames Under Seismic Loading

1986  Reliability Model for Wood Structural Systems

1986  Static Behavior of Wood-Joist Floors at Various Limit States

1986  Structural Optimization Under Conditions of Uncertainty, with Reference to Serviceability and Ultimate Limit States

1986  Structural Serviceability: A Critical Appraisal and Research Needs

1985  Advances in Short Span Steel Bridges

1985  Design Load Combination Factors

1985  Design of Slender Webs Having Rectangular Holes

1985  Flexural Limit Design of Column Footings

1985  Limit States Criteria for Masonry Construction

1985  Partial Moment Redistribution in Cold-Formed Steel

1985  Partial Stress Redistribution in Cold-Formed Steel

1985  Probability-Based Load Criteria for Structural Design

1985  Relative Reliability of Dimension Lumber in Bending

1984  Comparison of Bridge Rating Methods

1984  Computer-Automated Limit-States-Design of Steel Frameworks

1984  Lateral Load Effect on Steel Arch Bridge Design

1984  Limit States Design of Steel Structures in Canada

1984  Plastic and Other Limit State Methods for Design Evaluation

1984  Probabilistic Limit States Design—Members and Systems

1984  Probability-Based design for Masonry Construcion

1984  Safety Investigations of Existing Spent Fuel Storage Structures for Increased Spent Fuel Storage Capacity

1984  A Saftey Index Analysis for Masonary Design

1984  Serviceability Limit States: Wind Induced Vibrations

1984  Structural Serviceability: Floor Vibrations

1984  Ultimate Strength of Damaged Tubular Bracing Members

1984  Web Crippling of Rectangular Hollow Sections

1983  Limit Design in Cold-Formed Steel

1983  Piecewise Linear Yield Criteria in Invariant Form

1983  Reliability of Parellel Structural Systems

1983  Yield-Line Analysis of Slabs-on-Grade

1982  Concrete Plate Reinforcement: Frictional Limit Design

1982  Flexural Strength of Flat Slabs at Exterior Columns

1982  Lower Bound Limit Design of Rectangular Slabs

1982  Optimum Design of Reinforced Concrete Water Tanks

1982  Safety Checking Formats for Limit States Design

1982  Seismic Design of Steel Buildings

1982  Serviceability Limit States: Connection Slip

1982  Ultimate Strength of Gapped Joints in RHS Trusses

1981  Analysis of Reliability for Masonry Structures

1981  Approximate Deflections in Plastic Design

1981  Limit Design of Slabs for Concentrated Loads

1981  Torsion and Computed Ultimate Loads of H-Columns

1980  Local Flexural Strength of Slabs at Interior Columns

1979  Alternate to ACI Analysis Coefficients

1979  Concrete Reinforcing Net: Optimum Slip-Free Limit Design

1979  Limit Analysis of Flat-Slab Buildings for Lateral Loads

1979  Limit Design of Extended End-Plate Connections

1979  Linearity in Limit Design of Orthotropic Slabs

1979  On Reliability of Structures Against Wind

1979  Optimum Seismic-Resistant Design of R/C Frames

1979  Practical Bridge Code Calibration

1979  Quadratic Limit States in Structural Reliability

1979  Reliability Analysis of Slopes: Frequency-Domain Method

1979  Reliability Based Criteria for Reinforced Concrete Design

1979  Reliability of Current Reinforced Concrete Designs

1979  Single Equation for SSRC Column-Strength Curves