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2015  Aggregated Metro Trip Patterns in Urban Areas of Hong Kong: Evidence from Automatic Fare Collection Records

2014  Examining the Impact of Adverse Weather on Urban Rail Transit Facilities on the Basis of Fault Tree Analysis and Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation

2014  Golden Gateway

2014  Unprecedented Connections

2014  Work Begins to Connect Light-Rail Lines in Downtown Los Angeles

2013  Comparative Analysis of Space Utilization under the Viaduct of Domestic and Foreign Urban Rail Transit

2013  Cost Estimating Model for Mode Choice between Light Rail and Bus Rapid Transit Systems

2013  Development of the PHX Sky Train Guideway Alignment

2013  Extensive Light-Rail System on Track for Perth

2013  Financial Subsidy Calculating Model for Park-and-Rides for Urban Rail Transit in Beijing

2013  MODSAFE—A Detailed Safety Model for Urban Guided Transport Systems

2013  Optimization for the Last Train Timetable of Urban Rail Transit Networks Based on Transfer Coodination

2013  Passenger Flow Analysis Based on AFC Data of Shanghai Urban Rail Transit in People’s Square Station

2013  Performance and Safety Assessment of ATO Systems in Urban Rail Transit Systems in China

2013  Reasonable Division of Intercity Rail Transit and Other Intercity Traffic Modes

2013  Self-Powered Streetcar Revolution: The New Affordable Transit Option for Cities Worldwide

2013  Track Selection for Light Rail Transit (LRT) Projects by Applying Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Decision-Making Method — Case Study: Evaluation of Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (AALRT) Project’s Track Selection

2012  Commitment to Light Rail Transit Patronage: Case Study for St. Louis MetroLink

2012  Deep Mixing for Support of Approach Embankments for Light Rail Overcrossing in Urban Setting

2012  Dynamic Amplification Factor for Light Rail Vehicle Transiting Box-Girder Bridge

2012  Estimating the Adequacy of a Metro Network

2012  Evaluation and Retrofit of the Austin Congress Avenue Bridge for LRV

2012  Light-Rail Line in Southern California Offers Alternative to Driving

2012  Mechanical Property Analysis of Light Railway Trough Girder Subjected to Combined Bending and Torsion

2012  Portland’s New Light-Rail Bridge Requires ’Balancing Act’

2012  The Roosevelt Island Tramway Modernization Project

2012  Signal Optimization at Urban Highway Rail Grade Crossings Using an Online Adaptive Priority Strategy

2012  Sound Transit Awards Design/Build Contract For Light-Rail Extension in Seattle

2011  Chongqing Light Rail 30m U-Beam Fatigue Model Experiment and Calculation

2011  New Metro System as a Catalyst for Successful Planning Interventions in Athens

2011  Sustainable "Green" Transportation Systems: Integrating Renewable Energy Technologies into Automated Fixed Guideway Systems

2011  Vibration Test and Analysis of Urban Light Rail Bus

2010  A Departure Frequency Model for Double-Line BRT with Genetic Algorithm

2010  Federal Surface Transportation Grants Reward Rail, Mass Transit Projects

2010  Making Ticket Price of Urban Rail Transit Based on Second Best Method

2010  Philadelphia Selects Route For Light-Rail System

2009  A Development Methodology of Virtual Reality Models for Urban Light Rail Transit Projects

2009  NewsBriefs: Phoenix Light-Rail System Opens, New Extension on Horizon

2009  Shutting Down a City’s Lifeline

2008  Build or No Build? — Debates on Honolulu High-Capacity Transit Project

2008  Bus vs. Rail: A Case Study of Modal Comparison in Beijing

2008  Integrated Forecasting Model for Land Type Change along Urban Rail Transit

2008  NewsBriefs: Edinburgh Plans New Light-rail System (

2008  NewsBriefs: Light-Rail Planned for São Paulo (ITSInternational)

2008  Operation Efficiency of Urban Rail Transit in China and Other Countries

2008  Photo and Caption: The Centerpiece of a Light-Rail System

2008  Pipelines and Light Rail Transit: A Pipeline Owner’s Guide to Stray Current

2008  The Storage Optimization of EMU’s Spare Parts in High-Speed Railway

2008  Study on Coupling Dynamic Response of LIM Vehicle-Track for Urban Rail Transit

2008  Traffic Appraisal in Urban Areas Based on Sustainable Development

2007  Application of PPP Mode in Rail Transit Field of China

2007  Emergency Treatment Assistant Decision System of Urban Rail Transit

2007  Fare Distribution Method Based on Travel Choice for Urban Rail Transit

2007  Mass Transit: Light-Rail Projects Provide Options, Help Manage Growth

2007  Mass Transit: Toronto Plans Network of Light-Rail Systems

2007  URT Plan Integrated with Urban Planning Based on Yizhuang’s TOD Research

2006  NewsBriefs: Dallas Receives Grant To Expand Light Rail (Federal Transit Administration)

2006  NewsBriefs: Light-Rail Construction Unearths Ancient Village (The Arizona Republic)

2006  Transportation: East-West Light-Rail to Alleviate Congestion in Los Angeles

2005  ANSALDO Driverless System Product – New Applications

2005  Barcelona Line 9 – The First Driverless Metro in Spain

2005  Copenhagen Driverless Metro: a Significant Operation and Maintenance Experience

2005  Five OCEA Finalists Chosen; OPAL Lifetime Achievement Recipients Named (Rion-Antirion Bridge; Mubarak Pumping Station; Time Warner Center; AirTrain JFK Light Rail System; Olivenhain Dam Reservoir)

2005  Graceful Transition

2005  Impact of Light Rail on Megacenter Growth in Downtown Houston

2005  New Driverless Metro in Brescia: Construction Update

2005  NewsBriefs: FTA Finally Provides Funds For Phoenix’s Light-Rail System (Valley Metro Rail)

2005  Siemens VAL Solution in Torino – The First Driverless Metro in Italy

2005  Use of Design-Build on Mass Transit Rail Projects

2005  The VAL of Torino, First Italian Driverless Automatic Metro

2004  Back on Track

2004  Back on Track?

2004  California High Speed Train: A Statewide Geo-Seismic Evaluation using GIS

2004  Geotechnical Challenges for the Los Angeles to Pasadena Metro Gold Line Rail Transit Project

2004  The JFK International Airport Airtrain JFK Terminal at Jamaica, Queens, NYC

2004  Mass Transit: Seattle Light-Rail Construction Begins

2004  Relationship between Light Rail Systems Design and System Operations

2004  Unique Control of Post-Construction Settlement

2003  Levels of Service for Stairway in Hong Kong Underground Stations

2003  Mass Transit: Arizona Light-Rail Nears Final Design Phase

2003  NewsBriefs: Light-Rail Project Moves Ahead (Valley Metro News)

2003  Transit: Bus, Light-Rail Options Multiplying in Los Angeles

2002  Ahead of the Curve

2002  Effects of Sample Size and Collection Methods on Stated Preference Models

2002  How Do We Make New Public Transport Systems More Successful?

2002  MAX Transit

2002  Rising Tide

2001  AGT versus LRT in Asia

2001  Innovative Tidal Wetlands Mitigation for a Light Rail Design-Build-Operate-Maintain (DBOM) Project in New Jersey

2001  JFK AirTrain: Project Management Issues on a Large DBOM Project

2001  Light-Rail: Orange County’s CenterLine Is Back on Track

2001  Light-Rail: Sacramento Transit Lays Track in Existing Rail Corridor

2001  New Jersey Transit Awards Second Hudson-Bergen Contract

2001  Singapore North East Line Project

2001  Sound Transit Increases Cost of Rail Project

2001  Transit: Accident Derails Bridge Construction for New Jersey Light-Rail

2001  Transportation: Dutch Government Awards Contract for High-Speed Rail Project

2001  Transportation: Houston Breaks Ground on Long-Awaited Light-Rail Line

2000  Fast TRAX

2000  First Light-Rail Planned for Phoenix