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Found 93 Records with the keyword term of "Light (artificial)"

2014  Acoustics and Lighting Education in Architectural Engineering: Experience of WPI

2014  Active Monitoring and Control of Light Fixtures during Building Construction and Operation: Cyber-Physical Systems Approach

2014  Proposed Method for Analyzing Infrastructure Investment Decisions Involving Rapidly Evolving Technology: Case Study of LED Streetlights

2013  Analysis of Balance Between Modeling Accuracy and Computational Speed for a Hybrid Ray-Tracing and Radiosity Method Used in Lighting Simulation

2013  Analysis of Retroreflection Coefficient Influenced by Vehicle Headlamps

2013  Methodology for Assessing and Providing Recommendations for Waterfront Lighting Efficiency Improvements

2013  NewsBriefs: Plastic Lightbulb Shows Promise (

2013  Office Worker Response to Fluorescent Lamps of Different CCT and Lumen Output

2013  Research of Dynamic Lighting Management in China and Japan

2013  Risk-Informed Investment for Tropical Cyclone Preparedness of Highway Signs, Signals, and Lights

2013  The Age of Edison: Electric Light and the Invention of Modern America By Ernest Freeberg. New York City: Penguin Press, 2013

2013  Using Contractor Bid Amounts to Estimate the Impact of Night Construction on Cost for Transportation Construction

2012  Component Level Cyber-Physical Systems Integration: A Light Fixtures Example

2012  Efficiency of Driver Identification of Pedestrians in Low Illumination

2012  Evaluation Index System Construction for Highway Tunnel Energy-Saving Lamps Based on Safety, Technology, and Economy

2012  Flagger Illumination during Nighttime Construction and Maintenance Operations

2012  Influence of Road Lighting Quality Index on Traffic Safety

2012  NewsBriefs: Laser Installation Illuminates Weymouth Bay in Time for Olympics (Parsons Brinckerhoff)

2012  NewsBriefs: LED Lightbulbs Edge Fluorescents On Sustainability (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

2012  A Novel Method for Non Intrusive Load Monitoring of Lighting Systems in Commercial Buildings

2012  Relationship between Road Lighting and Traffic Accidents

2012  Research on Solar Energy LED Lighting System in Highway Tunnel

2011  Assessment of Nighttime Flagger-Illumination Practices

2011  Camera Aided Luminance Measurement of the Luminous Surfaces of Different Light Sources

2011  Design of Sports Lighting Support Structures—Will Your Structures Perform to Expectation?

2011  Impact of Lighting on Traffic Safety in Freeway Tunnel

2011  New Approach to Compare Glare and Light Characteristics of Conventional and Balloon Lighting Systems

2011  NewsBriefs: New LED Bulbs Comparable To Traditional Incandescent Bulbs (The New York Times and Switch Lighting)

2011  Preliminary Comparative Life-Cycle Impacts of Streetlight Technology

2011  A Study on Effectiveness Evaluation of Airfield Lighting System Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

2010  Development and Testing of a Fluorescent Fiber Solar Concentrator for Remote Daylighting

2010  LED Streetlight Application Assessment Project Pilot Study in Seattle, WA

2010  Roadway Lighting Shows Safety Benefits at Rural Intersections

2009  Effects of Roadway Lighting Level on the Pedestrian Safety

2009  Field Experiments to Evaluate and Control Light Tower Glare in Nighttime Work Zones

2009  Intelligent Control of Ventilation, Lighting and Disaster Prevention for Highway Tunnel Group or Abut Tunnels

2009  NewsBriefs: Light Pollution Overwhelms Wildlife’s Navigational Abilities

2009  Vehicle Adaptive Front-Lighting System Design

2008  How Much Energy Do Different Toplighting Strategies Save?

2008  Measurement of Pavement Surface Reflectance for a Balloon Lighting System

2008  Parking Garage Security and Lighting

2007  An Application on Traffic Lights Based on Logic Control

2007  Development of a Semiprescriptive Selection Procedure for Reliability-Based Fatigue Design of High-Mast Lighting Structural Supports

2007  How Modern Headlamp Performance Impacts Sag Vertical Curve Design

2007  A New Logical Control Model of Traffic Lights

2007  NewsBriefs: Magnetic, Luminescent Nanoparticles Developed (University of California at Davis)

2007  Traffic Safety and Road Lighting Evenness Influence

2006  Development of a Reliability-Based Design Procedure for High-Mast Lighting Structural Supports

2006  Lighting Requirements for Nighttime Highway Construction

2006  Office Lighting for Lighting Education

2005  CONLIGHT: Lighting Design Model for Nighttime Highway Construction

2005  Optimal Lighting Arrangements for Nighttime Highway Construction Projects

2004  Finite Element Analysis Simulation of Airport Approach Lighting Towers

2004  Green Buildings and Potential Electric Light Energy Savings

2003  Acoustic and Illumination Design of Conference Rooms

2003  Benchmarking of a Building Performance Assessment Toolkit

2003  Relationships among Urban Freeway Accidents, Traffic Flow, Weather, and Lighting Conditions

2002  Moon Lighting: Illumination for Lunar Base Construction and Operations

2001  Lighting Fundamentals for Nighttime Highway Construction

2000  Combination Glare Screen Pedestrian Fence Using Recycled Plastics

2000  In Plain View

2000  A Web Based Tool for Artificial Lighting Principles

1999  CERF Investigates Solar-Powered Warning Light

1999  Seismic Casings Protect Airport Lighting

1999  User Survey of Subjective Preference for Street-Lighting sources

1998  Denver Hangar Has Translucent Walls

1997  Application of Genetic Algorithm to Light-Up Design of Bridge

1997  Effects of Luminous Environment on Worker Productivity in Building Spaces

1992  The Feasbility of Using Solar Optics for Lunar Base Lighting

1991  A Demonstration of Strobe Lights to Repel Fish

1989  A Bridge Glows in Pittsburgh

1989  The Challenges of Preseving Our Nation’s Lighthouses

1989  The Development of Lighthouse Structures

1988  Extraterrestrial Applications of Solar Optics for Interior Illumination

1987  Light Intensity in 3-D Photoelastic Analysis

1982  Photosynthesis-Light Mathematical Formulations

1979  Airport Visual Approach, Guidance and Landing Systems — The Consultant’s Viewpoint

1965  Aesthetic Design of Electric Distribution Lines

1961  Landing Area Planning: Recent Developments in Airport Lighting (Increasing Airport Capacity An ASCE-AOC Joint Conference 1961)

1960  Apron Design for Light Airplanes

1959  Jet Airport Lighting Requirements

1959  A Session on Pavements and Visual Guidance: Approach and Runway Lighting as Viewed by the Airline Pilot (Jet Age Conference 1957)

1959  A Session on Pavements and Visual Guidance: Runway Lighting - New York International Airport (Jet Age Conference 1957)

1958  Airport Approach, Runway, and Taxiway Lighting Systems

1957  Approach and Runway Lighting for Jet-Age Aircraft

1922  The National Housing Problem: A Symposium: Better Lighting as a Part of Better Homes

1905  Coast Lighting In Great Britain

1905  Coast Lighting In the United States

1905  The Lighting of the Coasts of France

1896  The Twenty-Eighth Street Central Station of the United Electric Light and Power Company

1894  The Electric Station Of The Citizens’ Light And Power Co., of Rochester, N. Y.

1892  Electric Lighting At Topeka, Kansas

1874  A Record of Experiments Showing the Character and Position of Neutral Axes, as Seen By Polarized Light