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2015  Analyzing the Temporal Variation of Wind Turbine Responses Using Gaussian Mixture Model and Gaussian Discriminant Analysis

2015  Assessment of Seismic Damage of Buildings and Related Environmental Impacts

2015  BIM as Infrastructure in a Finnish HVAC Actor Network: Enabling Adoption, Reuse, and Recombination over a Building Life Cycle and between Projects

2015  Case Study of Ground-Source Heat Pump Applications in Hot and Humid Climates

2015  Conversion Method for Obtaining CO2 Emission Data from the Life Cycle Inventory Database of Foreign Countries

2015  Determination of Optimal MR&R Policies for Retaining Life-Cycle Connectivity of Bridge Networks

2015  Life Cycle Critical Success Factors for Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects

2015  Life-Cycle Assessment Comparison for Long-Span Cable and Truss Structural Systems: Case Study

2015  Life-Cycle Cost Evaluation of Conventional and Corrosion-Resistant Steel for Bridges

2015  Multiscale Coupled-Hygromechanistic Approach to the Life-Cycle Performance Assessment of Structural Concrete

2015  Operational Structural Performances of Bridge Types by Deterioration Trends

2015  Pavement Deterioration Model Incorporating Unobserved Heterogeneity for Optimal Life-Cycle Rehabilitation Policy

2014  Achieving Sustainable Building Maintenance through Optimizing Life-Cycle Carbon, Cost, and Labor: Case in Hong Kong

2014-  ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering

2014  Assessing the Utilization of a Manufacturing Plant Floor as Part of Overhead Energy

2014  Assessment Model for Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions during Building Construction

2014  Case Study of Wind Plant Life Cycle Energy, Emissions, and Water Footprint

2014  Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Conventional, Glass Powder, and Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete and Mortar

2014  Construction Research Congress 2014, Construction in a Global Network

2014  Correlation Analysis of Capital and Life Cycle Costs in Private Financial Initiative Projects

2014  Development of a Standard Data Structure for Predicting the Remaining Physical Life and Consequence of Failure of Water Pipes

2014  Disaster-Function Management: Basic Principles

2014  Environmental and Economic Life-Cycle Assessment of Municipal Water-Storage Options: Infrastructure Refurbishment versus Replacement

2014  Future Trends of Sustainability Design and Analysis in Construction Industry and Academia

2014  Fuzzy Multicriteria Decision-Making Approach for Pavement Project Evaluation Using Life-Cycle Cost/Performance Analysis

2014  A General Framework for Probabilistic Risk-Based Optimization of Life-Cycle Management of Infrastructure Systems under Gradual and Sudden Deterioration

2014  Incorporation of Concrete Rehabilitation Measures into Life-Cycle Maintenance

2014  Interrelation among Service Life, Reliability Index, and Costs of Concrete Structures Subjected to Aggressive Exposure

2014  Knowledge-Based Optimization of Building Maintenance, Repair, and Renovation Activities to Improve Facility Life Cycle Investments

2014  Life Cycle Approach to Construction Workspace Modeling and Planning

2014  Life Cycle Asset Management Methodologies for Buildings

2014  Life-Cycle Assessment for Construction of Sustainable Infrastructure

2014  Life-Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Subjected to Natural Hazards

2014  Life-Cycle Management of Fatigue-Sensitive Structures Integrating Inspection Information

2014  Life-Cycle Performance of Structural Systems under Uncertainty

2014  Long View in Long Beach

2014  Operational Structural Performances of Bridge Materials by Deterioration Trends

2014  Optimal Bridge Maintenance of Large Number of Bridges Using Robust Genetic Algorithm

2014  Optimal Trade-Offs between Social Quality of Life and Life-Cycle Cost in Housing Units

2014  Optimization of Life-Cycle Maintenance of Deteriorating Bridges with Respect to Expected Annual System Failure Rate and Expected Cumulative Cost

2014  Pavement Health Monitoring System Based on an Embedded Sensing Network

2014  Practical Applications of Life-Cycle Considerations in Sustainable Development of Infrastructure

2014  Prediction Model of CO2 Emission for Residential Buildings in South Korea

2014  Prototype Decision-Support System for Designing and Costing Municipal Green Infrastructure

2014  Resilience and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructure: Toward a Unified Approach

2014  Structural Upgrade Selection via Shortest-Path Algorithm Based on Life-Cycle Sustainability Metrics

2014  Towards Risk-Based, Multi-Hazard-Resistant Design of Bridges

2014  Using Eco-Indicator 99 to Evaluate Building Technologies under Life Cycle Assessment Uncertainties

2013  Achieving Enhanced Seismic Design Using Viscous Damping Device Technologies

2013  Airfield and Highway Pavement 2013, Sustainable and Efficient Pavements

2013  Availability Approach to Optimizing Railway Track Renewal Operations

2013  Building Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure: Green Highway Rating System

2013  Capturing The Impacts of Geotechnical Features on Transportation System Performance

2013  Comparative Life-Cycle Assessment Study of Kenaf Fiber-Based and Glass Fiber-Based Structural Insulation Panels

2013  Comparison of Calculation Methods of Cumulative Damage to Breakwater Armor Layer

2013  Condition-Dependent Maintenance Effectiveness in Dynamic Performance Models for Transportation Infrastructure

2013  Connectivity-Based Optimal Scheduling for Maintenance of Bridge Networks

2013  Developing Urban Water Infrastructure Modeling Approach to Control Flood Damages and Reduce Life Cycle Impacts

2013  Development of a Comprehensive Probabilistic Life Cycle Model for Planning Coastal Risk Management Projects

2013  Development of a Roadway Index for the North Texas Tollway Authority

2013  Energy-Related Risk Management in Integrated Project Delivery

2013  Engineering Geology: Fundamental Input or Random Variable?

2013  Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Bridges

2013  Environmental Life Cycle Performance of Recycled Materials for Sustainable Slope Engineering

2013  Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment of Winter Maintenance Treatments for Roadways

2013  Estimation of Comparative Life Cycle Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Residential Brownfield and Greenfield Developments

2013  Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Land-Use Changes due to Road Construction in the Republic of Korea

2013  A Framework for Integrated Analysis of Building Designs Using a Life-Cycle Assessment and Energy Simulation

2013  Fuzzy- versus Simulation-Based Life-Cycle Cost for Sewer Rehabilitation Alternatives

2013  Fuzzy-Based Life-Cycle Cost Model for Decision Making under Subjectivity

2013  Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Construction, Manufacturing, Operation, and Maintenance of U.S. Distribution Infrastructure for Petroleum and Biofuels

2013  Highway Toll Pricing Customization Based on Full-Cost Pricing Method

2013  Improving the Strategy Selection Process in the Caltrans Maintenance Technical Advisory Guide

2013  Innovative Rigid Concrete Fender System Reduces Life Cycle Costs

2013  Large-Scale Asset Renewal Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms plus Segmentation

2013  Lessons Learned from Developing Immersive Virtual Mock-Ups to Support Energy-Efficient Retrofit Decision Making

2013  Life Cycle Analysis for Water and Wastewater Pipe Materials

2013  Life Cycle Assessment for Local Government Pavements: What Questions Should We Be Addressing and How?

2013  Life Cycle Assessment of Green Buildings: A Case Study in China

2013  Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Analysis of Foam Stabilizing Base

2013  Life-Cycle Assessment of Concrete Dam Construction: Comparison of Environmental Impact of Rock-Filled and Conventional Concrete

2013  Life-Cycle Cost Based Optimal Retrofitting of Structures by Fluid Dampers

2013  Life-Cycle Costs and Emissions of Pareto-Optimal Residential Roof-Mounted Photovoltaic Systems

2013  Life-Cycle Design Considerations for Hydraulic Tunnels: Lessons Learned from Inspection and Maintenance Cases

2013  Life-Cycle Management - West Coast Deep Sea Wharf

2013  Load-Based Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator for Transit Buses: An Atlanta, GA, Case Study

2013  Load-Based Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator: Running Emissions Sensitivity Analysis

2013  Modification of Advanced Programmatic Risk Analysis and Management Model for the Whole Project Life Cycle’s Risks

2013  Network-Level Pavement Asset Management System Integrated with Life-Cycle Analysis and Life-Cycle Optimization

2013  New Road Surfaces: Logical Bases for Simple Quality-Related Pay Adjustments

2013  Operational Structural Performance of Bridge Types by Areas

2013  Pavement Life-Cycle Sustainability Assessment and Interpretation Using a Novel Qualitative Decision Procedure

2013  Pavement Resurfacing Policy for Minimization of Life-Cycle Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

2013  Performance Life Cost-Based Maintenance Strategy Optimization for Reinforced Concrete Girder Bridges

2013  Quantification of Particulate Matter from Commercial Building Excavation Activities Using Life-Cycle Approach

2013  Risk Based Methods for Management of Geotechnical Features in Transportation Infrastructure

2013  A Semiotic Framework for Information Representation of Energy Consumption in Office Buildings

2013  Study on the Financial Risks of Real Estate Enterprise

2013  Sustainability of Natural Hazard Risk Mitigation: Life Cycle Analysis of Environmental Indicators for Bridge Infrastructure

2013  Sustainable Approach for Optimal Steel Sheet Pile Structure Assessment, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation