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2015  Structural Engineering and Licensure

2015  Supreme Court Casts a Pall Over State Licensure Boards

2014  Framework of Knowledge for Master’s-Level Structural Engineering Education

2013  Raise the Bar, Strengthening the Civil Engineering Profession

2012  Analyzing Commuting Characteristics in Beijing through License Plate Recognition System Data

2012  The Future of Engineering Licensure

2012  Policy 465: Latest Struggle in the "Revolt of the Engineers"

2012  The Private Car License Plate Auction in Shanghai: Macro-Effectiveness and Micro-Mechanisms

2011  Lessons Learned from the Utah Experience: Suggestions for Implementing a Structural License and Practice Act in Your State

2011  A Practical Plate Character Recognition Algorithm Study Based on Thinning Characters

2011  Rough Location of License Plate Based on Dot-Matrix Detector

2011  Sociology of Professions: Application to the Civil Engineering "Raise the Bar" Initiative

2010  The Impact of Regulatory Licensing Processes on U.S. Civilian Nuclear Power Plant Project Performance

2010  Occupational Licensing of Building Trades: Case of Western Australia

2010  People: Letzring Becomes a Licensed Profession Engineer in All 50 States

2010  The Pressing Need for Structural Licensing

2010  The Structural Engineering Exam: The History and the Future

2009  Experiential Learning in Engineering Practice

2009  Front Matter and Errata

2009  Principles and Practice of Engineering, Architectural Engineering Sample Questions and Solutions

2009  Projecting Future Groundwater Availability for Power Generation Plant Licensing

2009  References

2008  Analysis of Factors Affecting License Plate Recognition with the Application of Orthogonal Experimental Design Method

2008  Short Takes: Members Needed for New Committee on Licensure Requirements

2007  Certification and Accreditation in Civil Engineering

2007  Improving the Professional Engineering Licensure Process for Construction Engineers

2006  Separate Licensure and Board Certification of Structural Engineers

2005  Intellectual Property Rights

2004  Court Decisions: Suit Cannot be Dismissed Because of Licensing Lapse

2004  Model for Education, Professional Preparation, and Licensure of Civil Engineers

2004  Professionalism: The Golden Years

2003  Court Decisions: Licensing Requirement Not Dismissed by Doctrine

2002  Court Decisions: Court’s Definition of “Misconduct” Broadly Based

2002  Court Decisions: Engineering License Not Contractual

2002  Speech Recognition for On-Site Collection of License Plate Data: Exploratory Application Development and Testing

2002  Survey of Education and License Requirements for Structural Engineers

2001  Benefits of a Single Professional Engineering License

2001  Engineer Practiced within Profession

2000  The Case for National Licensing of Structural Engineers

2000  Certificates Curtail Illegal Practice

2000  Education System Isn’t Working (ltr)

2000  Lapsed License Prevents Payment

2000  Letter to Editor regarding "More Education Is Needed for Civil Engineers"(Vol. 25, No. 1, January 2000, pg. 5)

2000  Letter to Editor regarding "More Education Is Needed for Civil Engineers"(Vol. 25, No. 1, January 2000, pg. 5)

2000  Letter to Editor regarding "More Education Is Needed for Civil Engineers"(Vol. 25, No. 1, January 2000, pg. 5)

2000  More Education Is Needed for Civil Engineers

2000  Out-of-State Engineers Must Meet Requirements

2000  PAK Analysis Results for Building Architectural Engineering Licensure Exam

2000  A Proposal on Advanced Education (ltr)

2000  SEI Can Lead the Way (ltr)

2000  Structural Community Begins to Assess Need for Separate Professional Licensing and Stronger Academic Credentials

1999  Avoid Piracy: Software Management Tips

1999  Baseline and Cumulative Impacts: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in Conflict

1999  Civil Engineers: Working Together to Better Our Profession for Our Communities

1999  Clark Fork River Erosion and Sedimentation Issues

1999  He Did It His Way

1999  Hydraulic Analysis of the Minnesota Falls Hydroelectric Project

1999  HydroBasin: Relicensing Planning for Hydroelectric Watersheds

1999  Hydropower Relicensing and Endangered Species - Potential Conflicts and Opportunities in the New Millennium

1999  Management Digest

1999  Managing Corps Issues

1999  Meeting the Challenges of Shoreline Management

1999  More Pros and Cons on Master’s Decree Recommendation (ltr)

1999  Piracy Doesn’t Pay

1999  The Role of User Fees in Licensed Project Recreational Resource Development

1999  Save a Forest - Put Relicensing on the Web!

1999  Software Provider Tests On-Line Licensing

1999  Using U.S. Provisional Applications in Your Patent Strategy

1999  Veterans’ Points Don’t Cross State Lines

1998  Architects Are Accountable for Prelicense Actions

1998  Automated License Plate Recognition with a Neural Net Based Accelerator

1998  Editorial

1998  Engineering Firm Pays $140,000 Fine for Unlicensed Software

1998  Forum

1998  Keep Current and Competent: That’s the Focus of ASCE’s New Voluntary Program

1998  Licensing Laws and Design/Build Projects

1998  Michigan’s Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Experience

1998  On the Web

1997  Adaptive Management of the Impacts of In-Stream Flow on Water Temperature in the Central Platte River: Results of a Peer Panel Review

1997  Alignment of Costs and Beneficiaries During Relicensing

1997  Alternative Methods to Relicensing Hydroelectric Projects in a Changing Market

1997  Alternative Relicensing Strategies

1997  ASCE Board Adopts Four New Policies

1997  Basis of License Plate Recognition and a New Approach

1997  Building Alliances with Resource Agencies and River Stakeholders through a Negotiated Settlement

1997  Collaborative Instream Flow Resolution Utilizing an Enhanced Delphi Technique

1997  Design-Build: Legal Obstacles and Solutions

1997  Developing Stakeholder Partnerships for the Management of Imperiled Fish Species: A Case Study

1997  Environmental Engineering Forum

1997  Environmental Water Storage Account vs. Flow Requirements: A Model from the Platte River

1997  FERC License Implementation and Lessons Learned

1997  The Flint River Project - A Curious Anomaly

1997  For Continuing Professional Competency, the Uptrend Continues Unabated

1997  Hydro Economic factors in Light of Industry Restructuring

1997  Is There a Role for Science in Hydropower Relicensing?

1997  Licensed Site Professional Programs: Need for Uniformity among States

1997  Licensure and Professional and Business Issues in Canada and the United States

1997  Mandatory Conditioning Requirements: Strategies Following Bangor Hydro-Electric v. FERC, Rainsong v. FERC and Bennett v. Spear

1997  Manual Details State Licensing Laws

1997  Nationwide Licensing for Contractors