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2015  Court Finds Subcontractor Liable for Ambiguity in Contract Documents

2015  Do Contractors Face Liability for Providing Design Solutions?

2015  Federal Agency Held Liable for Deficinet Design in IDC Contract

2015  The Truth about PLI

2014  Government Liable to Designer/Builder

2014  Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Considers Design Professional’s Limitation of Liability Clause

2014  Tort Liability Expands for Project Architects in California

2013  Construction Manager Not Liable for Contractor’s Jobsite Injuries

2013  Enforceability of Limitation of Liability Clauses in Engineering Contracts

2013  Engineer Faces Potential Liability for Contractor’s Project Delays

2013  Negligent Tort Liability of the Design Professional

2012  Differing Site Conditions Indications and Disclaimers

2012  Holding Homebuilders Liable for Personal Injury and Property Damage Caused by Defective Material: Chinese Drywall Case

2012  Introducing the Concept of Emissions Liability Insurance in Managing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and Promoting Sustainability in Construction Projects

2011  Computerizing ICBF Method for Schedule Delay Analysis

2011  Engineer’s Legal Exposure for Facilities Built on Expansive Soils

2011  Historic Cases: Drennan v. Star Paving Co.

2011  Legal Impact and Dispute Resolution of Disaster in Taiwan: Lessons Learned from Typhoon Aere

2011  Risk-Based Framework for Safety Investment in Construction Organizations

2011  Tort Liability for the Central United States Earthquake Hazard

2010  Contractors Unable to Prove Force Majeure Event Occurred

2010  Is Construction Blasting Still Abnormally Dangerous?

2010  Legal Issues of Integrated Network for Construction and Real Estate Sector

2010  Monitoring System to Provide Assurance for Maintenance of Structures

2009  Evolving Clark County APM Code Requirements

2009  Failure to Comply Negates Extra Work Claim

2009  Federal Government Avoids Liability Under Prompt Payment Act

2009  Green Building Liability: From Claims to Litigation

2009  Isolated Collapsed But-For Delay Analysis Methodology

2009  Limitation of Liability Clause Violates Anti-Indemnity Statute

2008  Enforceability of Limitations of Liability Provisions

2008  Engineer’s Liability Considerations in Specifying Corrugated High Density Polyethylene Pipe

2008  Risk Allocation Clause Enforced in North Carolina

2008  Which is the Prevailing Party in Arbitration?

2007  The Law: Are Design Professional Services Lienable?

2007  Mistakes All Around

2007  Owner Found Liable for Bad Faith Termination

2007  Sound Baseline Geotechnical Investigation and Interpretation Offers Most Valuable Liability Management in Pipeline Projects

2006  Characteristics of Contractor’s Liabilities for Defects and Defective Work in Korean Public Projects

2006  Court Decisions: Contractor Not Liable for Subcontractor Safety

2006  Policy Briefing: Senators Debate Limiting Liability for Government Contractors

2006  Subconsultant Not Liable to Owner for Retaining Wall Failure

2005  Assessing and Managing the Potential Environmental Risks of Construction Projects

2005  Concept of “Care” in Engineering

2005  Court Decisions: Architect Not Liable for Injury Caused During Construction

2005  Increasing Engineers’ Role in Construction Safety: Opportunities and Barriers

2005  Legal and Liability Issues in Geotechnical Engineering

2005  Legal Liability of Faculty on Applied Research Projects

2005  Makes Sense to Me

2005  Managing Liability in the Design and Construction of SRW/RSS Structures

2005  Recovering Lost Profits: Can you Prove Foreseeability?

2005  The Way It Is

2004  Additional Liability Insurance Requirement Declared Void

2004  Beware of Ambiguity in Float Ownership Clauses

2004  Building on Brownfields: Predicted Effects of New Liability Protections for Prospective Purchasers and an Exploration of Other Redevelopment Incentives

2004  Construction Managers May Be Liable Under False Claims Act

2004  Court Decisions: Builder not Liable for Breach of Implied Covenant of Good Workmanship

2004  Court Decisions: Failure to Pay for Corrections Does Not Fall Below Standard of Care

2004  Court Decisions: Owner Must Pay for Work He Could Have Prevented

2004  Court Decisions: Right to Arbitrate Forfeited by Failure to Provide Notice

2004  Court Decisions: Standard of Care Must Be Exercised

2004  Court Decisions: Subcontractor’s Debris Dumping Considerad Accidental

2004  Enforcing Liquidated Damages: How Much is Too Much?

2004  Estimating the Liability of Redeveloped Contaminated Lands

2004  False Start: When a Design/Build Relationship Fails at the Outset

2004  General Liability Insurance Coverage for Mold Claims

2004  High Stakes Construction Mediation: Does the ”Hype” Justify the ”Hope”

2004  Higher Standards Needed

2004  Is Jail Time Appropriate for Defective Work?

2004  Keys to Successful Utility Coordination

2004  Mechanic’s Liens on Private Projects in Hawaii

2004  Minimizing Liability for Construction Accidents through Good Contracting

2004  Mitigating Professional Liability for Civil Engineers: White Paper

2003  Economic Loss Doctrine Does Not Always Apply

2003  Forum

2003  Jobsite Safety: With Control Comes Responsiblity

2003  Liability Caps: Are They Enforceable?

2003  Multistep Dispute Resolution in Design and Construction Industry

2003  Professional Services Exclusion: An Insurance Trap?

2003  Sharpening the Focus: Legal Context of Engineering Ethics

2003  Toxic Mold: Latest Construction Defect

2002  ADA Liability: Does It Extend to Designers?

2002  Court Decisions: Insurer Must Cover Subcontractors’ Mistakes

2002  Court Decisions: No-Action Clause Protects Isurer

2002  Embracing the Spirit of the ADA

2002  Knowledge of Unsafe Condition Not Enough for Liability

2002  Option Coverage Techniques for Environmental Projects

2002  Policy Briefing: Brownfields Law Boosts Funding but Raises Concerns

2001  Bad Engineering Yields Even Worse Lawsuits

2001  Court Decisions: OSHA Provision Dose Nor Assign Liability for Injured Worker

2001  Engagement in Engineering Services Excludes Coverage

2001  If a Design Is Flawed, Who Assumes the Risk?

2001  Policy Does Not Cover Negligent Professional Services

2001  When Is the Total-Cost Method Appropriate?

2000  An AI Application in the Liability Judgment of Traffic Accidents

2000  Economic Valuation of Resource Injuries in Natural Resource Liability Suits

2000  Impact of Variability and Uncertainty on Product and Process Development

2000  Purpose of the Conference

1999  Applied Ethics Case of the Month: January–February, 1999

1999  Forum