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Found 61 Records with the keyword term of "Leveling"

2014  Leveling Process of Annual Budgetary Requirements for Pavement Preservation

2014  Orthometric Height Improvement in Tainan City using RTK GPS and Local Geoid Corrector Surface Models

2014  Practical Formulas for the Refraction Coefficient

2011  Cost Optimization Model for the Multiresource Leveling Problem with Allowed Activity Splitting

2011  Estimation of Variance Components Using a Step-by-Step Approach

2010  Evaluation and Adaptation of the EGM2008 Geopotential Model along the Northern Nile Valley, Egypt: Case Study

2010  Minimum Moment Method for Resource Leveling Using Entropy Maximization

2009  Floor Level Surveys and Their Use in Geotechnical Investigations: Case Studies

2009  Optimizing Resource Leveling in Construction Projects

2007  Comparisons of GPS-Derived Orthometric Heights Using Local Geometric Geoid Models

2006  Compilation of a Map of Recent Vertical Crustal Movements in Eastern Canada using Geographic Information System

2006  Deflection of the Vertical Components from GPS and Precise Leveling Measurements in Hong Kong

2006  Local Geoid Improvement using GPS and Leveling Data: Case Study

2006  Long-Range Geoid Testing by GPS-Leveling Data in Turkey

2006  Precise Height Determination using Leap-Frog Trigonometric Leveling

2006  Real-Time Determination of Orthometric Heights Accurate to the Centimeter Level using a Single GPS Receiver: Case Study

2005  Levelness of Newly Constructed Posttensioned Slabs for Residential Structures

2004  Binary Resource Leveling Model: Activity Splitting Allowed

2004  Global Optimization of Combined Region Aggregation and Leveling Model

2004  Hidden Point Bar Method for Precise Heighting

2004  Landslide Monitoring Based on Geodetically Derived Distance Changes

2003  How Accurately Can We Determine Orthometric Height Differences from GPS and Geoid Data?

2003  Method for Forensic Analysis of Residential Floor-Elevation Data

2003  Monitoring Crustal Movements in West Anatolia by Precision Leveling

2002  Factors in Productivity and Unit Cost for Advanced Machine Guidance

2002  Functional Models and New Stochastic Model in Combined Leveling Nets

2001  Free Station Method of Leveling

2001  State of Practice of Residential Floor Slab Flatness

2001  Transformation of Ellipsoid Heights to Local Leveling Heights

2001  Underexcavation for Leveling Buildings in Mexico City: Case of the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Sagrario Church

2000  After Years of Increases, Principals’ Salaries Level Off

1999  Foundation Design for the Elevated Station at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

1999  Optimization of Resource Allocation and Leveling Using Genetic Algorithms

1997  Leveling Technologies for Building Construction

1997  Releveling and Behavior of Strap-Retrofitted Damaged Test Foundations Exposed to Mine Subsidence

1996  Leveling by GPS Relative Positioning with Carrier Phases

1993  Achieving Level Composite Steel Floors

1993  Computerized Irrigation Project Earthwork Design

1991  Application of Least-Squares Land Leveling

1991  Least-Squares Adjustments of Seasonal Leveling

1989  Monitoring Crustal Deformation in Eastern Maine Using GPS

1988  GPS at Nottingham University

1988  Level Ground Soil-Liquefaction Analysis Using in Situ Properties: I

1988  Level Ground Soil-Liquefaction Analysis Using in Situ Properties: II

1987  Orthometric Heights Without Leveling

1986  Practical Land Grading Based on Least Squares

1984  Field Adjustment of Tapered Shims Using A Least Squares Algorithm

1979  Geodetic Leveling in Land Subsidence Studies

1977  Rehabilitation of Concrete Pavement

1977  Slabjacking — State-of-the-Art

1977  Vertical Control for Independent Models Blocks

1972  Barometric Leveling Analysis

1970  Evaluation of Barometric Leveling

1970  Levels with Automatic Instruments

1970  Measuring Building Movement by Precise Survey

1968  Control for Antarctic Ice Cap Reconnaissance

1967  Evaluation of Accuracy of Precise Leveling

1965  Vertical Control on the Great Lakes

1930  Specifications for Transit Traversing and Stadia Leveling

1913  Recent Improvements in Leveling Instruments

1886  Errors In Railroad Levels