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2015  Congress Seeks Answers in Addressing Cyanotoxins in Drinking Water

2015  New Congress Faces Financial Challenge in Reauthorizing Surface Transportation Program

2015  White House, Congress Look to ’Repatriation’ for Future Highway Funding Program

2014  Congress Averts Highway Trust Fund Crisis but Postpones Long-Term Solution

2014  Congress Delays Certain Changes to National Flood Insurance Program

2014  House Examines Various Programs to Reduce Natural Hazards

2014  Infrastructure Challenges Will Confront New Republican-Led Congress

2014  Review of Archaeological Preservation and Civil Engineering Professional Practice

2014  Senate Bill Aims to Prevent Chemical Contamination of Surface Water

2014  Surface Transportation Reauthorization Begins Taking Shape in the Senate

2014  Water Resources Law Aims to Streamline Project Delivery, Creatively Finance New Projects

2014  White House, Congress Look to Tax Reform for Highway Funding

2013  Congress Could Tighten Time, Cost Restrictions on Water Resources Projects

2013  Congress Forestalls Spending Cuts, Debates Aid for Damaged Infrastructure

2013  House Passes Bill to Authorize State Permitting Programs for Coal Ash Facilities

2013  House Report Examines Ways To Improve Nation’s Freight Transportation Network

2013  Infrastructure Stimulus Spending: Lessons for Assessment and Engineering Education

2013  Is Legislation a Barrier to the Procurement of Construction Goods and Services? Review of Trinidad and Tobago’s Construction Industry

2013  Sustainable Performance Indicators for Australian Residential Buildings

2013  Water Resources Bill Becomes House Priority after Government Shutdown Ends

2012  Do Professional Women and Tradeswomen in the South African Construction Industry Share Common Employment Barriers despite Progressive Government Legislation?

2012  Earthquake Preparedness and Response: Comparison of the United States and Japan

2012  Effect of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) on Civil Engineering

2012  Guideline for Development of Effective Water Sharing Agreements

2012  House Bill Would Encourage States to Adopt Building Codes

2012  House Bill Would Refine How Inland Navigation Projects Are Funded

2012  Lawsuits Seek to Compel U.S. SPA to Target Nutrients More Aggressively

2012  Options for Hauling Fully Loaded ISO Containers in the United States

2012  Review of Current Legislation, Codes, and Certifications Increasing the Sustainability Standards for Construction Operations

2012  Senate, House Pursue Divergent Approaches to Reauthorizing Surface Transportation

2012  Water Resources Legislation during New Mexico’s Territorial Years

2011  Arizona Upholds Statue of Repose Defense for Construction Defect Claims

2011  Aviation Reauthorization Receives Early Attention from Congress

2011  Call for Papers: Special Issue on Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Engineering and Construction Industry

2011  House Republicans Release Details of Surface Transportation Reauthorization Plan

2011  Owner Not Liable for Contractor’s ’Unilateral’ Bid Mistake

2011  President Obama Signs America COMPETES Reauthorization Act

2011  Senate Committees Consider Surface Transportation Bill

2011  State Court Grants Damages To Contractor for Subcontractor’s Withdrawn Bid

2010  Competing Aviation Reauthorization Bills Await Congressional Conference

2010  Controversial Strata Legislation: Catalyst for Housing Regeneration in Singapore

2010  Court Rules in Favor Of Subcontractor in ’Bid Shopping’ Termination Dispute

2010  Executed Monthly Lien Waivers Bar Contractor’s Extra Work Claims

2010  House Bill Would Authorize Grants for ’Green’ Infrastructure

2010  House Bill Would Follow ARRA with Billions More for Infrastructure

2010  House Bill Would Reauthorize Safe Drinking Water Act

2010  Impact of the EU Mediation Directive on the German Construction Sector

2010  Legal Challenges in Ensuring Regular Maintenance and Repairs of Common Parts of Owner-Occupied Apartment Buildings

2010  The Politics of ’Green’ Infrastructure

2010  The Politics of ’Green’ Infrastructure

2010  Reports, Members Discuss ARRA One Year Later

2010  Short Takes: Kansas City Section Visits State Legislature

2010  Slow Pace of Corps ’Reform’ Criticized by House Committee, Witnesses

2009  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Provides Billions For Infrastructure

2009  Appellate Court Validates I-35W Bridge Procurement

2009  Be Careful with Quantities

2009  Colorado Court Allows Recovery of Lost Profits

2009  Debating Support of the Stimulus Package

2009  Debating Support of the Stimulus Package

2009  House Bill Would Reauthorize Earthquake, Windstorm Programs

2009  Legal Environment for Warranty Contracting

2009  Message from the President: The Power of the Constituent

2009  Negligence Claim Against Design Professionals is Stricken

2009  New Congress Is Expected to Debate Scope of Clean Water Act

2009  NewsBriefs: Recovery Act Funds Energy Companies’ ’Clean’ Energy Efforts

2009  Obama Nominees Could Shape Infrastructure Policy Well into Future

2009  Ohio Declines to Extend the Spearin Doctrine

2009  Owner Held Liable For Erroneous Specification

2009  Procurement of Design-Build Services: Two-Phase Selection for Highway Projects

2009  A Question of Ethics

2009  Regulatory Changes Needed to Improve Urban Streams, Report Says

2009  The Right Decision?

2009  The Right Public Policy?

2009  The Stimulus Package and Fiscal Responsibility

2009  The Stimulus Package and Fiscal Responsibility

2009  The Stimulus Package and Fiscal Responsibility

2009  Stimulus Package is Fiscally Imprudent

2009  Water Quality Investment Act Clears House, Awaits Senate Action

2008  Adjudication Outside Construction, Adjudication for Consumer Disputes

2008  Congress Extends Great Lakes Remediation Program without Increasing Funding

2008  District of Columbia Green Building Act of 2006 and Its Implications for Sureties

2008  Geo-Institute Establishes Geo-Legislative Committee

2008  Improving the Grade on Water Resources Infrastructure

2008  Integrated Water Resources Management in Uganda: Past, Present, and a Vision for the Future

2008  Members Bring Infrastructure Concerns to Capitol Hill

2008  Mongan Makes Persuasive Case for Infrastructure before Senate Committee

2008  Planning for the Future of Erosion Risk Management in Remote Alaska

2008  Policy Briefing: Bridge Safety Bill Passes House, Faces Uncertain Future in Senate

2008  Policy Briefing: Commission’s Report Sharpens Debate over Transportation Policy

2008  Policy Briefing: House Bills Seek to Promote Mine Remediation

2008  The Political Decision Process

2008  Private Property Virtual Library: Helping to Connect Useful Resources to Those Who Need It

2008  Short Takes: Herrman Testifies before Senate Committee

2008  Ten Years on: Review of Adjudication in the United Kingdom

2008  Who Bears the Burden for Quantity Overruns?

2007  ASCE Champions Water Funding in Testimony to House Subcommittee

2007  ASCE Voices Qualified Support of Water Resources Bill

2007  Concrete Answers to Global Warming

2007  Lehman Backs QBS in Testimony to House Subcommittee

2007  Members Deliver Action Plan to 110th Congress