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2015  Adequately Protecting Construction Insolvencies: Disposition of Trusts to Facilitate Security of Payment in Australia

2015  Containing the Cost of Complex Adjudications

2015  Developments in the United Kingdom Dispute Resolution Process

2014  Concurrent Delays in Construction: International Legal Perspective

2014  Construction Research Congress 2014, Construction in a Global Network

2014  Legal Disputes and Building Defects: Data from Tuscany

2014  Mediation in Coastal and Water Resource Disputes

2014  Proper Risk Allocation during Construction: Differing Site Conditions

2014  A Question of Ethics: Exercising Care in Expert Testimony

2014  See something? Say something!

2014  Time At Large within the Common Law Legal System: Application to Standard Forms of Contract

2014  Virginia Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality Of $2-Billion P3 Project

2013  Conflict: Philosophy and Culture

2013  Construction Risk Identification and Allocation: Cooperative Approach

2013  Eliciting Stakeholders’ Preferences for Low-Impact Design Incentives: Conjoint Analysis Approach

2013  Going Green: Researching in Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution

2013  Maryland High Court Limits Protections Against Design Professionals

2013  Refocusing on Liquidated Damages in Incentive/Disincentive Contracts

2013  Settlement Characteristics of Mechanically Biologically Treated Wastes

2012  Common Legal Doctrines and Insurance Issues Affecting the Forensic Structural Engineer

2012  Construction Research Congress 2012, Construction Challenges in a Flat World

2012  Delivering Solar Highway Project: A Case Study

2012  Expert Witness 101: Balancing Professional Ethics with Client Desires

2012  Hawaii Superferry Plies and Dies

2012  The Law Applicable to Surface Waters in 2050

2012  Managing the Period Preceding the Calling for a DAB’s Decision

2012  Measured-Mile Principles

2012  The Standard of Care, Case Law, and Jury Instructions

2011  Engineer’s Legal Exposure for Facilities Built on Expansive Soils

2011  Irreconcilable Differences Result in Extreme Conflict

2011  Partner the Project—6 C’s for Excellence in Project Delivery

2011  Project Closeout Process Proves Costly

2011  Trust and Distrust in Conflicting Situations: Legal Case Review of Antecedents of Distrust

2010  Consistency and Reliability of Construction Arbitration Decisions: Empirical Study

2010  Construction Legal Decision Support Using Support Vector Machine (SVM)

2010  Emergency Accelerated Construction

2010  Feasibility and Legality of Using Peaceful Nuclear Explosions to Plug Oil Leaks Emanating from Deep Reservoirs

2010  International Instruments on Housing Rights

2010  Legal Issues of Integrated Network for Construction and Real Estate Sector

2010  Management of Redeveloped Industrial Areas with Mixed Use in The Netherlands

2010  Model for Legal Principles of Compensation for Errors in Bills of Quantities: A Law and Economic Analysis

2010  Political, Economic, and Legal Risks Faced in International Projects: Case Study of Vietnam

2010  Realizing Rights

2010  Relief from Bid Mistakes

2010  Scoring Approach to Construction Bond Underwriting

2010  When the Cold Wind Blows: Legal Strategies against Ghettoization in Denmark

2009  Appellate Court Validates I-35W Bridge Procurement

2009  Construction Law Graduate Studies around the World (ltr)

2009  Damage to Treasury: Abnormally Low Tenders in Public Construction Works

2009  Developing Case-Based Communities of Practice for Teaching the Legal Aspects of Construction: Lessons Learned in Taiwan

2009  Effectiveness of Scenarios and the Socratic Method in Teaching Law to Construction Students

2009  Engineers and White-Collar Crime

2009  How to Stop Engineers from Becoming "Bush Lawyers": The Art of Teaching Law to Engineering and Construction Students

2009  Immigration and Construction: The Makeup of the Workforce in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area

2009  Introducing the Members of the Editorial Board

2009-  Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction

2009  Limitation of Liability Clause Violates Anti-Indemnity Statute

2009  Short Takes: ASCE Offers New Legal Journal, Article Previews, RSS Feeds

2009  Synopses of Court Verdicts: Clear and Unambiguous Language of the Contract Nixes Delay Claim

2009  Teaching Law Courses to Non-Law Students in an Engineering Faculty: Preliminary Observations from Botswana

2009  Teaching Law on Engineering and Construction Programs

2009  Welcome to the Launch Issue

2009  Why, What, and How? Case Study on Law, Risk, and Decision Making as Necessary Themes in Built Environment Teaching

2008  Adjudication: Temporary Binding and Tierred Dispute Resolution in Construction and Engineering: Hong Kong Experience

2008  Alternative Project Delivery Systems: Applications and Legal Limits in Transportation Projects

2008  Civil Engineering, Legal, and Political Collaboration: Solving Denver’s Drainage Infrastructure Dilemma

2008  Do Engineers and Lawyers Approach Problems Differently?

2008  Judicial Intervention and Its Key Battleground: Natural Justice

2008  Law Enforcement Officer Experiences in a Pre-Impact Hurricane Evacuation

2008  Non-Compliant Setback of Existing Buildings from Sloping Ground Geotechnical and Legal Ramifications

2008  Our Last Issue

2008  Payment Problems and Regulatory Responses in the Construction Industry: Mainland China Perspective

2008  Physically Based Constitutive Model for Body Centered Cubic Metals with Applications to Iron

2008  Reconciliation of Owner and Contractor Views in Heavy Construction Projects

2008  Understanding and Overcoming Legal and Administrative Barriers to LID: A Florida Case Study

2007  Global Legal Issues for Engineers and Constructors

2007  Globalization of Engineering and Construction Legal Issues

2007  Law Column Hits the Mark

2007  Lawyerization of the Engineering and Construction Industry

2007  Legal Aspects of Information and Communication Technologies Implementation in the Turkish Construction Industry: Applicability of eLEGAL Framework

2007  Legal Framework for Alternative Dispute Resolution: Examination of the Singapore National Legal System for Arbitration

2007  Legal Requirements and Challenges for e-Business within the Single Electronic European Market

2007  Legal Risks Faced by Foreign Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Firms in China

2006  Alliancing in Australia — No-Litigation Contracts: A Tautology?

2006  Contractual Management in PPP Projects: Evaluation of Legal versus Relational Contracting for Service Delivery

2006  Emerging Legal Risks for Construction Management Professionals

2006  Evaluation of Legal Risks for E-Commerce in Construction

2006  Exploring the Legal Aspects of Relational Contracting

2006  An Interesting Confliction: What’s Love Got to Do with It?

2006  Legal Challenge to a Best-Value Procurement System

2006  Legal Consequences of Damages to Underground Facilities by Horizontal Directional Drilling

2006  Legal Issues Associated with Emergent Actor Roles in Innovative U.K. Procurement: Prime Contracting Cast Study

2006  The Philosophy of Reasonability in Law

2005  Audit Contract Provisions and Real-Time Cost Reporting in Construction Contracting

2005  Geo-Frontiers 2005

2005  The Geotechnical Expert in Dispute Resolution: An English Perspective

2005  Intellectual Property Rights

2005  Legal and Liability Issues in Geotechnical Engineering

2005  Legal Aspects of a Landslide Case

2005  Legal Liability of Faculty on Applied Research Projects