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2015  Analysis of Performance and Efficiency of Conservation Voltage Optimization Considering Load Model Uncertainty

2015  Direct Approach to Extracting 18 Flutter Derivatives of Bridge Decks and Vulnerability Analysis on Identification Accuracy

2015  New Predictive Equations for Dynamic Modulus and Phase Angle Using a Nonlinear Least-Squares Regression Model

2014  Application of a Combination Model Based on Wavelet Transform and KPLS-ARMA for Urban Annual Water Demand Forecasting

2014  Determination of the Geometric Form of Hierapolis Theater in Pamukkale, Turkey

2014  Modeling Control Valves in Water Distribution Systems Using a Continuous State Formulation

2014  Risk Score Inference for Bridge Maintenance Project Using Evolutionary Fuzzy Least Squares Support Vector Machine

2014  Weighted Least Squares with Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for Burst Detection in U.K. Water Distribution Systems

2013  3σ-Rule for Outlier Detection from the Viewpoint of Geodetic Adjustment

2013  Applicability of Data Mining Techniques for Predicting Electrical Resistivity of Soils Based on Thermal Resistivity

2013  Application of Least Square Support Vector Machines Based on Wavelet Package in Link Travel Time Prediction

2013  Application of the Sign-Constrained Robust Least-Squares Method to Surveying Networks

2013  GPS-Based Single-Epoch Attitude Determination without Prior Knowledge of Measurement Precision

2013  Least-Squares Variance Component Estimation Applied to GPS Geometry-Based Observation Model

2013  Radial Basis Collocation Method for Nearly Incompressible Elasticity

2012  Approximation of the Curvature of the Parthenon Stylobate Using Least Squares Techniques

2012  Estimating Selected Parameters for the XAJ Model under Multicollinearity among Watershed Characteristics

2012  Estimation of Border-Strip Soil Hydraulic Parameters

2012  Improvement on the BPR Link Performance Function and Classification Calibration in Parameter

2012  Prediction of Sediment Concentration in Rivers by Recursive Least-Squares and Linear Minimum Variance Estimators

2012  Weakly Multicollinear Datum Transformations

2011  Constraining Network Adjustments to OPUS-RS Coordinate Observations

2011  Demand and Roughness Estimation in Water Distribution Systems

2011  GPS Vector Network Adjustment in a Local System of Coordinates Based on Linear-Angular Spatial Pseudo-Observations

2011  An Improved Weighted Total Least Squares Method with Applications in Linear Fitting and Coordinate Transformation

2011  New Automated Point-Cloud Alignment for Ground-Based Light Detection and Ranging Data of Long Coastal Sections

2011  Nonexistence of Rigorous Tests for Multiple Outlier Detection in Least-Squares Adjustment

2011  Predicting Deformations of Tunnel Surrounding Rock by Using Least Squares Support Vector Machine

2011  Recursive Algorithm for L1 Norm Estimation in Linear Models

2011  Reliability Analysis for a Robust M-Estimator

2010  The Battle of the Water Calibration Networks (BWC): Roughness and Demand Estimation Based on Weighted Least Squares (WLS) Method

2010  Estimation of Unsaturated Hydraulic Parameters from Infiltration and Internal Drainage Experiments

2010  Increasing the Efficacy of the Conventional Deformation Analysis Methods: Alternative Strategy

2010  On-Line Hydraulic Modeling of a Water Distribution System in Singapore

2010  OPUS-RS Pair Points: Case Study

2010  Predict Research on Logistics Requirement Based on Least Squares of Vector Model Optimized by GA

2010  Three-Stage Least-Squares Analysis of Time and Cost Overruns in Construction Contracts

2009  Application of Least-Squares Variance Component Estimation to GPS Observables

2009  Cable Modal Parameter Identification. I: Theory

2009  Cable Modal Parameter Identification. II: Modal Tests

2009  Discussion on Methods of Traffic Routes’ Alignment Survey and Application of Principle of Least Squares

2009  A GLS Based Method of Road Network Dynamic OD Matrix Estimation from Traffic Counts

2009  Improved Accuracy of Area Objects in a Geographic Information System Based on Helmert’s Variance Component Estimation Method

2009  Modeling the Kinematic Wave Parameters with Regression Methods

2009  New Method for Outlier Diagnostics in Linear Regression

2009  Real-Time Demand Estimation and Confidence Limit Analysis for Water Distribution Systems

2009  Research on the Prediction Model of Traffic Accidents Using the Least Square Support Vector Machine

2008  Conduit Prevalence in the Woodville Karst Plain

2008  GNSS Differential Positioning by Robust Estimation

2008  Identification of the Mechanical Subsystem of the NEES-UCSD Shake Table by a Least-Squares Approach

2008  New Line Accuracy Assessment Methodology Using Nonlinear Least-Squares Estimation

2008  Three-Dimensional Networks Are Horizontally Superior in Robustness: A Mathematical Reasoning

2007  Analysis and Forecast of Railway Freight Ton-Kilometers Based on Partial Least Square Regression

2007  Constraining Network Adjustments to OPUS-RS Coordinate Observations

2007  Developing Regression Models for Predicting Pan Evaporation from Climatic Data — A Comparison of Multiple Least-Squares, Principal Components, and Partial Least-Squares Approaches

2007  Global Optimization Solution of Robust Estimation

2007  GPS-Network Analysis with BLIMPBE: An Alternative to Least-Squares Adjustment for Better Bias Control

2007  The Intellectual Capital Impacts on Logistics Business Performance

2007  Least-Squares Estimation with Unknown Excitations for Damage Identification of Structures

2007  Long Lead-Time Forecasting of U.S. Streamflow Using Partial Least Squares Regression

2007  Models of Regional Skew Based on Bayesian GLS Regression

2006  Coordinate Transformation between Two Geodetic Datums of Taiwan by Least-Squares Collocation

2006  Local Geoid Improvement using GPS and Leveling Data: Case Study

2006  Overparameterized Least-Squares Adjustment with Linear Models for Geodetic and Surveying Applications

2005  The Application of Fuzzy System with Recursive Least Squares Method to Mid and Long-Term Runoff Forecast

2005  Fixation by Hidden Points Bar from One Theodolite

2005  Hidden Point Bar Method for High-Precision Industrial Surveys

2005  Identification of Parametric Variations of Structures Based on Least Squares Estimation and Adaptive Tracking Technique

2005  Mixed Integer Nonlinear Least-Squares Problem for Damage Detection in Truss Structures

2005  Noniterative Method of Solving the GPS Double-Differenced Pseudorange Equations

2005  Time – Cost Relationships in Australian Building Construction Projects

2004  Application of Total Least Squares for Spatial Point Process Analysis

2004  Fitting Plane Curves to Three-Dimensional Points

2004  Least-Squares, Moment-Based, and Hybrid Polynomializations of Drag Forces

2004  Linear Least-Squares Formulation for Operation of Booster Disinfection Systems

2003  Asphalt Mix Master Curve Construction Using Sigmoidal Fitting Function with Non-Linear Least Squares Optimization

2003  Bayesian GLS Regression with Application to LP3 Regional Skew Estimation

2003  Efficient Least Squares Coordinate Transformation for an Arbitrary Number of Parameters

2003  Inverse Algorithm for Tsunami Forecasts

2003  Study of Earth Tides using Quartz Tiltmeter

2000  DMA Structured State-Estimation for Demand Monitoring

2000  Iteratively Specified Tree-Based Regression: Theory and Trip Generation Example

2000  Parallel Partitioned Inverse Method for Least-Squares Adjustment

2000  Refinement of Gravimetric Geoid Using GPS and Leveling Data

2000  A Review of Techniques of State-Estimation for On-Line Monitoring of Water Distribution Systems

1999  Efficient Inverse Transient Analysis in Series Pipe Systems

1999  Estimation of Hydraulic Diffusivity in Stream-Aquifer System

1999  Total Least Squares Spiral Curve Fitting

1998  Deterministic Analysis of 3D Waves Near Structures

1998  An Extremal Analysis System and its Application to the Estimation of Extremes of Meteorological and Oceanographic Elements Around the Coasts of Japan

1998  Nondeterministic Evaluation of Field Scale-Dispersivity Relation

1998  Prediction of Short-Term Freeway Traffic Volume Using Recursive Least Squares and Lattice Filtering

1998  Runoff Forecasting Using RBF Networks with OLS Algorithm

1998  Two-Step Identification Approach for Damped Finite Element Models

1997  Cosine Functions of GPS Carrier Phases for Parameter Estimation

1997  Finite Sample Breakdown Points of Outlier Detection Procedures

1997  Least Squares Weighted Coordinate Transformation Formulas and Their Applications

1997  A Least-Squares Procedure for Identifying Boundary Conditions Consistent with Water Table Elevation

1996  Oblique Reflection Characteristics of Rubble-Mound Structures

1996  Optimal Fitting of a Model to Observations of Sediment Concentration in the Irish Sea