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Found 83 Records with the keyword term of "Lean construction"

2015  Analysis of Workflow Variability and Its Impacts on Productivity and Performance in Construction of Multistory Buildings

2015  Quantitative Analysis of Rate-Driven and Due Date-Driven Construction: Production Efficiency, Supervision, and Controllability in Residential Projects

2015  Target-Setting Practice for Loans for Commercial Energy-Retrofit Projects

2014  Advancing Impact of Education, Training, and Professional Experience on Integrated Project Delivery

2014  Application of Lean Construction Concepts to Manage the Submittal Process in AEC Projects

2014  Improving Environmental and Production Performance in Construction Projects Using Value-Stream Mapping: Case Study

2014  Lean Design Process

2014  Mejorias en la Productividad de un Proceso de Prefabricados de Concreto con Flujo en Linea Despues de un Esfuerzo de Estabilidad Basica

2014  New Engineer’s Knowledge for Success with Subcontractors and Trade Partners

2014  Productivity Gains in a Line Flow Precast Concrete Process after a Basic Stability Effort

2013  The Application of Lean Construction Tools in United Kingdom Construction Organisations: Findings From a Qualitative Inquiry

2013  Energy-Related Risk Management in Integrated Project Delivery

2013  IPD in Practice: Sustaining Collaboration in Healthcare Design and Construction

2013  Lean Construction Conformance among Construction Contractors in Turkey

2013  Lean Transformation in a Modular Building Company: A Case for Implementation

2013  Project Cell: Cellular Organization of the Building Design Process

2013  Stabilizing Production Flow of Interior and Finishing Works with Reentrant Flow in Building Construction

2013  Vulnerability Analysis and Optimal Design of Lean Construction System

2012  Comparative Analysis of Lean Construction with Design-Build Using a Framework of Contractual Forms of Agreement

2012  Design of an Infrastructure Project Using a Point-Based Methodology

2012  Effects of Lean Construction on Sustainability of Modular Homebuilding

2012  Evaluation of Application of Lean Principles to Precast Concrete Bridge Beam Production Process

2012  Implementing Lean Construction Theory into Construction Processes’ Waste Management

2012  Lean Techniques in the Management of the Design of an Industrial Project

2012  Panel Stacking, Panel Sequencing, and Stack Locating in Residential Construction: Lean Approach

2012  Sustainable Construction: Is Lean Green?

2011  Lean Homebuilding: Lessons Learned from a Precast Concrete Panelizer

2011  New Operating System for Project Management: Consequences and Opportunities

2011  Site Management of Work-in-Process Buffers to Enhance Project Performance Using the Reliable Commitment Model: Case Study

2011  Use of Safety and Lean Integrated Kaizen to Improve Performance in Modular Homebuilding

2010  Assessing the Environmental Impacts of a Lean Supply System: Case Study of High-Rise Condominium Construction in Korea

2010  Critical Concerns of Production Control System on Projects with Labor Constraints: Lessons from a Residential Case Study

2010  Design of Material Delivery System Based on Lean Construction

2010  Design Structure Matrix Implementation on a Seismic Retrofit

2010  Empire State Building Project: Archetype of "Mass Construction"

2010  Improving Planning Reliability and Project Performance Using the Reliable Commitment Model

2010  Interaction of Lean and Building Information Modeling in Construction

2010  Tolerance and Constructability of Soldier Piles in Slurry Walls

2009  Development of Lean Model for House Construction Using Value Stream Mapping

2009  Flow Production of Pipe Spool Fabrication: Simulation to Support Implementation of Lean Technique

2009  From Lean to Green Construction: A Natural Extension

2009  Impact of Using an E-Marketplace in the Construction Supply Process: Lessons from a Case Study

2009  “Lean” Comparison Using Process Charts of Complex Seismic Retrofit Projects

2009  Modular Assembly with Postponement to Improve Health, Safety, and Productivity in Construction

2009  Preparation of Incongruous Economic Datasets for Regression Analysis

2009  Spatial and Temporal Exposure to Safety Hazards in Construction

2009  Use of A3 Reports to Focus Design and Construction Conversations

2009  Using Agent-Based Modeling to Study Construction Labor Productivity as an Emergent Property of Individual and Crew Interactions

2009  Visualization of Work Flow to Support Lean Construction

2008  Construction Process Reengineering by Integrating Lean Principles and Computer Simulation Techniques

2007  Lean Management Model for Construction of High-Rise Apartment Buildings

2007  LEAPCON: Simulation of Lean Construction of High-Rise Apartment Buildings

2007  Production Equations for Unsteady-State Construction Processes

2006  Lean Construction: From Theory to Implementation

2005  Analysis of Variability in Precasting and Installation of Pile Foundations

2005  Application of Tolerance Mapping in AEC Systems

2005  Automatic Construction Process of Prefabricated Buildings on Geometric Reasoning

2005  Building Performance Engineering during Construction

2005  Delivering Sustainability: Lean Principles for Green Projects

2005  Dynamic Error and Change Management in Concurrent Design and Construction

2005  Fabrication Lead Time and Demand Variability: An Empirical Study

2005  High Performance Building Design Process Model

2005  IT as a Success Factor for a Lean Construction System in a Precast Concrete Construction Industry

2005  Key Constraint Analysis: Achieve Lean Processes with the Application of TOC

2005  Key Constraints Analysis with Integrated Production Scheduler

2005  Model to Facilitate Optimization of the Concrete Supply Process

2005  Production Planning Process in Residential Construction Using Lean Construction and Six Sigma Principles

2005  Restructuring the Rebar Supply System

2005  SLAM — A Case Study in Applying Lean to Job Shops

2005  Success of Supplier Alliances for Capital Projects

2005  Value Stream Mapping for Make-to-Order Products in a Job Shop Environment

2004  Work Structuring to Achieve Integrated Product-Process Design

2003  Competing Construction Management Paradigms

2003  Constraint-Based Planning with Integrated Production Scheduler over Internet

2003  Construction Integration and Innovation through Lean Methods and E-Business Applications

2003  Implementing Lean Production Strategies in Construction Companies

2003  Improving Labor Flow Reliability for Better Productivity as Lean Construction Principle

2000  Construction Congress VI, Building Together for a Better Tomorrow in an Increasingly Complex World

2000  Lean Product-Process Development Process to Support Contractor Involvement During Design

1999  WorkPlan: Constraint-Based Database for Work Package Scheduling

1998  Pull-Driven Scheduling for Pipe-Spool Installation: Simulation of Lean Construction Technique

1997  Models of Lean Construction Processes: Example of Pipe-Spool Materials Management

1996  Twenty-First Century Partnering and the Role of ADR