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2015  Knowledge-Based Optimization Model for Control Valve Locations in Water Distribution Networks

2015  Multiobjective Optimization of Pipe Replacements and Control Valve Installations for Leakage Attenuation in Water Distribution Networks

2014  Discrete Pump Scheduling and Leakage Control Using Linear Programming for Optimal Operation of Water Distribution Systems

2014  Event-Based Approach to Optimize the Timing of Water Main Rehabilitation with Asset Management Strategies

2014  Frequency Response Diagram for Pipeline Leak Detection: Comparing the Odd and Even Harmonics

2014  Modeling Elastically Deforming Leaks in Water Distribution Pipes

2014  New Leak Localization Approach in Pipelines Using Single-Point Measurement

2014  Novel Approach to Detecting Pipe Bursts in Water Distribution Networks

2014  Optimal Location of PRVs and Turbines in Water Distribution Systems

2014  Performance Model of Archimedes Screw Hydro Turbines with Variable Fill Level

2014  Study of Burst Alarming and Data Sampling Frequency in Water Distribution Networks

2013  Acoustic Emission Leak Detection on a Metal Pipeline Buried in Sandy Soil

2013  Building Envelope Leakage Measurement Using the Air-Handler Fan Pressurization Approach

2013  Case Study: Magnetic Flux Leakage Condition Assessment of a Mortar-Lined Steel Pipeline

2013  Development and Field Validation of a Burst Localization Methodology

2013  Economic Analysis of Leakage in the Bangkok Water Distribution System

2013  Eliminating Deck Joints Using Debonded Link Slabs: Research and Field Tests in Ontario

2013  Evaluation of Harm Effect Distances after High-Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline Leakage

2013  Flood Routing Simulation and System Customization for a High-Leakage River Channel in China

2013  Glass Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Mortar Pipe Sewers Temperature-Proof Leakage Construction Technology

2013  Hydraulics of a Drainage Well Fully Penetrating a Leaky Aquifer through a Multisection Screen

2013  ICPTT 2013, Trenchless Technology

2013  Internal Pressure in Real Flexible Porous Buildings with a Dominant Opening: Design Perspective

2013  Investigating the Effective Factors of Leaky Aquifers Using a Novel Approach

2013  Iterative Methodology of Pressure-Dependent Demand Based on EPANET for Pressure-Deficient Water Distribution Analysis

2013  Leak Control in Wastewater Lateral Joint Using a Polymer Grout

2013  Leak Detection in Water Distribution Systems Using the Dividing Rectangles (DIRECT) Search

2013  Leakage and Contaminant Transport through a Single Hole in the Geomembrane Component of a Composite Liner

2013  Leakage Model of Water Distribution Network

2013  Leakage Modeling and Leakage Control Analysis by Pressure Management in Water Supply System of DMA

2013  A Method of Leakage Source Localization for Pipeline Based on Acoustic Emission Signal

2013  Methods and Tools for Managing Losses in Water Distribution Systems

2013  Numerical Model for Small Leakage of Buried Natural Gas Pipeline

2013  Operational Optimization: Water Losses versus Energy Costs

2013  Optimal Design of Water Distribution Systems Using Many-Objective Visual Analytics

2013  Pipelines 2013, Pipelines and Trenchless Construction and Renewals—A Global Perspective

2013  Pipelines for Water Conveyance and Drainage

2013  Rehabilitation of the Core Zone of an Earth-Fill Dam

2013  Research on Natural Gas Pipeline Medium Leakage Rate Calculation Model

2013  A Sensitivity Analysis of Data Measurement Types for Leak Detection in Water Distribution Systems

2013  A Set of Rapid Combined Testing Technology for Buried Pipeline Leak Detection

2013  Simulation of a Multilayer Leaky Aquifer with Stream Depletion

2013  Simulation of Piping in Earth Dams Due to Concentrated Leak Erosion

2013  Single-Event Leak Detection in Pipeline Using First Three Resonant Responses

2013  Study on the Application of Acoustic Leak Detection Method for Natural Gas Pipelines

2013  A Study on the Detection of Internal Leaks through Valves in Gas Pipeline Based on Support Vector Machine

2013  Think More about the Instruments Factors for the Mass Balance Type Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

2012  Acoustic Detection of Leaks in Water Pipelines Using Measurements inside Pipe

2012  Asbestos-Cement Pipe Condition Assessment and Development of Optimum Replacement Methodology

2012  Assessment of Gas Leakage Rates through Damaged Reinforced-Concrete Walls

2012  Burst Detection in Water Networks Using Principal Component Analysis

2012  Calibration of Proportional Controllers for the RTC of Pressures to Reduce Leakage in Water Distribution Networks

2012  Casing the Joint: Cutting Corners with Stucco Trim ≠ Waterproofing Flashing

2012  CFD for Multiphase Flow Transport of Buried Crude Oil Pipeline Leakage

2012  Diagnosis and Localization of Pipeline Leak Based on Numerical Methods of the Inverse Problem Differential Equations

2012  Differences in Cabinet Damage Exposed to Water and Water with Detergent

2012  Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Pipe Material on the Leak Head-Discharge Relationship

2012  Failure Risk of Bar-Wrapped Pipe with Broken Bars and Corroded Cylinder

2012  ICPTT 2012, Better Pipeline Infrastructure for a Better Life

2012  Identifying Sampling Interval for Event Detection in Water Distribution Networks

2012  An Improved Cross-Correlation Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform and Energy Feature Extraction for Pipeline Leak Detection

2012  An Improved Method of Leak Detection Used in Natural Gas Pipelines

2012  Improving Water System Resilience by Advanced Leakage Detection

2012  Interpreting Continuous v. Repeated Water Damage

2012  Investigating Large Scale Building Envelope Leakage: Ten Practical Tips for Litigation Projects

2012  Leak Detection Methods Overview and Summary

2012  The Leak Detection System of Gas Pipelines Based on Infrasonic Wave

2012  Losses Reduction and Energy Production in Water-Distribution Networks

2012  A Novel Leakage Detection Method for Long Distance Gas Pipelines Based on Optic Fiber Sensor and Optical Multiplexing

2012  Oil Pipeline Flange Leakage Analysis and Countermeasures

2012  Probabilistic Mapping of Water Leakage Characterizations Using a Bayesian Approach

2012  The Problem of Leakage Detection on Large Diameter Mains

2012  Research and Outlook on Leak Detection Technology of Natural Gas Pipelines

2012  Research of Heating Oil Pipeline Leak Detection Based on Negative Pressure Wave

2012  The Semipermeable Technology on Natural Gas Pipeline Leak Detection

2012  Simple Beam Model to Estimate Leakage in Longitudinally Cracked Pressurized Pipes

2012  Straight-Line Method Generalization for Aquifer Parameter Estimations

2012  System Response Function–Based Leak Detection in Viscoelastic Pipelines

2012  Technology—How Far Can We Go?

2012  Theoretical Analysis of the Dispersion and Hazardous Range of Natural Gas Pipeline Leakage

2012  Transient Modeling of Natural Gas Flow in Double-Skin Pipeline Leakage

2012  Transmission Main and Plastic Pipe Leak Detection Using Advanced Correlation Technology: Case Studies

2012  Wind Uplift Capacity of Foam-Retrofitted Roof Sheathing Subjected to Water Leaks

2011  Analysis of Lifecycle Model for Water Distribution Systems

2011  The Application of Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network in Ship Pipeline Leakage Detection

2011  The Application of GIS in the City Gas Network and Leakage Case Study Based on GIS

2011  The Application of Infrasonic Wave and Its Signal Processing in the Leakage Detection and Localization for Pipelines

2011  Application of SAFETI in the Analysis of Natural Gas Pipeline Leakage Accident

2011  Applications of Lifting Wavelet Packet Transform Based on a Novel Threshold Method in MFL Signal Processing

2011  Based on the Back-Calculation Methods for the Sources Intensity Theory of Pipeline Leak-Detecting Technology

2011  Burst Detection and Location in Water Distribution Systems

2011  Calibration and Optimal Leakage Management for a Real Water Distribution Network

2011  Emergency Rescue Decision Assistant System Based on GIS for Natural Gas Pipeline

2011  Experimental Evidence of Hysteresis in the Head-Discharge Relationship for a Leak in a Polyethylene Pipe

2011  Experimental Study on Detection and Location of Pipeline Leakage Based on Acoustic Emission Technique

2011  Experimental Study on Ionic Soil Stabilizer Keeping the Hole Diameter of Clay Stratum in HDD

2011  External Risk Assessment of Pipe Leakages

2011  Fuzzy Assessment of Leakage Detection Technology for Crude Oil Pipeline

2011  Gas Pipeline Leakage Detection and Location Based on Transient Simulation

2011  Hole Swallows Car, Film at 11:00: Greensboro’s Pilot Program for Water Pipe Bursting Leads to Expanded City Wide Program