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2015  Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders, By Steven R. Shallenberger. New York City: McGraw-Hill Education, 2015

2015  Leadership in Civil Engineering: Effects of Project Managers’ Leadership Styles on Project Performance

2014  Conceptual Models for Infrastructure Leadership

2014  Fostering Successful Career Paths in Construction: Motivation, Evaluation, Feedback

2014  Integration and Leadership as Enablers of Innovation in Construction: Case Study

2014  Leadership Styles in Architectural Design Offices in Turkey

2014  Lessons Learned from Geo-Legends: Izzat M. Idriss, PhD, PE, GE, Dist.M.ASCE, Prof. Emeritus, NAE

2014  People Matters – Building Careers and Developing Leadership

2014  Pinpointing Safety Leadership Factors for Safe Construction Sites in Trinidad and Tobago

2014  Role of Leadership in Fostering an Innovation Climate in Construction Firms

2014  When Opportunity Knocks, Open the Door

2013  Assessment of Engineering Students’ Leadership Competencies

2013  Building a Foundation for Success: Performance Excellence Journey

2013  Citizenship, Character, and Leadership: Guidance from the Words of Theodore Roosevelt

2013  Conflict: Philosophy and Culture

2013  Establishing and Building Leadership Skills

2013  Establishing Perfect Evalution Mechanism to Improve Cadres’ Performance Ability—Exploration and Practice of Leading Cadres’ Duties and Accountability Evaluation

2013  Identifying, Recruiting, and Retaining Quality Field Supervisors and Project Managers in the Electrical Construction Industry

2013  The Leader’s Edge

2013  Leadership Conversations: Challenging High-Potential Managers to Become Great Leaders By Alan S. Berson and Richard G. Stieglitz. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2013

2013  Leadership in the World’s Third Oldest Profession: Keynote Speech to the American Society of Civil Engineers Leadership Breakfast, October 19, 2012

2013  Making a Difference Through Service and Leadership

2013  Outcomes-Based Assessment: Driving Outreach Program Effectiveness

2013  Planned Obsolescence

2013  Professional Societies Making Engineering Outreach Work: Good Input Results in Good Output

2013  The Role of Leadership Traits, Style, and Support Behavior in Knowledge Sharing in University Research Teams: The Moderating Influence of Organizational Support

2013  The Short List

2012  Behind Every Successful Leader Lies a Great Delegator

2012  The Decision

2012  Developing Engineering Leaders

2012  Engineering Professionals’ Expectations of Undergraduate Engineering Students

2012  Fulfilling Engineering Program Objectives through Service Learning Campaigns in Developing Countries

2012  Highest Standard of Leadership

2012  Large-Scale Disasters: Leadership and Management Lessons

2012  Leadership and Management in Engineering Best Feature Article Award

2012  Managing the Victim Dimension of Large-Scale Disasters

2012  New Soldiers in the War on Disasters

2012  The Office in the Mind’s Eye

2012  Reaction to Disasters

2012  Through the Lenses of Strategy Execution: Obstacles in Engineering Management

2011  Best of LME Live

2011  The Case for Declaring a Financial Emergency for Infrastructure Development in India: A Civil Engineer’s Perspective

2011  Differentiating Leadership from Management: An Empirical Investigation of Leaders and Managers

2011  Editor’s Round Table

2011  For Your Eyes Only (and Anyone with an Internet Connection)

2011  Grandpa Maschke

2011  Image Is Everything

2011  Impact of Aspirations and Legacies of Leaders in the Construction Industry in Singapore

2011  Leadership and Management in Engineering Best Feature Article Award

2011  Leadership Behaviors in Project Design Offices

2011  Leadership for Sustainable Water Management: Challenges and Opportunities

2011  Leadership of Multidisciplinary Programs and Systems

2011  Leadership Principles and Performance Measurement in Facilities Management: A Case Study

2011  Mad Men

2011  Mentoring Opportunities

2011  A Multidimensional Model of Project Leadership

2011  Our Many Facets of Leadership

2011  Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish

2011  Teaching the Qualities of Leadership and Management in the Age of Sustainability

2011  Transformative Leadership for Engineering in a Time of Complexity

2011  A Way Forward: Assessing the Demonstrated Leadership of Graduate Civil Engineering and Construction Management Students

2011  Women Leaders Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Singapore’s Construction Industry

2010  Announcement

2010  Breaking into the Men’s Room: Five Traits of Women Engineers with a Boardroom Seat

2010  Convention Crashers

2010  Education for Civil Engineering: A Profession of Practice

2010  Engineering Leadership and Management during Financial Crisis

2010  Follow our Lead

2010  Generations of Education: Not So Different After All

2010  Hojjat Adeli

2010  "If These Women Can Do It, I Can Do It, Too": Building Women Engineering Leaders through Graduate Peer Mentoring

2010  Impact of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional Credential on Design Professionals

2010  Implementation of the ASCE BOK-2: Some Thoughts

2010  Introduction to Special Issue of Global Project Governance

2010  Leadership Flexibility Space

2010  The Leadership Flexibility Space

2010  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification of a Project in Alachua County: An Analysis of the 2007 Florida Building Code and the Alachua County Unified Land Development Code for LEED 2009

2010  Leading, Learning, and Living the Shackleton Way: Education and Practice

2010  LEED Implementation Guide for Construction Practitioners

2010  Leonard Emphasizes Need for Federal Leadership at Forum

2010  Leonardo da Vinci

2010  Natale Emphasizes ASCE’s Leadership Role on Many Fronts in State of the Society Report

2010  Organizational Divisions in BIM-Enabled Commercial Construction

2010  People: Soriano Honored for Leadership in Sustainable Development

2010  Perspectives on Leadership from Female Engineering Deans

2010  Positive Psychological Capital as a Source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage for Organizations

2010  Quality Management Systems in the Capital Facilities Delivery Industry: Analysisof Best Practices in Leadership and Third-Party Certification

2010  Revisiting the Gathering Storm

2010  So Crazy It Just Might Work

2010  Special Report: The Infrastructure Roundtables: Concluding Thoughts— Increase Federal Leadership In Infrastructure

2010  Special Report: The Infrastructure Roundtables: Increase Federal Leadership in Infrastructure

2010  Still Wrapping Tires in Brown Paper?

2010  Successful Leadership Development for Women STEM Faculty

2010  Tales of Technology and Ethics

2010  Walking in Beauty on an Ever-Changing Path: A Leadership Perspective from a Native American Woman Engineer

2010  Washington State’s I-405 Project: Women in Industry Leadership

2010  What Is the Ethical Role of the Expert?

2010  You Need Brain Surgery

2009  Addressing Corruption in Our Engineering/Construction Industry

2009  Bridges at the Beach