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2015  Semianalytical Solution to the Wave-Induced Dynamic Response of Saturated Layered Porous Media

2015  Size-Dependent Thermomechanical Responses of Nano-Sized Multilayers

2014  Evaluation of Compacted Aggregate Base Course Layers

2014  Viscoelastic Response Solutions of Multilayered Asphalt Pavements

2013  Delamination Analysis of Layered Structures with Residual Stresses and Transverse Shear Deformation

2013  Surface Waves in Laterally Heterogeneous Media

2013  Theoretical Solution Based on Volumetric Strain of Elastic Multi Layered Structures under Axisymmetrically Distributed Load

2012  Optimal Design of Bundled Layered Elastic Stress Wave Attenuators

2011  General Viscoelastic Solutions for Multilayered Systems Subjected to Static and Moving Loads

2010  Analytical Solutions for Contaminant Diffusion in Double-Layered Porous Media

2010  Electromechanical Behavior of Interface Deformable Piezoelectric Bilayer Beams

2009  Analytical Approach to Predicting Temperature Fields in Multilayered Pavement Systems

2009  Analytical Studies on a Crack in Layered Structures Mimicking Nacre

2009  Characteristics of Shear Layer Structure in Skimming Flow over a Vertical Drop Pool

2009  Surface Loading of a Multilayered Viscoelastic Pavement: Semianalytical Solution

2008  Asymmetric Dynamic Green’s Functions in a Two-Layered Transversely Isotropic Half-Space

2008  Estimation of Maximum Liquid Depth in Layered Drainage Blankets over Landfill Barriers

2008  Methane Oxidation on a Coverage Layer Study

2008  One-Dimension Consolidation of Double-Layered Foundation with Two-Level Load

2007  Nonhomogeneous Spectral Element for Wave Motion in Multilayer Systems

2007  Time-Dependent Response of an Axially Loaded Elastic Bar in a Multilayered Poroelastic Medium

2005  Forward Modeling of Steady-State Surface Wave Test

2005  Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Composite Steel Girder Bridges

2005  Wavelet Transforms in Surface Wave Analysis

2004  Performance of Piles as Evaluated by Three-Layer Model

2004  Permanent Deformation in Flexible Pavements

2003  Forced Vertical Vibration of Circular Plate in Multilayered Poroelastic Medium

2003  Modeling Membrane Action of Concrete Slabs in Composite Buildings in Fire. I: Theoretical Development

2002  Deep Penetration of Strip and Circular Footings into Layered Clays

2002  Efficient Dynamic Analysis of Multilayered System during Falling Weight Deflectometer Experiments

2002  Three-Dimensional Green’s Functions for a Multilayered Half-Space in Displacement Potentials

2001  BEM Analysis of Two-Dimensional Elastodynamic Problems of Anisotropic Solids

2001  Contact Problems for Two Elastic Layers Resting on Elastic Half-Plane

2001  Forward and Inverse Models for Parameter Identification of Layered Media

2001  Heat Conduction Waves in Bilayer Cement Concrete Structures

2001  Refined Global Approximation Theory of Multilayered Plates and Shells

2000  Geomembrane Strain Observed in Large-Scale Testing of Protection Layers

2000  Model Testing of Two-Layer Railway Track Ballast

2000  Newark International Airport Runway Extension Project Incorporates Results of Current Pavement Research

2000  Solution of Circular Sandwich Ring under Two Forces Acting along Diameter

2000  Temperature Distribution in Layered Road Structures

1999  Modeling of Wrinkling in Compression Molding of Composites

1998  Analysis of a Layered Viscoelastic System with Transient Temperatures

1998  Evaluation of In-Situ Pavement Moduli Using High Resolution Tiltmeter

1998  Finite-Element Analyses of Flexible Pavements

1998  General Formulation for Multilayered Pavement Systems

1998  Guided Waves in Multilayered Plates for Internal Defect Detection

1998  Interlayer Diffusive Transfer and Transport of Contaminants in Stratified Formation. II: Analytical Solutions

1998  Multifrequency Back-Calculation of Pavement-Layer Moduli

1998  Nonlinear Temperature Effects on Multilayered Concrete Pavements

1998  Piecewise Linear Warping Theory for Multilayered Elastic Beams

1998  Semianalytical Solution to Richards’ Equation for Layered Porous Media

1998  Three-Dimensional Vibrations of Layered Piezoelectric Cylinders

1997  Cracking and Punching Shear Failure Analysis of RC Flat Plates

1997  Geothermal Resource Assessment Using Self-Optimized Layered Neural Network

1996  Energy Transfer Rates in Unsteady Plane Mixing Layers

1996  Experimental Investigation of the Temporal Intermittency in the Transition to Turbulence of a Plane Mixing Layer

1996  Sensitivity Analysis of Flow in Multilayered Leaky Aquifer Systems

1995  Beam on Viscoelastic Foundation and Layered Beam

1995  Investigation of Bonding between Asphalt Layers on Road Construction

1995  Study of Layering Procedures in Finite-Element Analysis of RC Flexural and Torsional Elements

1995  Surface Wave Testing Inversion by Neural Networks

1994  Nonlinear Analysis of Two-Layered Wood Members with Interlayer Slip

1994  Plane Orthotropic Layer by Transfer Matrix–Spline Boundary Element

1993  Composite Beam-Columns with Interlayer Slip—Exact Analysis

1993  Large-Strain Analysis of Reinforced Membranes

1993  Strength and Efficiency of Eccentrically Loaded Layered Timber Columns

1992  AASHTO Direct Structural Capacity Method Error Analysis

1992  Drainage Efficiency of Sand Layer in Layered Clay-Sand Reclamation

1992  An Exact Stiffness Method for Dynamics of Layered Orthotropic Media

1992  F-K Spectra From a Haskell-Type Source in a Multiple-Layered Half-Space

1992  Frontal Dynamics and Circulation of the Upper Layer of a Fjordsystem with Complicated Topography

1992  Interaction Between Soil and a Rigid Foundation in a Layered Medium: A New Analytical Approach

1992  Properties of Aramid-Fiber Reinforced Concrete and SIFCON

1992  Rigid-Pavement Evaluation Using NDT—Case Study

1992  Steady-State Nonlinear Heat Transfer in Multilayered Composite Panels

1992  Strength and Efficiency of Wood Box Columns

1992  Thermal Stresses in Bi-Coated Structures

1991  Axial Response of Multilayered Strands with Compliant Layers

1991  Instrumentation for SASW Testing

1991  Local/Global Stiffness Matrix Formulation for Anisotropic Multilayered Structures

1991  Optimization of AASHTO DNPS86 Pavement Design Program

1991  Withdrawal from Two-Layer Fluid Through Line Sink

1990  Design of Rigid Overlays for Airfields

1990  Richardson’s Number Revisited

1990  Stacking Analysis of Dolosse Armor Units

1989  Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Plates and Shells Determined by Finite Element Analysis Using Layered Elements

1988  Axisymmetric Finite Element Study for Elastomeric Composites

1988  Layering of RC Membrane and Plate Elements in Nonlinear Analysis

1988  Nonlinear Behavior of Elastomeric Bearings. I: Theory

1988  Nonlinear Behavior of Elastomeric Bearings. II: FE Analysis and Verification

1988  Shear-Deformable Two-Layer Plate Theory with Interlayer Slip

1987  Equivalent Homogeneous FE Model for Elastomeric Bearings

1984  Asphalt Pavement: Highway versus Railroad

1984  Composite FEM Analysis for Layered Systems

1984  Dynamic Loads in Layered Halfspaces

1983  A Model for Yield of Bi-Phase Lamellar Eutectics

1983  Singularities at the Tip of a Crack Normal to the Interface of an Anisotropic Layered Composite

1981  Deep and Multilayered Beams

1980  Nonlinear Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Frames