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2015  Behavior of Laterally Loaded Piles in Multilayered Soils

2014  Consolidation of a Two-Layer System for Unsaturated Soil with the Differential Quadrature Method

2014  CS3: Large Strain Consolidation Model for Layered Soils

2014  Detection of Layered Diesel-Contaminated Sands

2014  Extraction of Spudcan Foundations in Single and Multilayer Soils

2014  Generalized CPT Method for Evaluating Yield Stress in Soils

2014  Ground Improvement Method by Reusing Solidified Iron-and-Steel Slag

2014  Lateral Vibration of Pile Groups Partially Embedded in Layered Saturated Soils

2014  Response of Laterally Loaded Rectangular and Circular Piles in Soils with Properties Varying with Depth

2014  Sensor for Detection of Earthquake-Induced Void Redistribution in Multilayered Soil System

2014  Testing Cement Improved Residual Soil Layers

2013  Consolidation Behavior of a Cylindrical Soil Layer Subjected to Nonuniform Pore-Water Pressure Distribution

2013  Elastic-Plastic Solutions for Laterally Loaded Piles in Layered Soils

2013  Experimental Study on Dynamic Behavior of Suspended Laminar Multidirectional Shear Box

2013  Stability Analysis of Slurry Trenches in Similar Layered Soils

2012  Behavior of Eccentrically Loaded Small-Scale Ring Footings Resting on Reinforced Layered Soil

2012  Centrifuge Evaluation of the Impact of Partial Saturation on the Amplification of Peak Ground Acceleration in Soil Layers

2012  Computer Simulation on Bearing Capacity of Multilayer Soils in Baotou

2012  Dynamic Behavior of Slab Tracks on Homogeneous and Layered Soils and the Reduction of Ground Vibration by Floating Slab Tracks

2012  Effects of Axial Load and Slope Arrangement on Pile Group Response in Laterally Spreading Soils

2012  Field Behavior of Jet Grouting Pile under Vacuum Preloading of Soft Soils with Deep Sand Layer

2012  Pore Pressure, Stress Distributions, and Instantaneous Liquefaction of Two-Layer Soil under Waves

2012  Simplified Procedure to Account for a Weaker Soil Layer in Lateral Load Analysis of Single Piles

2011  Bearing Capacity of Embedded Strip Footings in Two-Layered Clay Soils

2011  Design and Functionality of Soil Covers in Cold Regions

2011  Displacement Controlled Analysis on Tunnel-Soil-Pipe Interaction Based on Layered Half Space Soil Model

2011  Effect of Inclined Soil Layers on Surface Vibration from Underground Railways Using the Thin-Layer Method

2011  Experimental Investigation of the Desiccation Cracking Behavior of Soil Layers during Drying

2011  Laboratory Study of Steady-State Vertical Infiltration in Layered Soils

2011  LRFD Resistance Factors for Design of Driven H-Piles in Layered Soils

2011  Numerical Analysis of One-Dimensional Consolidation in Layered Clay Using Interface Boundary Relations in Terms of Infinitesimal Strain

2011  Performance Evaluation of Lime and Cement Treated Soil Layers under Laboratory and Full Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing

2011  Seismic Amplification Formula Using Average Vs in Equivalent Surface Layer Established by Vertical Array Strong Motion Records

2011  Seismic Interference Effect of Two Nearby Square Footings

2011  Study of Landslides in Multilayer Soils

2011  Study on Bearing Capacity of Pile in Liquefiable and Unliquefiable Soil Layers

2011  Three-Dimensional Large Deformation FE Analysis of Square Footings in Two-Layered Clays

2011  Water Infiltration in Layered Soils with Air Entrapment: Modified Green-Ampt Model and Experimental Validation

2010  The Application of the H/V Spectral Ratio Technique for Estimating the Site Characterization in the South of Iran

2010  Axial Vibration of Partially Embedded Pile Groups in Layered Soil

2010  Comparison of Measured and BEM Computed Contact Area between Roller Drum and Layered Soil

2010  Comparison of Performance between Cross Shaped and Conventional Deep Mixed Columns for Three-Layered Soft Ground Improvement under Embankment Load

2010  Earthquake Response Analysis of Soil Layers Using HFTD Approach

2010  Effect of Soil Disturbance in Native and Engineered Soils Used in Stormwater Infiltration Systems

2010  Hydraulic Erosion along the Interface of Different Soil Layers

2010  Influence of Nonlinearity on the Stress Distribution in the Soil—Application to Road Engineering Problems

2010  Large Scale Test on Improving Ultra Soft Soil Using Electro-Osmotic Method

2010  Model Test Research on the Compaction Effect of Jacked Pile in Layered Soil

2010  Near Surface Soil Characterisation by Passive Ambient Noise HVSR Method

2010  Nonlinear Analysis of Torsionally Loaded Piles in a Two-Layer Soil Profile

2010  Rapid Drawdown of Water Table in Layered Soil Column

2010  Seismic Performances of Pile Groups in Inclined Soil Layers Subjected to Strong Motions

2010  Study on Transfer Behavior of Negative Friction of Single Pile in Two-Layer Soil

2009  Assessment of the Axial Load Response of an H Pile Driven in Multilayered Soil

2009  Evaluation of Side Resistance of Drilled Shafts in Multilayered Soils

2009  Load Testing of a Closed-Ended Pipe Pile Driven in Multilayered Soil

2009  Load-Settlement Response of Rectangular and Circular Piles in Multilayered Soil

2009  Mechanism of Using Vacuum Preloading Method in Improving Soft Clay Layers

2009  Numerical Solution for Ultimate Lateral Capacity of Vertical Deep Foundation in Multiple-Layer Soil and Rock Strata

2009  On Prediction of Dynamic Foundation Behavior

2009  Plate Load Tests on Cemented Soil Layers Overlaying Weaker Soil

2009  Soil Moisture Flow Modeling with Water Uptake by Plants (Wheat) under Varying Soil and Moisture Conditions

2009  Vertical Vibration of a Flexible Foundation Resting on Saturated Layered Soil Half-Space

2009  Vertical Vibration of Full-Scale Pile—Analytical and Experimental Study

2008  Application of the Coupled Local Minimizers Method to the Optimization Problem in the Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves Method

2008  Axisymmetric Biot’s Consolidation of Multi-Layered Soils with Compressible Constituents

2008  Penetration Resistance of Offshore Skirted Foundations and Anchors in Dense Sand

2008  Plane Strain Biot’s Consolidation of Multi-Layered Soils with Compressible Constituents

2008  A Preliminary Analysis of Field-Scale Infiltration into Layered Soils

2007  Installation of Suction Caissons in Sand with Silt Layers

2007  Maximum Kinematic Pile Moment in Layered Soil Profile: Artificial Neural Network Approach

2007  Torsional Piles in Two-Layered Nonhomogeneous Soil

2006  Bearing Capacity of Square and Circular Footings on a Finite Layer of Granular Soil Underlain by a Rigid Base

2006  Behavior of Unsaturated Layered Soil Columns during Infiltration

2006  Development of a Damage Model for Stabilized Soil Layers Subjected to Repetitive Aircraft Loadings

2006  The Effect of the Consolidation Ratio of Sands on Dynamic Shear Modulus and Response Spectrum of Soil Layer

2006  Effect of Travel Path in the SCPT Test Method

2006  Experimental Study on Behavior of Pile Foundation in Lacustrine Deposits Area

2006  Frequency-Dependent Amplification of Unsaturated Surface Soil Layer

2006  Investigation of Foundation Vibrations Resting on a Layered Soil System

2006  Numerical Solution for Laterally Loaded Piles in a Two-Layer Soil Profile

2006  Online Earthquake Response Test for Stratified Layers of Clay and Sand

2006  A Solution to Plane Strain Consolidation of Multi-Layered Soils

2006  Study of Infiltration Characteristics in the Field

2006  Suction Controlled Laboratory Tests on Undisturbed Pyroclastic Soil: Stiffnesses and Volumetric Deformations

2006  WiscLEACH: A Model for Predicting Ground Water Impacts from Fly-Ash Stabilized Layers in Roadways

2005  Consolidation of a Finite Transverely Isotropic Soil Layer on a Rough Impervious Base

2005  Elastic Analysis of Single Pile-Rigid Circular Raft Systems in Layered Soils

2005  Hydraulic Behavior of Collapsible Compacted Gneiss Soil

2005  Interaction Factors for the Analysis of Pile Groups in Layered Soils

2005  Laboratory Investigation of Plough Sole Reformation in a Simulated Paddy Field

2005  Liquefaction and Drainage in Stratified Soil

2005  Long-Term Hydraulic Performance Evaluation for a Multilayer Closure Cap

2005  Neural Network Model for Liquefaction Potential in Layered Soils Using Turkey and Taiwan Earthquake Data

2005  On the Theory of Seismic and Seismoelectric Phenomena in a Moist Soil

2005  Research on Steel Shell of a Road Bridge Made of Corrugated Plates during Backfilling

2005  SRICOS-ERA Method for Contraction Scour in Fine-Grained Soils

2005  Steady-State Solutions of Multilayered and Cross-Anisotropic Poroelastic Half-Space due to a Point Sink

2005  Study of Soil Layering Effects on Lateral Loading Behavior of Piles

2005  Tests during Three Stages of Construction of a Road Bridge with a Flexible Load-Carrying Structure Made of Super Cor Type Steel Corrugated Plates Interacting with Soil