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2015  Containing the Cost of Complex Adjudications

2015  Use of the Security of Payment Act in Resolving Disputes in Victoria, Australia

2014  Time At Large within the Common Law Legal System: Application to Standard Forms of Contract

2014  Tort Liability Expands for Project Architects in California

2014  Water Resources Law Aims to Streamline Project Delivery, Creatively Finance New Projects

2013  Evaluating the Approximation of the Affinity Laws and Improving the Efficiency Estimate for Variable Speed Pumps

2013  Expanded Oligopolization of the Greek Public Works Market through the Framework of Law

2013  Going Green: Researching in Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution

2013  Jury Sides with Public Owner in Fast-Track Project Dispute with Contractor

2013  Legal Review of Conditions Precedent to Dispute Resolution in Construction Contracts

2013  Review of Water Law, Water Supply, and Surplus Water Available for Corps of Engineers Projects

2013  Vacating Arbitration Awards for Manifest Disregard of the Law

2012  ’Buy America’ Act Threatens U.S. Micropile Business

2012  Civil Engineer Successfully Sues Owner For Tortious Interference with Contract

2012  Claim Accrual Bars Subcontractor Suit Against Government

2012  Court Upholds Engineering Firm’s Limitation of Liability Clause

2012  Effect of the New Australian Consumer Law on the Use of Standard-Form Contracts within the Australian Construction Industry

2012  Florida Jury Exonerates Design Engineering Firm

2012  Guideline for Development of Effective Water Sharing Agreements

2012  International Design/Build Firm Loses Constructive Acceleration Claim

2012  The Law Applicable to Surface Waters in 2050

2012  Patent Eligibility: An Open Field for Civil Engineering

2012  The Standard of Care, Case Law, and Jury Instructions

2012  Subcontractor Recovers Material Escalation Costs despite No-Damages-for-Delay Clause

2012  Texas Court Reverses Jury Verdict by Enforcing No-Damage-for-Delay Clause

2011  Court Allows Unsuccessful Bidder to Sue Architect for ’Malice’ in Bid Selection Process

2011  Engineer’s Standard of Care Cannot Be Expanded by Opposing Expert’s Testimony

2011  Evolution of Common Law: Promissory Estoppel

2011  A Fair Approach

2011  Federal Court OKs Government Calculation of Liquidated Damages

2011  Lessons Learned from the Utah Experience: Suggestions for Implementing a Structural License and Practice Act in Your State

2011  No Damage for Delay Clauses Enforced without Exception

2011  Owner Not Liable for Contractor’s ’Unilateral’ Bid Mistake

2011  Pest Analysis of Traffic Peccancy Forensics Service in China

2011  Prediction of Rainfall for Short Term Irrigation Planning and Scheduling—Case Study in Victoria, Australia

2011  State Agency Withstands Challenge to Its Testing Methods

2011  State Agency’s Use of Best Value Design/Build Struck Down

2011  Summary of Electronic Bill of Lading Legal Issues in Trucking

2011  Town Argues Architect’s Approval Unnecessary For Default Termination

2011  When Is a Termination for Convenience Improper?

2010  Appellate Court Reverses Judgment Based on Clear Intent of Change Orders and Claims

2010  Consistency and Reliability of Construction Arbitration Decisions: Empirical Study

2010  Contractor Penalized For Reducing Scope of Disadvantaged Subcontractors

2010  Contractors Recover for Inefficiency Despite No-Damage-for-Delay Clauses

2010  Contractors Unable to Prove Force Majeure Event Occurred

2010  Economic Loss Doctrine Muddled In Ohio, Questioned In Vermont

2010  Enforcement Cost Analysis under the Conditions of Speed Limit

2010  Engineer Has Duty to Defend Owner Even When Not Negligent

2010  Engineering Firm Obtains $1-Million Judgment for Increased Scope

2010  Engineering in the Service of Law

2010  Eurohypothec: Drafting a Common Mortgage for Europe

2010  Executed Monthly Lien Waivers Bar Contractor’s Extra Work Claims

2010  Government Loses Legal Challenge to Firm’s Teaming Agreement

2010  Historic Cases: Spearin v. United States

2010  House Bill Would Reauthorize Safe Drinking Water Act

2010  Housing Law Is Dead. Long Live European Housing Law?

2010  Impact of the EU Mediation Directive on the German Construction Sector

2010  Judging Unreasonable Litigation Behavior at the Interface of Mediation in the English Jurisdiction

2010  Mediation for Public Construction Contracts under the GPA in Taiwan

2010  Nevada Bars Negligence Claims against Design Professionals for Economic Loss

2010  NewsBriefs: EPA May Modify Air Pollution Rule For Boilers (Waste Business Journal)

2010  Research on the Influence Law of Vehicles to the Natural Frequency of Highway Simply Supported Girder Bridges

2010  State Agency Invokes Sovereign Immunity to Avoid Pass-Through Claim

2009  Appeals Court Weighs in On Credibility of Construction Expert’s Testimony

2009  Appellate Court Validates I-35W Bridge Procurement

2009  Bills Would Set New Security Requirements for Drinking Water, Wastewater Agencies

2009  Board to Consider Bylaw Change

2009  Certificate of Merit Statute Not Applicable in Suit Against Architect

2009  Construction Law Graduate Studies around the World (ltr)

2009  "Construction Law: Interesting? About as Interesting as Watching Paint Dry!" A Reflection on Changing Construction Students’ Attitudes toward Construction Law

2009  Damage to Treasury: Abnormally Low Tenders in Public Construction Works

2009  Determinants of Speeding Behavior of Drivers in Al Ain (United Arab Emirates)

2009  Developing Case-Based Communities of Practice for Teaching the Legal Aspects of Construction: Lessons Learned in Taiwan

2009  Effectiveness of Scenarios and the Socratic Method in Teaching Law to Construction Students

2009  Engineers and White-Collar Crime

2009  Exploring Student Engagement in Construction Law Education

2009  From Hemlock to Hard-Drive

2009  Government Found Liable for Delays in Design/Build Project

2009  How to Stop Engineers from Becoming "Bush Lawyers": The Art of Teaching Law to Engineering and Construction Students

2009  Increasing Relevance and Interest: Teaching Environmental and Planning Law to Built Environment Students

2009  Is There an Implied Duty of Good Faith to Sequence Work Properly?

2009-  Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction

2009  Learning about Intellectual Property Rights Law in the Construction Industry

2009  Moral Underpinnings of Law

2009  NewsBriefs: Tougher Chinese Earthquake Laws Passed

2009  Owner Held Liable For Erroneous Specification

2009  Procurement of Design-Build Services: Two-Phase Selection for Highway Projects

2009  Right is Right

2009  Role-Playing for Group Learning of Law in Engineering and Construction Programs

2009  Short Takes: Nevada Supreme Court Rules in Favor of ASCE Brief

2009  Society’s Efforts Help Stimulus Bill Become Law

2009  State Agency Decision on Contractor Claims Deemed ’Arbitrary and Capricious’

2009  What’s in a Name? Perhaps a large Judgment

2009  The World Justice Project

2008  Adjudication: Singapore Perspective

2008  American Sedimentation Law and Physical Processes

2008  Bridge Scour Evaluation

2008  Bridge-Scour Prevention and Countermeasures

2008  Computational Modeling of Sedimentation Processes

2008  Construction Claims and Disputes and the Business Culture of Construction in Japan