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2015  Developing Environmental Risk Assessment Methodologies

2015  Influence of the Height of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill on the Formation of Perched Leachate Zones

2014  Admiralty Way Ground Improvement Case Study

2014  Aging of High-Density Polyethylene Geomembranes of Three Different Thicknesses

2014  Axisymmetric Shearing of Sand-Steel Interfaces under Axial and Torsional Loading

2014  Classification and Reactivity of Secondary Aluminum Production Waste

2014  Controlled Irrigation to Estimate Field-Scale Hydraulic Conductivity of a Landfill Final Cover

2014  Development of Model for Shear-Wave Velocity of Municipal Solid Waste

2014  Effect of Municipal Solid Waste Leachate on Hydraulic Conductivity and Exchange Complex of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

2014  Effect of Saline Water on Decomposition and Landfill Gas Generation of Municipal Solid Waste

2014  Effects of Biochar-Amendment to Landfill Cover Soil on Microbial Methane Oxidation: Initial Results

2014  Effects of Heterogeneous and Anisotropic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste on Leachate Distribution and Slope Stability of Bioreactor Landfills

2014  Enhanced Microbial Methane Oxidation in Landfill Cover Soil Amended with Biochar

2014  Evaluation of the Mechanical Performance of Recycled Concrete Aggregates Used in Highway Base Layers

2014  Factors Influencing Chemical and Mineralogical Changes in RDF Fly Ashes during Aging

2014  Geoenvironmental Engineering

2014  Influence of Spatially Variable Geotechnical Properties of MSW on Stability of Landfill Slopes

2014  Numerical Simulation of Geogrid-Reinforced Soil Barriers Subjected to Differential Settlements

2014  Performance of a Clayey Soil Used for Landfill Liner Material in a Tannery Sludge Disposal Site for Chromium Attenuation

2014  Probabilistic Modeling of Reinforced Landfill Final Covers for Sustainable Drainage

2014  Recurring Shear Wave Velocity Measurements at the Smiths Creek Bioreactor Landfill

2014  Reliability Evaluation of Compacted Lateritic Soil Treated with Bagasse Ash as Material for Waste Landfill Barrier

2014  Service Life of a High-Density Polyethylene Geomembrane under Simulated Landfill Conditions at 85°C

2014  Service Life of HDPE Geomembranes Subjected to Elevated Temperatures

2014  Stabilization of Heavy Metals in MSWI Bottom Ash by Enhanced Carbonation

2014  Sustainability Assessment of Subtitle D Cover versus Biocover for Methane Oxidation at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2014  Unique Aspect of Landfill Design: Visibility Study and Airspace Optimization

2014  Use of Hemp Fibers in Sustainable Compacted Clay Systems

2013  11th Peck Lecture: Predesign Geotechnical Investigation for the OII Superfund Site Landfill

2013  Avoiding Surprises in Slope Stability

2013  A Brownfield Success Story

2013  Case Study of Controlled Air Addition into Landfilled Municipal Solid Waste: Design, Operation, and Control

2013  Classification Methodology for Landfill Leachates

2013  Compression of Municipal Solid Waste in Bioreactor Landfills: Mechanical Creep and Biocompression

2013  Converting Waste Disposal Sites to Renewable Energy Sites Using MSE Berms

2013  Detection of Aluminum Waste Reactions and Waste Fires

2013  DNA-Based Methods Reveal Complex Kinetics of MSW Leachate Anaerobic Digestion

2013  Enhancing Gas Production in Landfill Bioreactors: Flow-Through Column Study on Leachate Augmentation with Enzyme

2013  Estimate of the Decay Rate Constant of Hydrogen Sulfide from Drywall in a Simulated Bench-Scale Study

2013  Estimating Moisture Content of Landfilled Municipal Solid Waste without Drilling: Innovative Approach

2013  Evaluating Groundwater Contamination Hazard Rating of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in India and Europe Using a New System

2013  Evolution of Organic Matter and Organic Nitrogen in Leachates with Landfilling Age: A Size Distribution and Hydrophobicity Study

2013  Expanding the Options

2013  Factors Influencing Long-Term Settlement of Municipal Solid Waste in Laboratory Bioreactor Landfill Simulators

2013  Field Hydrology of Landfill Final Covers with Composite Barrier Layers

2013  Full-Scale Field Research and Demonstration of Septage Bioreactor Landfill Technology

2013  Influence of Spatial Variation of Hydraulic Conductivity of Municipal Solid Waste on Performance of Bioreactor Landfill

2013  Investigation and Liquefaction Mitigation of Landfill Perimeter Levee

2013  Large-Scale Bioreactor Pilots for Monitoring the Long-Term Hydromechanics of MSW

2013  Leakage and Contaminant Transport through a Single Hole in the Geomembrane Component of a Composite Liner

2013  Lessons Learned from Case Histories of Dynamic Compaction at Municipal Solid Waste Sites

2013  Long-Term Assessment of a Layered-Geotextile Protection Layer for Geomembranes

2013  Modeling of Leachate Characteristics and Clogging of Gravel Drainage Mesocosms Permeated with Landfill Leachate

2013  Modeling of Leachate Collection Systems with Filter Separators in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2013  Moisture Addition Requirements for Bioreactor Landfills

2013  Nonlinear Mechanical Behavior of Natural Argillite under Monotonic and Cyclic Loading

2013  One-Dimensional Transient Analytical Solution for Gas Pressure in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2013  Operation of a Landfill Bioreactor in a Cold Climate: Early Results and Lessons Learned

2013  Postclosure Long-Term Settlement for MSW Landfills

2013  Potential for Desiccation of Geosynthetic Clay Liners Used in Barrier Systems

2013  Reliability Based Design of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfills using Translational Failure Mechanism

2013  Seepage Control Strategies at Bioreactor Landfills

2013  Seismic Imaging of a Leachate-Recirculation Landfill: Spatial Changes in Dynamic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste

2013  Settlement Characteristics of Mechanically Biologically Treated Wastes

2013  Special Issue on Bioreactor Landfills

2013  Stability Analysis of Landfills in Seismic Area

2013  Thermomechanical Behavior of Saturated Geosynthetic Clay Liners

2013  Two-Phase Modeling of Leachate Recirculation Using Vertical Wells in Bioreactor Landfills

2012  Aluminum Waste Reaction Indicators in a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

2012  Centrifuge and Numerical Study on the Behavior of Clay-Based Landfill Covers Subjected to Differential Settlements

2012  Centrifuge Model Studies on the Behaviour of Composite Covers of Landfills Subjected to Differential Settlements

2012  Centrifuge Modeling and Instrumentation of Geogrid-Reinforced Soil Barriers of Landfill Covers

2012  The City of Calgary Biocell Landfill: Data Collection and Settlement Predictions Using a Multiphase Model

2012  Compacted Soil Liner Interface Strength Importance

2012  Comparison and Analysis of International Construction Waste Management Policies

2012  Complex Risks from Old Urban Waste Landfills: Sustainability Perspective from Iasi, Romania

2012  Compression Behavior of Municipal Solid Waste: Immediate Compression

2012  Deer Track Bioreactor Experiment: Field-Scale Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Bioreactor Performance

2012  Determination of Key Hydraulic Characteristics of the Vertical Bentonite Barrier As an Old Sanitary Landfill Containment

2012  Effects of Intermixed Soils and Decomposition on Hydraulic Conductivity of Municipal Solid Waste in Bioreactor Landfills

2012  Effects of Turbulence and Temperature on Leachate Chemistry

2012  Effects of Waste Composition and Decomposition on the Shear Strength of Municipal Solid Waste

2012  Estimation of Primary and Mechanical Compression in MSW Landfills

2012  Evaluation of Methane Oxidation Efficiency of Two Biocovers: Field and Laboratory Results

2012  Evaluation of Waste Compressibility Due to Preloading at the Fresh Kills Landfill

2012  Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Liquid Injection Using Horizontal Trench System for Bioreactor Landfills

2012  Experimental Study on Application of Industrial Waste in Landfill Liner

2012  Experimental Study on Chromium Containment by Admixed Soil Liner

2012  Field Data and Numerical Modeling of Water Balance of Lysimeter versus Actual Earthen Cap

2012  Field Evaluation of Permeable Blanket for Leachate Recirculation

2012  Gas Pressure Model for Layered Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2012  Hydraulic Conductivity of Environmentally Controlled Landfill Liner Test Pad

2012  Impact of Pressurized Liquids Addition on Landfill Slope Stability

2012  Landfill Gas to Energy Applications in India: Prefeasibility Analysis of Mumbai Landfills

2012  Large-Scale Quantification of Wrinkles in a Smooth Black HDPE Geomembrane

2012  Modeling Volatile Organic Compound Transport in Composite Liners

2012  Multi-Attribute Decision Making in Choosing Suitable Construction Waste Management Methods

2012  Optimal Management Methodology for Solid Wastes in Urban Areas

2012  Performance of Horizontal Gas Collection System in an ELR Landfill

2012  Reevaluation and Modification of Plasticity-Based Criterion for Assessing the Suitability of Material as Compacted Landfill Liners