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2015  Assessing the Impact of Metropolitan-Level, County-Level, and Local-Level Built Environment on Travel Behavior: Evidence from 19 U.S. Urban Areas

2015  Assessment of Land Use Efficiency Using BSA Tools: Development of a New Index

2015  Building an Integrated Water-Land Use Database for Defining Benchmarks, Conservation Targets, and User Clusters

2015  Choice of Land Use Development Type within Commercial and Industrial Zoning

2015  Forces Driving Changes in Urban Construction Land of Urban Agglomerations in China

2015  GIS and Artificial Neural Network-Based Water Quality Model for a Stream Network in the Upper Green River Basin, Kentucky, USA

2015  GIS-Based Framework for Supporting Land Use Planning in Urban Renewal: Case Study in Hong Kong

2015  Gradient Analysis of Urban Construction Land Expansion in the Chongqing Urban Area of China

2015  Integrated Modeling Approach to the Response of Soil Erosion and Sediment Export to Land-Use Change at the Basin Scale

2015  Integration of Multinomial-Logistic and Markov-Chain Models to Derive Land-Use Change Dynamics

2015  Land Use, Land Cover, and Population Density Impact on the Formation of Canopy Urban Heat Islands through Traverse Survey in the Nagpur Urban Area, India

2015  Land Use Optimization for a Rapidly Urbanizing City with Regard to Local Climate Change: Shenzhen as a Case Study

2015  Optimization of Land Use in a New Urban District

2015  Sediment Fingerprinting for Calibrating a Soil Erosion and Sediment-Yield Model in Mixed Land-Use Watersheds

2015  Spatial Pattern of Land Use and Its Implications for Mode-Based Accessibility: Case Study of Nanjing, China

2014  Clustering Urban Multifunctional Landscapes Using the Self-Organizing Feature Map Neural Network Model

2014  Connections between Land Use and Driving Distance: Causal Investigation Using Directed Acyclic Graphs

2014  Decision Support Method Contribution to Generate Interactive Maps of Suggestion for Land Use by Using the Concept of Soft Decision Tree: Case of Island of Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil

2014  Extracting Urban Subzonal Land Uses through Morphological and Spatial Arrangement Analyses Using Geographic Data and Remotely Sensed Imagery

2014  Flood Nonstationarity in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions of the United States

2014  Forecast Changes in Runoff Quality and Quantity from Urbanization in the DelMarVa Peninsula

2014  How to Have Sustainable Transportation without Making People Drive Less or Give Up Suburban Living

2014  Hydrological and Water Quality Assessment in a Suburban Watershed with Mixed Land Uses Using the SWAT Model

2014  Hydrologically Sensitive Areas, Land Use Controls, and Protection of Healthy Watersheds

2014  Impact of Climate Variability on Runoff in the North-Central United States

2014  Optimizing the Use of Land and Water Resources for Maximizing Farm Income by Mitigating the Hydrological Imbalances

2014  Planning for Sustainable Land-Use Changes: Indications from an Assessment of Soil Consumption in a Polycentric Region

2014  Prototype Decision-Support System for Designing and Costing Municipal Green Infrastructure

2014  Sustainable Land-Use Planning for a Downtown Lake Area in Central China: Multiobjective Optimization Approach Aided by Urban Growth Modeling

2013  Alternative Land-Use Method for Spatially Informed Watershed Management Decision Making Using SWAT

2013  Analysis of Land Use Extraction through Morphological Analysis Using Geographic and Remotely Sensed Data

2013  Analysis of the Challenges and Solutions of Building a Smart City

2013  Community Regeneration in a Central City against an Aging Background: A Case of China

2013  Construction and Analysis of a Model on the Reallocation of Land around Mass Rail Transit Stations

2013  Discovering the Urban Structure Using a Spatial Hedonic House Price Model

2013  Dynamic Lane-Use Assignment Model at Signalized Intersections under Tidal Flow

2013  Effect of Land Use on Scouring Flow Hydraulics and Transport of Soil Solute in Erosion

2013  Effects of Land Use Change on Hydrologic Response at a Watershed Scale, Arkansas

2013  Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Land-Use Changes due to Road Construction in the Republic of Korea

2013  Evaluation of the Efficiency of Land Use in Harbin Based on DEA

2013  Extent and Context of Human Health Considerations in London’s Spatial Development and Climate Action Strategy

2013  GIS-Based Fully Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Model for Suggesting Alternate Land Use Patterns

2013  Hydrologic Effects of Size and Location of Fields Converted from Drained Pine Forest to Agricultural Cropland

2013  Hydrologic Response of Solar Farms

2013  Hydrologic Response to Land Use and Land Cover Changes within the Context of Catchment-Scale Spatial Information

2013  ICCREM 2013, Construction and Operation in the Context of Sustainability

2013  Impact Analysis of Land Supply on Housing Prices in China

2013  Impacts of Land-Use and Climate Changes on Hydrologic Processes in the Qingyi River Watershed, China

2013  Interactive Planning Research between Urban Transport and Land Use from the Perspective of Mixed-Land Use

2013  Investigation into the Impacts of Land-Use Change on Runoff Generation Characteristics in the Upper Huaihe River Basin, China

2013  Investment Practices of Transit Service Providers in Land Development

2013  Land Reserve Operating Mechanism Research of Hefei

2013  A Prediction Model of Trip Attraction Based on Clustering of Land Utilization

2013  Rational Analysis of the Cultivated Land Decrease in China

2013  Relationship between Morphological Characteristics and Land-Use Intensity: Empirical Analysis of Shanghai Development Zones

2013  Sensitivity of Land-Use Change to Streamflow in Chaobai River Basin

2013  Tall Buildings and Urban Expansion: Tracing the Evolution of Zoning in the United States

2013  Using Construction Expansion Regulation Zones to Manage Urban Growth in Hefei City, China

2012  Analysis of Land Use/Cover and Landscape Pattern Changes in a Dry-Hot Valley (DHV) Area: A Case Study of Derong County

2012  Application of WARMF Model to Study the Effect of Land Use Change and Climate Change in the Saugahatchee Creek Watershed

2012  Assessing Irrigation Water Capacity of Land Use Change in a Data-Scarce Watershed of Korea

2012  Determining Lane Use Distributions Using Basic Freeway Segment Density Measures

2012  Developing County-Level Commodity-Flow Models Incorporating Land-Use Characteristics and Economic Factors for Utah

2012  Effect of Irrigation Methods on Groundwater Recharge in Alluvial Fan Area

2012  Estimation of Volumetric Runoff Coefficients for Texas Watersheds Using Land-Use and Rainfall-Runoff Data

2012  Evaluation of Runoff Responses to Land Use Changes and Land Cover Changes in the Upper Huaihe River Basin, China

2012  Influence of Land-Use on Travel Pattern of Shopping-Mall: A Subdivided Method of Multinomial Logistic Model and Case Study in Nine Sub-Districts of Hangzhou, China

2012  Integrated Planning of Land Use and Water Allocation on a Watershed Scale Considering Social and Water Quality Issues

2012  Multi-Criteria Analysis with Geographic Information Systems in Changing Permafrost Environments: Opportunities and Limits

2012  Research of Resort Public Transport Development and Land Uses Based on TOD Model

2012  Study on the Indicator System for Evaluating the Suitability of Mountainous Land for Construction

2012  A Tool and Dataset for Place-Based Impervious Surface Estimation : Applications for Land Use and Water Resources Planning

2012  Uncertain Multiple Attribute Decision-Based Suitability Evaluation for Coal Mining Area Land Development

2011  Analysis of TOD Categories According to the Differences of Land Uses

2011  Application of Remote Sensing and GIS Tools in Delineating Environmentally-Delicate Areas for Optimum Land Use Planning: A Case Study

2011  Application of UrbanSim to the Austin, Texas, Region: Integrated-Model Forecasts for the Year 2030

2011  Assessing Hydrologic Change in Surface-Mined Watersheds Using the Curve Number Method

2011  A Case Study of Transit-Oriented Transportation Development and Land Use in China

2011  Could Impact Fees Be Used for CO2 Mitigation?

2011  Dedication of Highways in Texas

2011  Design Implications of Walking Speed for Pedestrian Facilities

2011  Evaluation of Soil Erosion in the Area of Kallmet: Lezha District

2011  Indirect Determination of Effective Impervious Area (EIA) of an Urban City of North East India

2011  Longitudinal Model of Longer-Term Mobility Decisions: Framework and First Empirical Tests

2011  The Mechanism of Urban Land Redevelopment Impact on Traffic Systems

2011  Model for Predicting Effects of Land-Use Changes on the Canal-Mediated Discharge of Total Suspended Solids into Tidal Creeks and Estuaries

2011  Post-Katrina Land Change Assessment along the South Shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, USA: A Four-Year Perspective, 2005-2009

2011  Predicting Hydrologic Effects of Land-Use Change: Problems with the Curve Number Approach

2011  Property Developers’ Major Cost Concerns Arising from Planning Regulations under a High Land-Price Policy

2011  Relating Land Use and Transport Modeling with Transportation Asset Management

2011  Research on China’s Urban Development Strategy Based on Arable Land Preservation

2011  Satellite Data Based Impact Assessment of Basin Characteristics for Brahmaputra River System of India

2011  Significance of Historical Hurricane Activity on Structural Damage Profile and Posthurricane Population Fluctuation in South Florida Urban Areas

2011  Space-Time Characteristics of Traffic Flow under Land Redevelopment

2011  Study on the Congestion Identification System of Urban Land Redevelopment

2011  Study on the Guidelines of Land-Use Planning for Urban Rail Transit Area

2011  Study on the Relationship between Urban Land-Use and Traffic Generation with Remote Sensing and PLSR

2011  Transit OD Matrix Estimation Method Based on Population and Land Use

2011  Urban Spatial Decision Support System for Municipal Solid Waste Management of Nagpur Urban Area Using High-Resolution Satellite Data and Geographic Information System

2010  Application of a Structured Infiltration System for Stormwater Management in Campus