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2013  Rethinking Wastewater-Treatment Infrastructure: Case Study Using Life-Cycle Cost and Life-Cycle Assessment to Highlight Sustainability Considerations

2012  Contributions of RUSLE2 to TMDL Development

2012  Studies on the Land Arrangement of Small Towns in Shandong

2012  Uncertain Multiple Attribute Decision-Based Suitability Evaluation for Coal Mining Area Land Development

2012  Urban Sustainability Predictive Model Using GIS: Appraised Land Value versus LEED Sustainable Site Credits

2011  Research on China’s Urban Development Strategy Based on Arable Land Preservation

2011  Socioeconomic Impact of the Roads: Case Study of the "Eix Transversal" in Catalonia, Spain

2010  Best Practices on Land Management Strategies

2010  Building Water Resilience in the Face of Global Change: From a Blue-Only to a Green-Blue Water Approach to Land-Water Management

2010  An Innovative Study on the Effects of Land Management Practices on Rill Erosion Using an Instantaneous Profile Laser Scanner

2010  Integrated Watershed Management Modeling: Generic Optimization Model Applied to the Ipswich River Basin

2010  Management of Redeveloped Industrial Areas with Mixed Use in The Netherlands

2010  Performance of a Combined Natural Wastewater Treatment System in West Texas

2010  Sustainable Root Zone Salinity and Shallow Water Table in the Context of Land Retirement

2010  Valuation of Flood Reductions in the Yellow River Basin under Land Use Change

2009  Planning and Management of Urban Green Spaces in Europe: Comparative Analysis

2009  Why, What, and How? Case Study on Law, Risk, and Decision Making as Necessary Themes in Built Environment Teaching

2008  Spatial Model of Forest Management Strategies and Outcomes in the Wildland — Urban Interface

2007  Cost and Land Functions for Wastewater Treatment Projects: Typical Simple Linear Regression versus Fuzzy Linear Regression

2006  The Place of Fire

2005  A Decision-Support-System for Integrated Water and Land Management in Agriculture-Dominated Watersheds: A Conceptual Study to Faria Watershed, Palestine

2005  Optimization of Integrated Urban Wet-Weather Control Strategies

2004  Optimal Site Selection for Military Land Management

2003  Transparency and Integrity in Water Management

2003  Two-Stage Programming for Land/Water Management and Conjunctive Use Operations

2000  Creating Hazard Resilient Communities through Land-Use Planning

2000  Development of a Land Management System

2000  Land Retirement Option and Retired Land Management

2000  Prescribed Fire as a Watershed Sediment Management Tool: An Example from Southern California

2000  Sustainability Indicator for Water and Land Resources

1998  Ancient Rice Terraces in Philippines Get Nod as International Landmark

1998  Getting the GISt of Costs

1998  Land Management Practices and Endangered Species in the Watershed: Are They Compatible? A Case History

1998  Landowner Perspective on Environmental Planning

1997  BLM: Your Partner in Waterpower Planning

1997  Spatial Solutions to Recreation Use

1996  Firms Form Brownfield Alliance

1996  Sustainable Watershed Management in Developing Watersheds

1996  Uncertainty in Comparative Analysis with Continuous Nonpoint Source Pollution Models

1996  Water in the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction

1995  An Australian Perspective on the Roles of Riparian Vegetation in River Restoration

1995  Container Traffic, Port Landway Networks Development and Large Scale Land Management

1995  A Series of Innovative Improvement of Water Purification System

1994  Community Greenways are Linear Recreationways

1994  Creation of Landowner Compacts for Sustainable Community Development

1994  Lessons for Effective Urban-Containment and Resource-Land–Preservation Policy

1994  Linking Linear Greenways To Communities

1992  A Description of LANDSIM and Its Uses

1992  A GIS for Land Management

1992  Role of Land Information System in Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems Bureau of Reclamation

1992  Simulation of Runoff and Infiltration of Disturbed Land

1991  Bayesian Reasoning Shell for Land Management. I: Structure and Function

1991  Bayesian Reasoning Shell for Land Management. II: Implementation

1991  Geographic Land Information Systems: State Perspective

1991  Prototype Decision Support System for Analyzing Impact of Catchment Policies

1990  Land-Water Management: Theory and Practice

1989  Bolsa Chica—A Historical Perspective: Application of the Public Trust Doctrine to Public Land Management

1989  Coastal Land Loss in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana

1989  Efficient Land Allocation

1989  Energy from the Amazon

1989  Land-Use Planning and Coastal Conservation in S.A.

1987  The Use of Subsistence Information in Coastal Land Planning: Examples from Southeast Alaska

1986  Introduction to Expert Systems for Land Information Systems

1986  Multiperspective View of Future Roles in Geodetic System

1986  Runoff Controls in Wisconsin’s Priority Watersheds

1985  Assessing Risks of Impaired Hydrologic Function

1985  The Conservancy Concept

1985  Information Systems in Surveying

1985  Land Information Management: A Canadian Perspective

1985  Management Strategies for a Mangrove Estuary

1985  Research Needs in Land Application of Sludge—Hydrologic Effects of Soil-Sludge Interaction

1985  Tools for Managing Army Training Lands

1984  Prediction of Soil Loss with the CREAMS Model

1984  Selection of a Land Application System in an Arid Climate

1984  Simulated Water Yield in Land Management Planning

1983  Land Application of Sewage Sludge for Agricultural Reuse in Virginia

1982  Geodetic Monuments for Eccentric Property Corners

1982  Multipurpose Land Information Systems: A Canadian Perspective

1982  A Municipal Official’s Checklist for Review of Community Associations

1982  Objective Planning in Small Watersheds

1982  Report from the Land Planning and Development Subdiscipline

1981  A Combined Land Application System for A.W.T.

1981  The Operation of Clayton County Pates Creek Land Treatment System

1980  Barrier Island Management

1980  Coastal Erosion Management in Australia

1980  Coastal Program Evaluation From a State Perspective or Can an Amoeba Find True Happiness Under a Microsocope?

1980  The Columbia River Estuary Data Development Program

1980  Determining Instream-Flow Needs on Public Lands

1980  The Development of Multi-Purpose Land Information Systems: The Challenge for the Next Decade

1980  The East Everglades: Perservation vs Land Use

1980  Effectiveness of Assessments of Coastal Management

1980  Evaluating Wetlands: Status and Needs

1980  Gravel Barrier Genesis and Management: A Contrast

1980  Is There Life Beyond Mitigation?

1980  Major Mapping Activities in the Coastal Zone

1980  Management of Coastal Resources in Arctic Alaska

1980  The New Jersey Coast: Going, Going, Gone?

1980  Perceiving the Unseen Value of Coastal Wetlands

1980  The Role of a State Geological Survey in Barrier Island Management: A Critical Link Between Research and Policy

1980  Scientific Collecting in South Florida: Problems with Permits