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Found 99 Records with the keyword term of "Laminar flow"

2014  Flocculation-Sedimentation Performance Model for Laminar-Flow Hydraulic Flocculation with Polyaluminum Chloride and Aluminum Sulfate Coagulants

2013  Head Loss through Pipe Fittings for Laminar Flows

2012  Investigations of Fluid Behavior in Critical Transition Pipe Flow : Initial Results

2011  Axial Dispersion Coefficients in Laminar Flows of Water-Distribution Systems

2011  Inactivation of Bacterial Viruses in Water Using Deep Ultraviolet Semiconductor Light-Emitting Diode

2009  Axial Dispersion Coefficients for Laminar Flows in Water Distribution Systems

2009  Timescale Behavior of the Wall Shear Stress in Unsteady Laminar Pipe Flows

2008  Formulas for Friction Factor in Transitional Regimes

2007  Laminar Surface Water Flow over Vegetated Ground

2006  Behavior of an Air Curtain Subjected to Transversal Pressure Variations

2006  Electrocoagulation of Silica Nanoparticles in Wafer Polishing Wastewater by a Multichannel Flow Reactor: A Kinetic Study

2006  Identifying the True Hydraulic Capacity of a Wastewater Treatment Plant

2005  Modeling Flow around Bluff Bodies

2004  Efficient Approximation of Unsteady Friction Weighting Functions

2003  Laminar Pipeline Flow of Wastewater Sludge: Computational Fluid Dynamics Approach

2003  Laminar Water Wave and Current Passing over Porous Bed

2002  Flow Establishment in Elastic Pipes

2001  1D Numerical Model of Muddy Subaqueous and Subaerial Debris Flows

2000  Is Dispersion Important in Water Distribution Systems?

2000  Laminar Poroelastic Media Flow

2000  LES and RANS Studies of Oscillating Flows over Flat Plate

1999  Laminar and Turbulent Bottom Boundary Layer Induced by Nonlinear Water Waves

1998  Pressure Loss Equations for Laminar and Turbulent Non-Newtonian Pipe Flow

1998  Threshold Between Smooth and Wavy Laminar Sheet Flow

1997  California Probable Maximum Precipitation

1997  Comparison of Debris Flow Modelling Approaches

1997  A Perturbation Solution for Bingham-Plastic Mud Flows

1995  Laminar Fluid Transients in Conduits of Arbitrary Cross Section

1995  A Spectral Domain Decomposition Method for Computational Fluid Dynamics

1995  Translatory Evolution of Vortex Rings

1994  Anomalous Measurements in a Compound Duct

1994  Newtonian Fluid Mechanics Treatment of Debris Flows and Avalanches

1993  Axisymmetric Intrusive Gravity Currents in Linearly Stratified Fluids

1993  Comparisons Between Experimental and Numerical Studies on Laminar Flow with Tracer Transport

1993  Design of a Submarine Oil Pipeline

1993  Laminar Flow with Slip in Channels with Uniformly Porous Walls

1993  A Model for Vertical Transport at a Sheared Density Interface

1993  River Engineering Flows and Some Related Structures (State of the Art)

1993  Unique Laminar-Flow Stability Limit Based on Shallow-Water Theory

1992  Three-Dimensional Incompressible Flow Calculations with MacCormack’s Method

1991  Influence of Hydrodynamics on Biofilm Accumulation

1990  Initiation and Laws of Motion of Debris Flow

1990  Similarity Solutions for Two-Dimensional Steady Laminar Gravity Currents

1989  Estuarine Mud Flow Modeling

1989  Viscous Damping: Time Convolution of the Impulsive Solution

1988  Numerical Analysis of Steady Flow in a 90° Circular Section Bend

1987  Finite Analytic Numerical Solution of Unsteady Laminar Flow Past Disc-Valves

1987  Laminar Einstein Bed Load Transport Equation for Overland Sheet Flow

1987  Velocity Head Considerations for Trickle Laterals

1986  Experimental Investigation of High Suspended Sediment Concentrations

1986  Finite Analytic Numerical Solution of Steady Laminar Flow Past Axi-Symmetric Disc-Valves

1986  Gravity-Current in an Open-Channel Flow and Arrested Buoyant Wedge

1986  Numerical Solution of Pulsatile Laminar Flow in Stenotic Vessels

1986  Recent Developments in Separated Time-Dependent Flows

1985  Acceleration Techniques for Coupled Nonlinear PDE’s

1985  Laminar Flow in Conduits of Unconventional Shape

1985  One-Dimensional Model for Mud Flows

1985  Regime of Oscillatory Flow

1985  Velocity Distribution Factor Constraints

1984  Developing Laminar Power-Law Fluid Flow in Flat Duct

1984  Laminar Axisymmetric Starting Plume Measurements

1984  Laminar Boundary Layer Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid on a Rotating Blade

1984  Mechanics of Inclined Dense Plumes

1984  Mechanics of Mudflows

1983  Aeroelastic Simulation of Bridges

1982  Application of Variation Principle to River Flow

1982  Bed Load Transport of Fine Sand by Laminar and Turbulent Flow

1982  Nonuniform Laminar Free-Surface Flow

1980  Approximate Analysis of Unsteady Laminar Flow

1979  The Boundary Layer Downstream of an Interrupted Suction Slot

1979  Inception of Sediment Transport

1978  Effects of Turbulence on Bridge Flutter Derivatives

1978  Oscillatory Laminar Flow above a Rough Bed

1977  Unsteady Laminar Flow through a Pipe Orifice

1976  Skin Friction in Unsteady Laminar Pipe Flow

1975  Shallow Laminar Flows over Rough Granular Surfaces

1973  New Method for Solving Seepage Problems in Nonhomogeneous Media

1973  Spiral Flows in Finite Rotating Annular Tubes

1972  Appearance of Unstable Buoyant Jet

1972  Boundary Layer Effects on Hydraulic Jump Location

1972  Orifice Losses for Laminar Approach Flow

1970  Distribution of Tractive Force in Open Channels

1970  Water Surface Velocities Induced by Wind Shear

1969  Free Streamline Analysis of Two Dimensional Jet

1968  Laminar Flow Between Rotating Porous Disks

1968  Laminar Flow in Finitely Wide Rectangular Channels

1967  Flow in a Sharp Corner

1967  Laminar Flow Between Porous Disks

1966  Distribution of Head at a Rectangular Conduit Outlet

1966  Experimental Study of Two-Layered Flow Through a Sink

1966  Resistance to Laminar Flow Through Porous Media

1963  Laminar and Turbulent Flow of Water Through Sand

1963  Sediment Transportation Mechanics: Density Currents: Progress Report of the Task Committee on Preparation of Sedimentation Manual of the Committee on Sedimentation of the Hydraulic Division

1962  Laminar-Turbulent Transition in Waved Tubes

1961  Electronic Analog Computers for Laminar Flow Problems

1961  Terminal Shape of a Shallow Liquid Front

1959  Effect of Aquifer Turbulence on Well Drawdown

1957  Transition from Laminar to Turbulent Flow in a Pipe

1954  Laminar to Turbulent Flow in a Wide Open Channel