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2015  Constructed Wetland Planning-Based Bilevel Optimization Model under Fuzzy Random Environment: Case Study of Chaohu Lake

2015  Coupled Data-Driven Evolutionary Algorithm for Toxic Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) Forecasting in Lake Kinneret

2015  Nonlinear Reservoir Optimization Model with Stochastic Inflows: Case Study of Lake Tenkiller

2014  Assessment of Streambank Stability-A Case Study

2014  Evaluation of Rule and Decision Tree Induction Algorithms for Generating Climate Change Scenarios for Temperature and Pan Evaporation on a Lake Basin

2014  How to Utilize Relevance Vectors to Collect Required Data for Modeling Water Quality Constituents and Fine Sediment in Natural Systems: Case Study on Mud Lake, Idaho

2014  Hydrodynamic and Hydrological Modeling of the Poyang Lake Catchment System in China

2014  Impacts of Urbanization on Precipitation in Taihu Lake Basin, China

2014  Modeling Contaminant Spills in the Truckee River in the Western United States

2014  Report Details Ways to Halt Movement of Species Between Mississippi River, Great Lakes Basins

2014  Streamflow and Nutrients from a Karst Watershed with a Downstream Embayment: Chapel Branch Creek

2013  Achieving the Triple-Bottom Line: Microtunneled Intake Pump Station at Granger Lake

2013  Classification of Buoyant River Plumes from Large Aspect Ratio Channels

2013  Crystal Lake Site Rehabilitation Project

2013  Development of Erosion Hotspots for a Watershed

2013  Effect of Climate Change on Runoff Generation: Application to Rift Valley Lakes Basin of Ethiopia

2013  Flow Resistance and Velocity Structure in Shallow Lakes with Flexible Vegetation under Surface Shear Action

2013  Improving Stormwater Discharge Outfalls in Playa Lakes

2013  Lake Tohopekaliga—An Alternative Approach to Total Maximum Daily Loads

2013  Modeling Effects of Sediment Diagenesis on Recovery of Hypolimnetic Oxygen

2013  Simulation of Oscillations in Lake Pontchartrain Induced By Hurricane Katrina

2013  A Systems Approach to Holistic Total Maximum Daily Load Policy: Case of Lake Allegan, Michigan

2012  Assessing the Interactions between Chlorophyll a and Environmental Variables Using Copula Method

2012  Evolutionary Computation for Simulating Reservoir Release Rates of Lake Shelbyville and Carlyle Lake

2012  Flood Frequency Analysis of Devils Lake under Current and Projected Future Climates Utilizing HEC Hydrologic Models, NASA Satellite Observations, and Downscaled GCM Simulations

2012  Monitoring Urmia Lake Area Variations Using MODIS Satellite Data

2012  Nutrient Loads to Cayuga Lake, New York: Watershed Modeling on a Budget

2012  Road Salt Impact on Lake Stratification and Water Quality

2012  Study on Optimal Design of a Box-Culvert under Road

2012  A Systems Approach to TMDL Policy Assessment: The Case of Lake Allegan, Michigan

2012  Two-Dimensional Numerical Model of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway near New Orleans

2011  Depth-Integrated Estimation of Dissolved Oxygen in a Lake

2011  Design and Construction of Trenchless Directional Drilling for the Natural Gas Pipeline Project Crossing Zhantian Lake

2011  Evaluating the Potential of Quarry Lakes for Supplemental Irrigation

2011  Evaluation of Nutrient Release from Sediments of Artificial Lake

2011  NewsBriefs: British Researchers to Sample Antarctic Lake (BBC)

2011  NewsBriefs: Engineers Drain Lake under a Glacier On Mont Blanc (BBC News)

2011  Probability of Aluminum Toxicity from Bhandup Complex Water Treatment Plant, Mumbai: Case Study

2011  Projecting the Impact of Climatic Change on Coldwater Fish Habitat in Minnesota Lakes

2011  Rebuilding of the Chicago Lakefront Lincoln Park, Reach 2-Diversey Avenue to Fullerton Avenue

2011  Research on the Construction of Ultra-Long Bored Cast-in-Situ Piles in Lake Region

2011  Reservoir Reoperation for Fish Ecosystem Restoration Using Daily Inflows—Case Study of Lake Shelbyville

2011  Risk-Based Margins of Safety for Phosphorus TMDLs in Lakes

2011  Settling Properties of Cohesive Sediments in Lakes and Reservoirs

2011  Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Flow and Algal Biomass Distribution in Lake Pontchartrain

2011  Tsunami and Seiche Risk Framework for the Great Salt Lake

2010  Application of Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Models to Study Water Hyacinth Infestation in Lake Nokoué, Benin

2010  Biodegradation of Aqueous Organic Matter over Seasonal Changes: Bioreactor Experiments with Indigenous Lake Water Bacteria

2010  Characterization of Unusual Ground Fissuring in a Dry Lakebed—Broadwell Basin, San Bernardino County, California

2010  Distribution of Particulate-Bound Metals for Source Area Snow in the Lake Tahoe Watershed

2010  Draining the Tangjiashan Barrier Lake

2010  Energy Dissipative Plunging Flows

2010  Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design for Using Coagulants to Treat Runoff in the Tahoe Basin

2010  Features of the Lake Powell Pipeline Preliminary Design to Minimize Hydraulic Transients

2010  General Model to Represent Multiple Wetland and Lake Stage-Storage Behavior

2010  HDD Crossing of Lake Austin Generates Data and New Model for Calculating Pull Force for Ductile Iron Pipe

2010  Horizontal Dispersion in Gyres-Internal Wave Flow Field in a Rotating Circular Lake

2010  Innovative Design of Large Diameter Fittings for the Lake Fork Interconnect Vault

2010  Investigation of the Effects of Proposed Hurricane Protection Structures on the Characteristic Transport of Larval Fish into Lake Pontchartrain

2010  Laboratory and Field Evaluation of a Nanofilter Membrane to Remove Disinfection Byproduct Precursors and Microorganisms from Lake Water Sources Used for Drinking Water

2010  Lake Effect in Wellhead Protection

2010  LID in a Canadian Residential Brownfield Re-Development

2010  Linking the Lakes: The Lake Washington Ship Canal

2010  Modification of the Lake Flow Algorithm of the Distributed Hydrological Model HYDROTEL When Modeling Lakes with Multiple Outlets

2010  Moving Green Stormwater Infrastructure into Seattle’s CSO Control Program

2010  NewsBriefs: China Turns to Algae-Eating Fish To Save Lake

2010  Numerical Simulation of the Effects of the Urbanization on the Poyang Wetland

2010  Phosphorus Budget and Remediation Plan for Big Platte Lake, Michigan

2010  Restoring the Northern Everglades: A Systematic Approach to Lake Okeechobee Watershed Management

2010  Robust Multivariate Outlier Detection Methods for Environmental Data

2010  Safety Assessment of Quake Lakes

2010  A Smart Health Monitoring System for the New I-10 Twin Span Bridge over Lake Pontchartrain

2010  Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Flow Circulations in Lake Pontchartrain

2010  Wave Damping in Reed: Field Measurements and Mathematical Modeling

2009  Comparison and Analysis of the Program of Constructing Road at Crossing Lake

2009  Construction Begins on Next Phase of Canton Lake Auxiliary Spillway Channel

2009  Data Mining Process for Integrated Evaporation Model

2009  Deepwater Transmission Line Foundations Meet Trophy Bass Lake Environment

2009  Depth-Dependent Dispersion Coefficient for Modeling of Vertical Solute Exchange in a Lake Bed under Surface Waves

2009  Diversion of S-4 Basin Drainage from Lake Okeechobee: Hydraulic Modeling of Alternatives Using HEC-RAS

2009  Dynamical Response of Qifeng-Lake Dam during Earthquake

2009  Effect of Mixing on Suspended Particle-Size Distribution

2009  Enhancement of Aromatic Hydrocarbon Biodegradation by Toluene and Naphthalene Degrading Bacteria Obtained from Lake Sediment: The Effects of Cosubstrates and Cocultures

2009  Evaluation of Methods to Reduce Backflows from the Chicago Waterway System to Lake Michigan

2009  Improving the Water Quality of One of the World’s Great Lakes: Tai Lake Case Study of Environmental Responsibility in the Developing World

2009  Innovative Design at Lake Lenexa

2009  Investigating Aquatic Ecosystems of Small Lakes in Khorezm, Uzbekistan

2009  Lake Lewisville Passage Span Bridge

2009  Lake Tawakoni Water Supply Project Construction Management—Engineers as Resident Representatives

2009  Lake Winnebago Dam Relocation Project

2009  Nonlinear Dependence in Hydrologic Time Series

2009  Peoria Lake Dredging Project Kicks Off Illinois River Basin Restoration

2009  Performance Evaluation of Articulated Contrete Matting (ACM) Spillway at Lake Odessa, Iowa

2009  Production of Drinking Water from Lake Water Sources with a Nanofilter Membrane to Prevent the Formation of Disinfection Byproducts

2009  Resuspension of Mercury-Contaminated Sediments from an In-Lake Industrial Waste Deposit

2009  The Rush Creek Detention Facility: Planning a Permanent BMP in the Real World

2009  Saving Silver Lake

2009  Several Questions of Highway Influence Assessment on Dongting Lake Ecosystem in China

2009  A Student-Led Effort to Assess the Effect of Urban Runoff on Potter Lake

2009  Turbidity Model for Ashokan Reservoir, New York: Case Study