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2015  Assessment of the U.S. Nuclear Construction Industry in Terms of Human Capital and Construction Technologies

2015  Benchmarking Construction Labor Productivity

2015  Optimal Work Pattern for Construction Workers in Hot Weather: A Case Study in Hong Kong

2015  Which Environmental Indicator Is Better Able to Predict the Effects of Heat Stress on Construction Workers?

2014  Application of KDD Techniques to Extract Useful Knowledge from Labor Resources Data in Industrial Construction Projects

2014  Cognitive Workload Demands Using 2D and 3D Spatial Engineering Information Formats

2014  Construction Workers’ Perceptions and Attitudes toward Social Norms as Predictors of Their Absence Behavior

2014  Critical Review of Labor Productivity Research in Construction Journals

2014  Factors Influencing Construction Labor Productivity in Egypt

2014  Productivity Impact of Infrastructure in Turkey, 1987-2006

2014  Role of Human Resource Practices in Enhancing Organizational Learning in Chinese Construction Organizations

2014  Task Variation and the Social Network of Construction Trades

2014  Workplace Stress, Stress Effects, and Coping Mechanisms in the Construction Industry

2013  Career Counselors’ Perceptions of Construction as an Occupational Choice

2013  Data Fusion of Real-Time Location Sensing and Physiological Status Monitoring for Ergonomics Analysis of Construction Workers

2013  Effects of Workers’ Social Learning: Focusing on Absence Behavior

2013  Fatalities among Civil Infrastructure Workers: Variable Annuity with Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefits Approach

2013  A Framework for Construction Labor Productivity Improvement in Egypt

2013  Posthandover Housing Defects: Sources and Origins

2013  Using the Thermal Work Limit as an Environmental Determinant of Heat Stress for Construction Workers

2012  Analysis and Measurement of Buildability Factors Influencing Rebar Installation Labor Productivity of In Situ Reinforced Concrete Walls

2012  Buildability Factors Influencing Concreting Labor Productivity

2012  Determinants of Quits and Dismissals on a Long-Lasting Unionized Industrial Construction Project

2012  Factors Affecting Construction Labor Productivity in Kuwait

2012  Improving Concrete Trade Labor Productivity through the Use of Innovations

2012  Influence of Buildability Factors on Rebar Installation Labor Productivity of Columns

2012  Multiplier Model for Forecasting Manpower Demand

2012  On-Site Labor Productivity Measurement for Sustainable Construction

2012  Real-Time and Automated Recognition and 2D Tracking of Construction Workers and Equipment from Site Video Streams

2012  Relationship between Floor Number and Labor Productivity in Multistory Structural Work: A Case Study

2012  Stock-Flow Model for Forecasting Labor Supply

2012  Using Last Planner and a Risk Assessment Matrix to Reduce Variation in Mechanical Related Construction Tasks

2011  Accelerometer-Based Activity Recognition in Construction

2011  Activity Analysis for Direct-Work Rate Improvement in Construction

2011  Causes of Variation in Construction Project Task Starting Times and Duration

2011  Comparative Study of Activity-Based Construction Labor Productivity in the United States and China

2011  Differences in Perspectives regarding Labor Productivity between Spanish- and English-Speaking Craft Workers

2011  Learning and Classifying Motions of Construction Workers and Equipment Using Bag of Video Feature Words and Bayesian Learning Methods

2011  Wearable Physiological Status Monitors for Measuring and Evaluating Workers’ Physical Strain: Preliminary Validation

2011  Work Flow Variation and Labor Productivity: Case Study

2010  Analysis of Existing Situations and Demand Forecasting of Human Resources of Logistics in Sichuan Province

2010  Critical Concerns of Production Control System on Projects with Labor Constraints: Lessons from a Residential Case Study

2010  Critical Investigation into the Applicability of the Learning Curve Theory to Rebar Fixing Labor Productivity

2010  Executive Order Encourages Project Labor Agreements on Federal Projects

2010  Forecasting Construction Manpower Demand by Gray Model

2010  Immigration and Construction: Analysis of the Impact of Immigration on Construction Project Costs

2010  Modeling Construction Occupational Demand: Case of Hong Kong

2010  Optimizing Labor Utilization in Multiple Shifts for Construction Projects

2010  Population and Initial Validation of a Formal Model for Construction Safety Risk Management

2010  Quantification of Losses of Labor Efficiencies: Innovations in and Improvements to the Measured Mile

2010  Work-Family Conflict in Construction: Case for a Finer-Grained Analysis

2009  Analysis of Observed Skill Affinity Patterns and Motivation for Multiskilling among Craft Workers in the U.S. Industrial Construction Sector

2009  Construction Craft Workers’ Perceptions of the Factors Affecting Their Productivity

2009  Fundamental Principles of Weather Mitigation

2009  Immigration and Construction: The Makeup of the Workforce in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area

2009  Job Redesign as an Intervention Strategy of Burnout: Organizational Perspective

2009  Labor Performance Analysis for Microtunneling Projects

2009  Latent Structures of the Factors Affecting Construction Labor Productivity

2009  Modular Assembly with Postponement to Improve Health, Safety, and Productivity in Construction

2009  Optimizing Resource Leveling in Construction Projects

2009  Predicting and Evaluating Construction Trades Foremen Performance: Fuzzy Logic Approach

2009  Relationship between Automation and Integration of Construction Information Systems and Labor Productivity

2009  Surveying Methods for Bilingual Construction Workers

2009  Using Agent-Based Modeling to Study Construction Labor Productivity as an Emergent Property of Individual and Crew Interactions

2008  Craft Training Issues in American Industrial and Commercial Construction

2008  Critical Issues and Possible Solutions for Motivating Foreign Construction Workers

2008  Impact of Shift Work on Labor Productivity for Labor Intensive Contractor

2008  Modeling and Forecasting Construction Labor Demand: Multivariate Analysis

2007  Contractor Prebid Planning Principles

2007  Impact of Overmanning on Mechanical and Sheet Metal Labor Productivity

2007  Quantifying the Impact of Schedule Compression on Labor Productivity for Mechanical and Sheet Metal Contractor

2006  Effects of Schedule Pressure on Construction Performance

2006  Fundamental Principles for Avoiding Congested Work Areas — A Case Study

2005  Application of DEA-Based Malmquist Productivity Index Measure to the Construction Industry in China

2005  Differences in Occupational Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Construction Workers

2005  Editor’s Note

2005  Effect of Foremen on Construction Apprentice

2005  Factors Affecting Absenteeism in Electrical Construction

2005  A Hybrid Neural Network for Predicting Construction Labour Productivity

2005  Impact of Change’s Timing on Labor Productivity

2005  Obligations and Responsibilities of Civil Engineers for the Prevention of Labor Risks: References to European Regulations

2005  Overmanning Impact on Construction Labor Productivity

2005  Predicting Industrial Construction Labor Productivity using Fuzzy Expert Systems

2005  Quantifying the Impact of Schedule Compression on Construction Labor Productivity

2005  Shift Work Impact on Construction Labor Productivity

2005  Workers’ Skills and Receptiveness to Operate under the Tier II Construction Management Strategy

2004  Impact of Change Orders on Small Labor-Intensive Projects

2004  Impact of Labor Factors on Workflow

2004  Practical Information for Designers: Economy in Steel

2004  Symbiotic Crew Relationships and Labor Flow

2003  Baseline Determination in Construction Labor Productivity-Loss Claims

2003  Building Project Model Support for Automated Labor Monitoring

2003  Can Labor Inputs be Measured and Controlled Automatically?

2003  Forecasting Construction Staffing for Transportation Agencies

2003  Improving Labor Flow Reliability for Better Productivity as Lean Construction Principle

2003  Labor Availability and Productivity Forecasting

2003  Labor Productivity Drivers and Opportunities in the Construction Industry

2003  The Measured Mile Approach

2003  Resource Modeling for Advanced Technology Facilities

2003  Role of Workforce Management in Bridge Superstructure Labor Productivity