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2015  Beam-Column and Tie-Bar Effects in Internally Pressurized Thin Arbitrarily Laminated Cantilever Cylindrical Shells

2015  Cyclic Elastoviscoplastic Constitutive Model for Clay Considering Nonlinear Kinematic Hardening Rules and Structural Degradation

2015  Importance of Isotropic Hardening in the Modeling of Buckling Restrained Braces

2015  Refined 1D Finite Elements for the Analysis of Secondary, Primary, and Complete Civil Engineering Structures

2014  Analytical Evaluation of Amplification Factors, Stability, and Error Analysis of Square Finite Element Solution for the Kinematic Wave Shallow Water Equations

2014  Applicability of Kinematic, Diffusion, and Quasi-Steady Dynamic Wave Models to Shallow Mud Flows

2014  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Particle Kinematics in Shotcrete

2014  Limitations in Extraction of Survey Data from Real-Time Kinematic GPS ADCP Systems

2014  Linear Stability Analysis of Open-Channel Shear Flow Generated by Vegetation

2014  Novel Approach to Multibody System Modeling: Cascading and Clustering

2014  Self-Adaptive Kinematic-Dynamic Model for Overland Flow

2014  Simulation of Monotonic and Cyclic Soil Behavior Using a Kinematic Hardening Plasticity Model

2014  Three-Dimensional Topologies of Compliant Flapping Mechanisms

2013  Behavior of Single Pile in Liquefied Deposits during Earthquakes

2013  Development of Kinematic Equations for Racking Performance Evaluation of Four-Sided Structural Sealant Glazing Curtain Wall Systems

2013  Implicit TVDLF Methods for Diffusion and Kinematic Flows

2013  Integrated Modeling System for Flash Flood Routing in Ephemeral Rivers under the Influence of Groundwater Recharge Dams

2013  Kinematics of Entrapped Air Pockets in Stormwater Storage Tunnels

2013  Meso-Kinematic Simulation Modeling of Traffic Flow Based on Weighted Residual Method

2013  New Fast Precise Kinematic Surveying Method Using a Single Dual-Frequency GPS Receiver

2013  Postearthquake Analysis of a Piled Foundation

2013  Safety Assessment of Four Masonry Churches by a Plate and Shell FE Nonlinear Approach

2013  A Surface Flow Routing Algorithm Based on Shallow Water Equation with Kinematic Wave Approximation

2012  Ensemble Modeling of Kinematic Open Channel Flow under Uncertain Channel Properties

2012  Estimation of the Diameter of Jet-Grouted Column Based on Turbulent Kinematic Flow Theory

2012  Failure Mode Control and Seismic Response of Dissipative Truss Moment Frames

2012  Numerical Errors in Diffusion Wave Models When Simulating Kinematic Flow

2012  Single-Frequency Integer Ambiguity Resolution Enabled GPS Precise Point Positioning

2011  Analysis of Soft Fibers with Kinematic Constraints and Cross-Links by Finite Deformation Beam Theory

2011  Constitutive Model for Cyclic Response of Structural Steels with Yield Plateau

2011  Network Calibration for Unfavorable Reference-Rover Geometry in Network-Based RTK: Ohio CORS Case Study

2011  NRCS Overland Flow Travel Time Calculation

2011  Optimal Integration of Single-Baseline GPS Solutions in Network-Based Kinematic Positioning

2010  Analysis of the Effects of Soil Behavior Law on the Transfer and Impedance Functions in Soil-Pile Interaction Models

2010  Application of Exponential-Based Methods in Integrating the Constitutive Equations with Multicomponent Nonlinear Kinematic Hardening

2010  Evaluation of Kinematic Constraints Based Method for Reinforced Soil Walls

2010  Extension of the Touratier Kinematic Model to Large Strains, Displacements, and Rotations

2010  Face Stability Analysis of Circular Tunnels Driven by a Pressurized Shield

2010  Influence of Rocking Motion on Vibratory Roller-Based Measurement of Soil Stiffness

2010  Seismic Behavior of Batter Piles: Elastic Response

2010  Simple Yield Surface Expressions Appropriate for Soil Plasticity

2010  Statistical Properties of Strain and Rotation Tensors in Geodetic Network

2010  Study on the Kinematics Analysis and Control System at Palletizer

2009  Case Study: Planar Kinematics of Dragline for Efficient Machine Control

2009  Constructal Theory, Adaptive Motion, and Their Theoretical Application to Low-Speed Turbine Design

2009  Effect of Particle Density on Its Rebound in Dry-Mix Shotcrete

2009  Evolution of Kinematic Wave Time of Concentration Formulas for Overland Flow

2009  Kinematics of Overhanging Slopes in Discontinuous Rock

2009  Modeling the Kinematic Wave Parameters with Regression Methods

2009  Network Calibration for Unfavorable Reference-Rover Geometry in Network-Based RTK: Ohio CORS Case Study

2009  Offshore Technology in Civil Engineering, Hall of Fame Papers from the Early Years: Volume Four

2009  Performance of RTK Positioning in Forest Conditions: Case Study

2009  Results from a Comprehensive Global Navigation Satellite System Test in the CORS-TR Network: Case Study

2009  Storm Wave Kinematics

2008  The Effects of Basal Resistance and Hydroplaning on the Initial Kinematics of Seismically Induced Tsunamigenic Landslides

2008  Ensemble Averaged Flow Routing in Large Channel Networks: Kinematic Wave Equation

2008  Full-Scale Tests of Bridge Steel Pedestals

2008  Sediment Kinematics in Abutment Scour

2008  Solid Shell Element Based on Relative Displacement Concept

2008  Three-Dimensional Face Stability Analysis of Circular Tunnels by a Kinematical Approach

2008  Turbulent Effects on the Settling Velocity of Suspended Sediment

2007  Event-Based Soil Erosion Modeling of Small Watersheds

2007  Kinematics of Movable Bridges

2007  Modified Topographic Amplification Factors for a Single-Faced Slope due to Kinematic Soil-Structure Interaction

2006  Development and Verification of an Analytical Solution for Forecasting Nonlinear Kinematic Flood Waves

2006  General Formulation of Two Kinematic Hardening Constitutive Models with a Smooth Elastoplastic Transition

2006  Kinematic Seismic Response of Piles — Importance and Modeling

2005  Analysis of Flow Mechanism Based on Master Recession Curves

2005  Dynamic 3D Visualization of Articulated Construction Equipment

2005  Fixed-Head Pile Bending by Kinematic Interaction and Criteria for its Minimization at Optimal Pile Radius

2005  Influence of Kinematics on Landslide Mobility and Failure Mode

2005  Kinematic Response of Nonlinear Pile under Vertical Shear Waves

2005  Limitations of Kinematic Hardening for Modeling Soil Behavior

2005  Unconstrained Optimization and Calibration of a Kinematic-Cyclic Plasticity Model

2004  Alternative Definition of Particle Rolling in a Granular Assembly

2004  Experimental Inspiration for Kinematic Hardening Soil Models

2004  Kinematics of a Focused Wave Group on a Plane Beach: Physical Modeling in the UK Coastal Research Facility

2004  Position Error Modeling for Automated Construction Manipulators

2003  “Bizxiality Effect” on the Energy Dissipated by Elastoplastic Base-Isolators

2003  Comparison of Laboratory and Theoretical Internal Solitary Wave Kinematics

2003  Dynamic Model for Monitoring Landslides with Emphasis on Underground Water in Trabzon Province, Northeastern Turkey

2003  Heterogeneous Strain and Bonded Granular Structure Change in Triaxial Specimen Studied by Computer Tomography

2003  Kinematic Soil-Structure Interaction from Strong Motion Recordings

2003  Kinematic Wave Modeling in Hydrology

2003  Monitoring Crustal Movements in West Anatolia by Precision Leveling

2002  Effect of Nonlinear Wave Kinematics on Dynamic Response of Spars

2002  Fully Nonlinear Waves and Their Kinematics: NWT Simulation Vs. Experiment

2002  Kinematic Hardening Model for Pipeline-Soil Interaction under Various Loading Conditions

2002  Kinematic Pile Response to Vertical P-Wave Seismic Excitation

2002  Kinematics and Transformation of New Type Wave Front Breaker over Submerged Breakwater

2002  Laboratory Investigation of Nonlinear Irregular Wave Kinematics

2002  Nonlinear Wave Interaction and Its Applications to the Analysis of Ocean Waves

2002  System Identification Techniques for the Modelling of Irregular Wave Kinematics

2001  Combined Analysis of Real-Time Kinematic GPS Equipment and its Users for Height Determination

2001  Explicit Kinematic Solution for Tall Rigid–Jointed Frames

2001  Formulas for Time of Travel in Channel with Upstream Inflow

2001  Load Bearing Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Beams Subjected to Dynamic Cyclic Loads

2001  Wave Crest Kinematics of Deep Water Breaking Waves

2000  Advanced Numerical Modelling of Footings on Granular Soils

2000  Finite-Element Modeling of Floodplain Flow