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Found 88 Records with the keyword term of "Kinematic wave theory"

2014  Diverging Kinematic Wave Flow

2014  Evaluation of Parameter Characteristics of a Storage Function Model

2014  Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for Surface-Flow Routing

2013  Analytical Closed-Form Solution for 1D Linear Kinematic Overland Flow under Moving Rainstorms

2013  Distributed Hydrologic Forecast Reliability Using Next-Generation Radar

2012  Comparison of Computed and Experimentally Assessed Times of Concentration for a V-Shaped Laboratory Watershed

2012  Derivation of Travel Time Based on Diffusive Wave Approximation for the Time-Area Hydrograph Simulation

2012  Diffusive-Wave Based Hydrologic-Hydraulic Model with Sediment Transport. II: Validation and Practical Application

2012  Ensemble Modeling of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Processes at One Shot: Application to Kinematic Open-Channel Flow under Uncertain Channel Properties and Uncertain Lateral Flow Conditions by the Stochastic Method of Characteristics

2012  Ensemble Modeling of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Processes at One Shot: Application to Kinematic Open-Channel Flow under Uncertain Channel Properties by the Stochastic Method of Characteristics

2012  Field Test on Conversion of Natural Watershed into Kinematic Wave Rectangular Plane

2011  Analytical Solution of Nonlinear Kinematic Wave Model with Time-Varying Rainfall

2011  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Bed-Load Transport under Unsteady Flows

2011  Influence of Moving Rainstorms on Overland Flow of an Open Book Type Using Kinematic Wave

2011  Uncertainty in Flood Wave Routing in a Lateral-Inflow-Dominated Stream

2011  Zero-Inertial Recession for Kinematic-Wave Model

2009  Conversion of Natural Watershed to Kinematic Wave Cascading Plane

2009  Ensemble-Averaged Flow Routing in Channel Networks: Kinematic Wave Equation

2009  Modeling the Kinematic Wave Parameters with Regression Methods

2009  Volume-Conservative Nonlinear Flood Routing

2008  Accuracy of Kinematic Wave and Diffusion Wave Approximations for Flood Routing. I: Steady Analysis

2008  Accuracy of Kinematic Wave Approximation for Flood Routing. II: Unsteady Analysis

2008  Characteristic Velocity of Stream Bed Movement

2008  Effect of Channel Shape on Time of Travel and Equilibrium Detention Storage in Channel

2008  Empirical and Analytical Investigation of Traffic Flow Regimes and Transitions in Signalized Arterials

2008  Kinematic Wave Theory for Transient Bed Sediment Waves in Alluvial Rivers

2008  Optimum Rainfall Interval and Manning’s Roughness Coefficient for Runoff Simulation

2008  Three-Hour and Twenty-Four-Hour Rainstorm Ratios across the Southern United States

2007  Kinematic and Diffusion Waves: Analytical and Numerical Solutions to Overland and Channel Flow

2007  Storm Event and Continuous Hydrologic Modeling for Comprehensive and Efficient Watershed Simulations

2006  Analytical Solutions of Nonlinear Kinematic Wave Model

2006  ANN and Fuzzy Logic Models for Simulating Event-Based Rainfall-Runoff

2006  Kinematic Wave Parameters for Trapezoidal and Rectangular Channels

2006  Storm-Water Predictions by Dimensionless Unit Hydrograph

2005  Comparison of Kinematic-Wave and Nonlinear Reservoir Routing of Urban Watershed Runoff

2005  Influence of Loss Model on Design Discharge of Homogeneous Plane

2004  Effect of Microtopography, Slope Length and Gradient, and Vegetative Cover on Overland Flow through Simulation

2003  Kinematic Wave Model of Urban Pavement Rainfall-Runoff Subject to Traffic Loadings

2003  Kinematic Wave Modeling in Hydrology

2003  Modeling Event-Based Temporal Variability of Flow Resistance Coefficient

2003  True Form of Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph of Linear Reservoirs

2002  Dynamic Time Step for One-Dimensional Overland Flow Kinematic Wave Solution

2002  Generalized Formula for Time of Travel in Rectangular Channel

2002  Numerical Study on Traffic Flow with Single Parameter State Equation

2000  Consistency of the Synchronized Traffic Flow of Kerner with a Diffusively Corrected Lighthill–Whitham Model

2000  Modeling Stormwater Runoff Quantity and Quality from Marine Drydocks

1999  Economic factors of Furrow Irrigation under Partial Infiltration Information

1999  Kinematic Wave Analysis of Sheet Flow Using Topography Fitted Coordinates

1998  Enhancement of the Virginia Storm Model for Nonpoint Source Pollution Simulation

1998  Flood Routing in Ungauged Reservoir Watersheds

1998  Streamline Upwind Finite-Element Method for Overland Flow

1997  Economic Optimization of Furrow Irrigation

1997  Geomorphology and Kinematic-Wave–Based Hydrograph Derivation

1997  Time of Concentration Formula for Sheet Flow of Varying Flow Regime

1996  Development of a Hydrologic Model with Both Spatially Distributed and Physically Based Capabilities

1995  Assessment of Kinematic Wave Time of Concentration

1995  Free-Surface Stability Criterion as Affected by Velocity Distribution

1995  Kinematic Wave Application to Rangeland Watershed

1994  A Chance Constrained Model Using Kinematic Wave Routing for Stormwater Infrastructure Rehabilitation

1994  Free-Surface Instability in Flow down Steep Rivers

1994  Hydraulic Properties of Surface Runoff on Ash-Mixed Concrete Pavement

1993  A Comparison Between Two Kinematic Wave Solutions for Movement of Debris Flows

1993  Critical Rainfall Duration for Maximum Discharge from Overland Plane

1993  Manning’s n From Experiments with Rainfall-Runoff on Portland Cement Concrete Surfaces

1992  Design Discharge for Urban Stormwater Drainage

1992  Experiments with Wind Effects on Pavement Runoff

1991  Flood-Frequency Derivation from Kinematic Wave

1991  Fractal Concept Used in Time-of-Concentration Estimates

1991  Kinematic Wave Controversy

1990  Finite Element Watershed Modeling: One-Dimensional Elements

1990  Kinematic Wave Based Hydrologic Models with Different Solution Methods

1990  Real Time Flood Forecasting in New Zealand

1990  Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) Watershed Model: Hydrologic and Erosion Calculations

1989  Time of Concentration Formula for Pervious Catchments

1988  Kinematic Wave Routing and Computational Error

1988  Model-Prototype Study of Overland Flow

1988  Time Solution of Kinematic-Wave Model with Stochastic Infiltration

1987  Evaluation of a Modified Stretched Linear Wave Theory

1987  Experimental Study on the Validity Range of Various Wave Theories

1987  A Flood Prediction Geographic Information System

1987  Kinematic, Diffusion and Dynamic Catchment Modeling

1987  Local Approximations: A New Way of Dealing with Irregular Waves

1987  Nonlinear Theory on Particle Velocity and Pressure of Random Waves

1987  Pollutant Washoff by Overland Flow

1987  Upstream Calculation of Characteristics for Kinematic Wave Routing

1986  Performance of a Deterministic Storm Runoff Model

1986  Time of Concentration of Overland Flow

1985  Kinematic-Wave Method for Peak Runoff Estimates