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2015  Laboratory Analog Analysis of Spring Recession Curve in a Karst Aquifer with Fracture and Conduit Domains

2014  Aerial Characterization of Karst for Wind Development

2014  As I See It: Report from an Underground World

2014  As I See It: The Florida Sinkhole Battle

2014  Characterization of the Karstic Process in an Urban Environment Using GPR Surveys

2014  Geotechnical Design Over Karst. It’s All About the Water

2014  Karst-Related Sinkholes: Dynamic Compaction as an Effective Remediation Option

2014  A Probabilistic Approach to Karstic Foundation Variability

2014  Sinkhole Investigation and Grouting: Novel Recommendations for a Pipeline Right-of-Way

2014  Site Characterization and Geotechnical Roadway Design over Karst: Interstate 69, Greene and Monroe Counties, Indiana

2013  Foundation Design for High-Rise Tower in Karstic Ground

2013  Foundation Treatment Methods of Metro Station on Geological Sensitive Area

2013  Protection Measures for Pipeline in Karst Area

2013  Runoff Ratios for Five Small Urban Karst Watersheds under Different Levels of Imperviousness

2012  Advanced Geological Detection for Tunneling in Karst Area

2012  Compaction Grouting in Karst Terrain (A Test Program)

2012  Geological and Geotechnical Aspects of Grouting in Karst

2012  Karst Grouting For Foundation Support: A Discussion Board

2012  A Laboratory Study of Spring Hydrograph in Karst Triple Void Media, Southwestern China

2012  Practice, Perspectives, & Trends in U.S. Rock Grouting

2012  Remedial Treatment Exploration, Wolf Creek Dam (REPRINT)

2012  Treatment of Covered Karst Using LMG and JG: Natura Case Revisited from the Perspective of an Application of the Observational Method

2011  Characterization of Karst Terrain Using Electrical Resistivity Imaging Technique

2011  Compaction Grouting As Ground Modification in Karst Geology

2011  Geochemical and Geotechnical Features of Terra Rossa in Karst Areas of Southern Appalachians

2011  Probabilistic Finite Element Analysis of a Raft Foundation Supported by Drilled Shafts in Karst

2011  Risk Management for Large-Scale Foundation Design and Construction in Challenging Karst Geology

2011  Stability Evaluation Method for Karst Cave Roof Based on Fuzzy Theory

2011  Storm-Water Bioretention for Runoff Quality and Quantity Mitigation

2010  Application of Microgravity Survey to Detect Underground Cavities in a Desert Karst Terrain

2010  A Case History of Pile Foundation Remediation for Karst Activity

2010  Hollow Core versus Solid Bar Soil Nails for Support Applications in Karst Terrain: What We Learned!

2010  Regional Frequency Analysis of Low Flow Based on L Moments: Case Study in Karst Area, Southwest China

2010  Watch for this Call for Papers: The 12th Multidisciplinary Conference on Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst

2009  The Bearing Character of Bridge Piles in Karst Areas

2009  Evaluation Methods of Cavity Stability beneath Highway Roadbed in Karst Regions

2009  Identification and Repair of Karst Subsurface Voids

2009  Site Characterization in Karst Using Surface Geophysics

2009  Stability Charts for the Collapse of Residual Soil in Karst

2008  3D Mapping and Characterization of Sistema Zacatón from DEPTHX (DEep Phreatic THermal eXplorer)

2008  Achieving Karst Aquifer Protection within a Regulatory Framework

2008  Analysis and Discussion of Karst Conduit Waves

2008  Applicaiton of Seismic Refraction Tomography in Karst Terrane

2008  Application of Audio Frequency Electrical Penetrative Imaging Technology for the Detection of Karst Features of the Ordovician Limestone in Coal Mines, North China

2008  Application of Electrical Resistivity Method in Steeply Dipping Karst Terrane

2008  Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) Hydrologic Data Modelsto Karst Terrain

2008  Assessment of Karst Activity at Springfield Route 60 Study Site

2008  An Assessment of Karst Collapse Hazards in Guilin, Guangxi Province, China

2008  Back Matter

2008  Bedrock Structural Controls on the Occurrence of Sinkholes and Springs in the Northern Great Valley Karst, Virginia and West Virginia

2008  Compressive Structural Control on Karst Development

2008  A Conceptual Database Model for Spatial Analysis and Resource Managementin Karst

2008  Conduit Flow Paths and Conduit/Matrix Interactions Defined by Quantitative Groundwater Tracing in the Floridan Aquifer

2008  Conduit Prevalence in the Woodville Karst Plain

2008  Construction of Grout-Plugs within Karstic Collapse Columns to Restore Flooded Mines: A Case Study at Dongpang Mine, Xingtai, China

2008  Design Considerations for Underpinning of Structures Affected by Karst Using Hydraulically Driven Piles

2008  The Development and Use of Karst Maps in the Location of Highways in East Tennessee

2008  Development of a Business Park in Karst Terrain

2008  Development of Proposed Environmental Resource Permit Criteria for Sensitive Karst Areas: In the Southwest Florida Water Management District, Florida, USA

2008  Dye Tracing within the St. Lawrence Confining Unit in Southeastern Minnesota

2008  Electrical Resistivity in Northeastern U. S. Karst — A Case History

2008  Forensic Geotechnical Engineering Studies of Detection and Mitigation of Karst Sinkholes

2008  Foundation Design and Site Development for a New Hospital over a Complex Karst System

2008  Front Matter

2008  Gravity Drainage of Large Stormwater Volumes into Epikarstic Bedrock

2008  Grouting in Karst — Time for New Thinking

2008  Gypsiferous Soils: An Engineering Problem

2008  Hypogenic Karst and Its Implications for Minnesota Hydrogeology

2008  The Importance of Geologic Characterization of Fault-Controlled Karst at a Raw Water Intake Site

2008  Infrared Imagery of the Karst Terrain of Lancaster County, Southeastern Pennsylvania

2008  Karst and Complications

2008  Karst Characterization of the Marshall Space Flight Center: Two Years Later

2008  Karst Evaluation of a 90-Mile Transmission Line

2008  Mapping and Drilling of Conduits within the Woodville Karst Plain of North Florida

2008  Numerical Analysis of Embankments Supported by Geosynthetics over Drilled Shafts in Karst Terrains

2008  Pathogen TMDL Development in Karst Watersheds: Challenges and Solutions

2008  Prediction of Karst Occurrences by Interpreting Borehole Data within the Inception Horizon Hypothesis

2008  Probing the Plumbing of Wakulla Spring: Instrumentation and Preliminary Results

2008  Quarrying in Karst: Geotechnical Estimation of Environmental Risk

2008  Rapid Recharge Events in a Karstic Aquifer: An Example from Lake of the White Roses, Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico

2008  Scott Lake: The Formation and Investigation of a Large Sinkhole Occurrence in the Mantled Karst of West-Central Florida

2008  The Selection and Application of Geophysical Test Methods in West Central Florida Karst Regions

2008  Simulation of Rainfall-Underground Outflow Responses of a Karstic Watershed in Southwest China with an Artificial Neural Network

2008  Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst

2008  Soil Creeping in Weathering Crusts of Carbonate Rocks and Underground Soil Losses in Karst Mountain Areas of Southwest China

2008  A Statistical Approach to Karst Collapse Hazard Analysis in Missouri

2008  A Statistical Strategy for Determining Contaminant Impacts of an Industrial Monofill on Karst Springs

2008  Study of Karst Water Quality in Fugu, Northern Shaanxi, China

2008  Surface and Groundwater Interactions in Penn State’s Big Hollow Watershed

2008  Threading the Needle: Designing and Implementing Roadway Improvements in South Central Texas in Areas with Potential Threatened and Endangered Species Karst Habitat

2008  To the Problem of the Assessment of Karst Economic Risk for Pipelines (by the Example of the Tatarstan Republic Southeast)

2008  Undrained Stability of Residual Soil in Karst

2008  Use of Seismic Reflection Surveying to Enhance Traditional Subsurface Exploration for Karst Evaluation

2008  Using Numerical Modeling, Age Dating, and Geochemical Analyses to Delineate Contributing Areas to Public Supply Wells in the Karstic Upper Floridan Aquifer, Tallahassee, Florida

2008  The Vazante Underground Mine, Brazil — An Example of Controlled Water Table Drawdown in Karstic Areas

2007  Case Histories of Micropile in Karst: The Influence of Installation on Design and Performance

2007  Micropiles in Karst: Interstate 70, Frederick County, MD

2007  Variability of Karstic Limestone Quantified Through Compressional Wave Velocity Measurements

2006  Analysis of Mechanism of Water Inrush in Karst Tunnels

2006  Design and Construction of Highway Structures in Karst Terrain