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Found 80 Records with the keyword term of "Kaolin"

2014  Radial Flow Consolidation Testing

2013  On the Compressibility of Cement Stabilized Zinc-Contaminated Kaolin Clay

2012  Effects of Meta-Kaolin Clay on the Working and Strength Properties of Cement Grouts

2012  Research on the Reactivity of Metakaolin with Different Grade

2011  Chemical Leaching Assessment and Durability Evaluation of Cement Stabilized Zinc Contaminated Kaolin Clay

2011  Effect of Microfabric on Undrained Static and Cyclic Behavior of Kaolin Clay

2011  Hydraulic Conductivity of Kaolin Permeated with Salt Solution

2011  Removal of Hexachlorobenzene from Kaolin by Electrokinetics Coupled with Cu/ Fe PRB

2010  Influence of Heavy Metal Contaminants on the Compressibility of Reconstituted Kaolinite

2008  Cohesive Sediment Characterization by Combined Sedimentation and Rheological Measurements

2008  Electrokinetic Remediation Modeling Incorporating Geochemical Effects

2007  Effect on Microfabric on Shear Behavior of Kaolin Clay

2007  Ettringite Induced Heaving and Shrinking in Kaolinite Clay

2007  Influence of Metakaolin Surface Area on Properties of Cement-Based Materials

2007  Internal Erosion of Kaolin

2006  Effect of Plastic Fines on Cyclic Resistance of Sands

2006  Effect of Plastic Fines on the Undrained Behavior of Sands

2006  Metakaolin as an Extender in South African Cement

2006  Single Hardening Elasto-Plastic Model for Kaolin Clay with Loading-History-Dependent Plastic Potential Function

2006  Strain Localization in Combined Axial-Torsional Testing on Kaolin Clay

2005  Ageing and Viscous Effects on the Deformation of Clay in 1D Compression

2005  Experimental Investigation on Principal Stress Rotation in Kaolin Clay

2005  Experimental Studies on Ettringite-Induced Heaving in Soils

2005  Influence of Sediment Structure on Erosional Strength and Density of Kaolinite Sediment Beds

2005  Instrumenting Uniaxial Compressive Strength Tests to Assess the Anisotropic Deformability of a One-Dimensionally Consolidated Kaolinite

2005  Pore Occlusion in Compacted Mixtures of Sand and Kaolinite Due to Bioclogging

2004  Determining Intrinsic Compressibility of Fine-Grained Soils

2001  Effect of Sediment pH on Resuspension of Kaolinite Sediments

2000  Bentonite-Kaolinite Mix for Barrier Systems

2000  A Fully Coupled Analysis Procedure for Dynamic Behavior of Unsaturated Soils

2000  Pore Fluid Properties and Compressibility of Kaolinite

2000  Triaxial Behavior of Kaolinite in Different Pore Fluids

2000  Unconfined Compressive Strength of a Silty Soil and Kaolin Below the Residual State

1998  Chemical Stabilization of Kaolinite by Electrochemical Injection

1998  Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Sand-Kaolin Mixtures

1997  Electrokinetic Injection of Ammonium and Sulfate Ions into Sand and Kaolinite Beds

1997  Influence of Fines Content on the Behavior of Compaction Grout

1997  Natural Organic Matter Sorption by Kaolinite: Modified Langmuir Isotherm

1997  Strain Rate Effects in Model Pressuremeter Testing

1996  Coefficient of Permeability from AC Electroosmosis Experiments. I: Theory

1996  Coefficient of Permeability from AC Electroosmosis Experiments. II: Results

1996  EDTA-Enhanced Electrokinetic Extraction of Lead

1996  Soil Type Effect on NAPL Removal by Surfactant

1996  Variation of Fabric Anisotropy of Kaolinite in Triaxial Loading

1995  Comparative Response of Two Barrier Soils to Post Compaction Water Content Variations

1995  Detachment of Humics-Coated Colloids from Fluidized Beds

1995  Effect of Mixing on Flocculation Kinetics of Kaolin Clay Suspension at Cold Temperature Using Fe(III) Coagulant

1995  Effect of Zeta Potential on Soil Electrokinesis

1995  Electro-Osmotic Mobility Measurement for Kaolinite Clay

1995  Solute Breakthrough Curves for Processed Kaolin at Low Flow Rates

1995  Temperature Effects on Flocculation Kinetics Using Fe(III) Coagulant

1994  Effect of Heat Treatment on Strength of Clays

1994  Flocculation Kinetics Using Fe(III) Coagulant to Coagulate Kaolin Clay in Water: Effects of Temperature

1994  Impact of System Chemistry on Electroosmosis in Contaminated Soil

1994  Mechanical Properties of Kaolinite/Fiber Soil Composite

1994  A Piezoelectric Sediment Density Probe

1994  Shear Modulus of Kaolin Containing Methane Bubbles

1992  Phenol Removal from Kaolinite by Electrokinetics

1992  Seepage Control in Kaolinite Clay with Simulated Cracks

1991  A Plane Stress Direct Shear Apparatus for Testing Clays

1991  Undrained Strength of NC Clay Under 3-D Conditions

1990  Effect of Temperature on Settling of Fine Sediments

1989  Modeling Solute Transport by Centrifugation

1989  Special Bedrock Conditions and a Foundation Project in Greater Boston

1988  Study of Su Predicted by Pressuremeter Test

1987  Compression and Extension of Ko Normally Consolidated Kaolin Clay

1987  Surface Erosion of Compacted Pure Clays

1986  Decreasing Clay’s Permeability Using Aluminum Salts

1986  Mechanics of Crack Propagation in Stiff Clays

1985  Rate of Shear Effects on Vane Shear Strength

1983  Correlation Between Go and τmax for Kaolinite Clay

1983  Drained Axisymmetric Loading of Reinforced Clay

1982  Evaluation of Predictions

1982  Properties of Deposited Kaolinite in a Long Flume

1981  Containment of Heavy Metals with Natural Materials

1980  Containment of Heavy Metals with Natural Materials

1979  Kaolinite Resuspension Properties

1976  Centrifugal Modelling of Riverbank Failure

1975  Anisotropy in Heavily Overconsolidated Kaolin

1968  Electrical Dispersion in Relation to Soil Structure