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2015  Adaptive Tuning of the Unscented Kalman Filter for Satellite Attitude Estimation

2015  Comparison of Sequential and Variational Streamflow Assimilation Techniques for Short-Term Hydrological Forecasting

2015  Dynamic Forecast of Daily Urban Water Consumption Using a Variable-Structure Support Vector Regression Model

2015  Novel Outlier-Resistant Extended Kalman Filter for Robust Online Structural Identification

2015  Schmidt-Kalman Filter for Navigation Biases Mitigation during Mars Entry

2015  Single Station Antenna-Based Spacecraft Orbit Determination via Robust EKF against the Effect of Measurement Matrix Singularity

2015  Water Distribution System Burst Detection Using a Nonlinear Kalman Filter

2014  EM-FKF Approach to an Integrated Navigation System

2014  Evaluating Ensemble Kalman, Particle, and Ensemble Particle Filters through Soil Temperature Prediction

2014  Natural Flow Reconstruction Using Kalman Filter and Water Balance-Based Methods I: Theory

2014  Natural Flow Reconstruction Using Kalman Filter and Water Balance-Based Methods II: Case Studies, Results, and Discussion

2014  Observer Kalman Filter Identification for Output-Only Systems Using Interactive Structural Modal Identification Toolsuite

2014  Position Estimation for Projectiles Using Low-Cost Sensors and Flight Dynamics

2014  Sensitivity of Earned Value Schedule Forecasting to S-Curve Patterns

2014  Study of Burst Alarming and Data Sampling Frequency in Water Distribution Networks

2013  Adaptive Fading UKF with Q-Adaptation: Application to Picosatellite Attitude Estimation

2013  Coupled Hydraulic and Kalman Filter Model for Real-Time Correction of Flood Forecast in the Three Gorges Interzone of Yangtze River, China

2013  Cumulative Travel-Time Responsive Real-Time Intersection Control Algorithm in the Connected Vehicle Environment

2013  Development of a Road Visibility Forecast Model on the Basis of a CCTV-Camera-Based Road Visibility Information System

2013  Ensemble Kalman Filtering and Particle Filtering in a Lag-Time Window for Short-Term Streamflow Forecasting with a Distributed Hydrologic Model

2013  Flood Control with Model Predictive Control for River Systems with Water Reservoirs

2013  Identification of Hysteretic Dynamic Systems by Using Hybrid Extended Kalman Filter and Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis with Limited Observation

2013  Kalman Filtering Estimation of Arrival Rate for Off-Street Parking Lots

2013  Parametric Identification of Nondegrading Hysteresis in a Laterally and Torsionally Coupled Building Using an Unscented Kalman Filter

2013  Research on SOC Estimation for Power Lithium Battery Based on Kalman Filter

2013  Risk Assessment of Regional Water Resources and Forewarning Model at Different Time Scales

2013  Tracking and Predicting Barge Locations on Inland Waterways

2012  Adaptive Kalman Filtering Scheme for the Simulation of Benzene in Subsurface Environment

2012  Application of a Localization Scheme in Estimating Groundwater Level Using Deterministic Ensemble Kalman Filter

2012  Application of Kalman Filter with Time-Correlated Measurement Errors in Subsurface Contaminant Transport Modeling

2012  An Approach to Bus Travel Time Prediction Based on the Adaptive Fading Kalman Filter Algorithm

2012  Dual State-Mechanism Adjustment Adaptive Filtering to Improve Accuracy of Subsurface Transport Models

2012  Estimation for Air Combat Games with Unknown Enemy Inputs

2012  Examples of Validating an Adaptive Kalman Filter Model for Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction

2012  Low-Rank Kalman Filtering for Efficient State Estimation of Subsurface Advective Contaminant Transport Models

2012  Prediction of Sediment Concentration in Rivers by Recursive Least-Squares and Linear Minimum Variance Estimators

2012  Robust Estimation of UAV Dynamics in the Presence of Measurement Faults

2012  Robust Position and Attitude Control for Spacecraft Formation Flying

2012  Use of Simulation Filters in Three-Dimensional Groundwater Contaminant Transport Modeling

2011  An Adaptive Kalman Filter for Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting

2011  Algorithm of Traffic Flow Monitoring Based on Adaptive Kalman Filtering

2011  Ensemble Kalman Filter to Improve the Accuracy of a Three Dimensional Flow and Transport Model with a Continuous Pollutant Source

2011  Identification of Geologic Fault Network Geometry by Using a Grid-Based Ensemble Kalman Filter

2011  Kalman Filter-Based Identification of Bridge Fragility Parameters

2011  Kalman Filtering of Hydraulic Measurements for Burst Detection in Water Distribution Systems

2011  Reconstruction of Groundwater Contamination History in Hadnot Point Area of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Using Linear Stochastic Control Model

2011  Research of Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecast Method Based on the Kalman Filter

2011  Subsurface Radioactive Contaminant Transport Modeling Using Particle and Kalman Filter Schemes

2011  Two-Stage Extended Kalman Filters with Derivative-Free Local Linearizations

2011  Use of Regional Covariance in Data Assimilation Method to Improve the Estimation Accuracy of a Three Dimensional Contaminant Transport Model

2011  Use of Simulation Filters in 3-D Groundwater Contaminant Transport Modeling

2010  Application of Data Assimilation with the Root Zone Water Quality Model for Soil Moisture Profile Estimation

2010  Assimilating Remotely Sensed Surface Soil Moisture into SWAT Using Ensemble Kalman Filter

2010  Deformation Detection in the GPS Real-Time Series by the Multiple Kalman Filters Model

2010  Extended Kalman Filtering to Improve the Accuracy of a Subsurface Contaminant Transport Model

2010  Flood Forecasting in Regulated Basins Using the Ensemble Extended Kalman Filter with the Storage Function Method

2010  Historical Reconstruction of Groundwater Contamination at Contaminated Sites and Uncertainty Analysis

2010  Means of Setting Region of Interesting in Identifying Bend Lane

2010  New Layer-Moduli Back-Calculation Method Based on the Constrained Extended Kalman Filter

2010  Probabilistic Forecasting of Project Duration Using Kalman Filter and the Earned Value Method

2010  A Robust Kalman Filter Based Data Fusion Method for Traffic Speed Estimation

2010  Structural Reliability Estimation with Vibration-Based Identified Parameters

2009  Alternative Postprocessing Relative Positioning Approach Based on Precise Point Positioning

2009  Kalman Filter Approach to Speed Estimation Using Single Loop Detector Measurements under Congested Conditions

2008  Aircraft Icing Detection, Identification, and Reconfigurable Control Based on Kalman Filtering and Neural Networks

2008  Algorithm for Real Time Correction of Stream Flow Concentration Based on Kalman Filter

2008  Evaluation of a Bias Aware Ensemble Kalman Filter Using a Scaled Aquifer Transport Experiment

2008  Improving Precision in the Reference Velocity of ADCP Measurements Using a Kalman Filter with GPS and Bottom Track

2008  Link Travel-Time Prediction using Extended Exponential Smoothing and Kalman Filter in Dynamic Networks

2008  Stochastic Interpolation of Spatial Random Fields by BF/MCF-ISM

2007  Applying a Recursive Update Algorithm to a Distributed Hydrologic Model

2007  Improved Estimation of ADCP Apparent Bed-Load Velocity Using a Real-Time Kalman Filter

2006  Real-Time Traffic State Estimation on Urban Road Network: The Application of Unscented Kalman Filter

2004  Sediment Concentration and Its Prediction by Perceptron Kalman Filtering Procedure

2000  Simultaneous Estimation of System and Input Parameters from Output Measurements

2000  A Travel Time Estimation Model for Route Guidance Systems

1999  Data Assimilation and Nested Hydrodynamic Modelling in Storm Surge Forecasting

1999  Recursive System Identification for Real-Time Sewer Flow Forecasting

1999  Road Slope Information from GPS-Derived Trajectory Data

1999  Statistical Wave Forecasting through Kalman Filtering Combined with Principal Component Analysis

1999  Stochastic Optimal and Suboptimal Control of Irrigation Canals

1999  Tank Model Using Kalman Filter

1998  Breaker Bar Dynamics Predicted by Kalman Filtering

1998  Estimating Ice-Affected Streamflow by Extended Kalman Filtering

1998  A Kalman Filter for Wave Data Assimilation in WAM

1998  PILOTE: Linear Quadratic Optimal Controller for Irrigation Canals

1998  Prototype of a New Framework for Real-Time Road Traffic Congestion Detection

1998  Real-Time Freeway O-D Prediction Algorithm Under ATIS Environment

1998  Safe Path Planning for Mobile Robots

1998  Thermal Ice Growth: Real-Time Estimation

1998  Two-Step Identification Approach for Damped Finite Element Models

1997  Estimation of Spatially Variable Aquifer Hydraulic Properties Using Kalman Filtering

1997  H∞ Static and Dynamic Output Feedback Control of the AMD Benchmark Problem

1997  Stochastic Solution to Inverse Problem in Ground Water

1996  Advances in System Identification Using Output Measurements

1996  Application of Kalman Filter to Short-Term Tide Level Prediction

1996  Design of Global Control Algorithm for Irrigation Canals

1996  An Enhanced Kalman Filtering Algorithm for Dynamic Freeway OD Matrix Estimation and Prediction

1996  Identification of Conditional Stochastic Gaussian Field

1996  Updating of SFEM by Observation