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2014  Performance Evaluation of Different Repair Concretes Proposed for an Existing Deteriorated Jetty Structure

2013  Corrosion Assessment of RC Deck in a Jetty Structure Damaged by Chloride Attack

2012  Assessment of Long-Term Performance of a 50-Year-Old Jetty in the South of Iran

2011  In Situ Assessment of Scour Potential with Depth Using Jetting Approach

2011  Mixing of a Rosette Jet Group in a Crossflow

2010  Assessment of Scour Development at a Deep-Water Marine Jetty Using 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics

2010  Investigation of Corrosion Damage and Repair System in a Concrete Jetty Structure

2010  Jetty Modification Study for Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor, Hawaii

2008  Incorporating Rubble Mound Jetties in Elliptic Harbor Wave Models

2004  Broad Toe Berm Jetty Head Design, Yaquina North Jetty

2004  A Case Study in Jetty Maintenance, Tillamook Bay, Oregon

2004  Dynamics of an Emergency Jetty Repair at Coos Bay, Oregon

2004  Ft. Pierce Federal Shore Protection Project: Shoreline Stabilization Design Using T-Head Groins

2004  Rubble Mound Jetty Armor Damage

2001  CORE-LOC® Repair of Dolos-Armored Jetties at Manasquan Inlet, New Jersey

1999  Anthropogenic vs. Natural Influences on Inlet Evolution: West-Central Florida

1999  Coastal Defence Structures in NSW, Australia

1999  The Columbia River Littoral Cell: A Sediment Budget Overview

1999  Inner-Bank Erosion at Jetty-Shoreline Intersection

1999  Longshore Sand Transport Rate Measurement and Quantification of Uncertainties

1998  Rehabilitating Denver’s South Platte River to Improve Habitat and Boating

1998  Rehabilitation and Strengthening of U.G.G. Jetty #3

1998  Rehabilitation of a Berthing Structure

1998  Wave Propagation in Circular Jettied Channels

1997  A Condition and Performance Rating System for Breakwaters and Jetties

1997  Impacts of Inlet Structures on Channel Location

1997  Interaction of the Colorado River Project, Texas, with Longshore Sediment Transport

1997  Laboratory Mobile Bed Model Studies on Ebb Tidal Shoal Evolution

1997  Wave Impact Beneath a Horizontal Surface

1996  A Marine Geophysical Investigation to Determine the Cause for Failure of the Yaquina Bay Jetty, Newport, Oregon

1995  Concrete Armor Unit Performance in Light of Recent Research Results

1995  Cruise Passenger Loading Bridges at Florida Ports

1995  Dolosse Repair of Humboldt Bay Breakwaters: Construction Management Aspects

1995  Field Tests of Radiation-Stress Estimators of Longshore Sediment-Transport

1995  The History of the Humboldt Jetties, Eureka, California 1880 to 1994

1995  Investigation of Damage at the Yaquina Bay North Jetty

1995  Port of Plymouth Reconstruction Montserrat, West Indies

1994  Dredged Material Used in Sand-filled Containers for Scour and Erosion Control

1994  Shoaling of Wave Spectra in Front of Reflective Structures

1994  Use of a Modified Hybrid Model to Analyze the Effectiveness of Jetties in Reducing Marina Sedimentation

1993  A Condition Rating System for Rubble Breakwaters and Jetties

1993  Water Wave Propagation in Jettied Channels

1992  Application of Extremely Low Altitude Photogrammetry for Monitoring Coastal Structures

1992  Concrete for Sealing Voids in Rubble Structures

1992  Design and Construction of Shinnecock Inlet, New York

1992  Effect of Jetty Configuration on Wave Conditions and Dredge Quantities at Green Harbor, MA

1992  An Engineering Assessment of Hydrodynamics and Beach Response at Little River Inlet, NC-SC

1992  Harbour Development in Southern Part of Thailand

1992  Our Aging Coastal Infrastructure

1992  Scour Hole Development and Stabilization at Shinnecock and Moriches Inlets, New York

1992  South Jetty Scour Hole Stabilization, Ocean City, Maryland

1992  Sylvan Beach Pier Rehabilitation Study

1992  The Talbert Channel Ocean Outlet Project

1991  Community Description and Monitoring of Cumberland Island Jetty at Kings Bay—St. Marys River Entrance, Georgia

1991  Dredging & Nourishment Bulk Determination by Sediment Budget

1991  Ebb Delta and Shoreline Response to Inlet Stabilization, Examples from the Southeast Atlantic Coast

1991  Historical Coastal Morphodynamics at St. Marys Entrance and Vicinity, Florida, U.S.A.

1991  Historical Morphologic Evolution and Sedimentation at Barataria Pass, Louisiana

1991  A Model for Long Waves at Grazing Angle to a Rubble-Mound Jetty

1991  Model Testing of Shore Protection Schemes at Surfside-Sunset Beach, CA

1991  Observations of a Tidal Inlet on a Shingle Beach

1991  Ocean Wave Propagation up a Narrow Channel

1991  Processes of Sediment Transport and Ebb Tidal Delta Development at a Jettied Inlet

1991  Rehabilitation of the South Jetty-Ocean City, Maryland

1991  Shell Island Evolution

1991  Wave Propagation in Jettied Entrance Channels. I: Models

1991  Wave Propagation in Jettied Entrance Channels. II: Observations

1991  Wave-Current Interaction at Wells Inlet, Maine

1989  A Case Study of Ebb Tidal Delta Equilibrium: Ocean City, Maryland

1989  Coastal Processes and Management Issues on Folly Island, SC: 1850-1988

1989  Murrells Inlet: Where to From Here

1989  Ria De Foz: Solution for a Harbour and Coastal Problem

1989  Shoreline at Jetty Due to Cyclic and Random Waves

1987  Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey—A Stabilized Inlet

1987  Case History of a Puget Sound Bypass Operation

1987  Coastal Erosion on the Barrier Islands of Pinellas County, West-central Florida

1987  Coastal Response to Weir Jetty Construction at Little River Inlet, North and South Carolina

1987  Drop Test of Dolos Armor Units

1987  An Evaluation of Two Concepts for Reducing Sedimentation at Mayport Turning Basin, Florida

1987  Federal Jetty and Sand Dike at the Entrance to Fire Island Inlet, New York

1987  Inlet Ebb Shoals Related to Coastal Parameters

1987  Littoral Cells of the Pacific Northwest Coast

1987  Numerical Modeling of the Coastal Current Regime at Yaquina Bay, Oregon

1987  Sediment Transport and Ebb-Tidal Delta Development at Charleston Harbor Entrance, South Carolina

1987  Sedimentary, Hydrological and Biological Changes Resulting from Extension of the Umpqua River Training Jetty, Oregon

1987  Shoreline and Sediment Budget Analysis of North Assateague Island, Maryland

1987  A Study of Beachfill Longevity: Long Beach Island, NJ

1985  Photogrammetric Monitoring of Dolos Stability, Manasquan Inlet, New Jersey

1983  The Design and Performance of a Weir at Boca Raton Inlet, Florida

1983  The Design of Weir Sand By-Passing Systems

1983  Physical Model Study of Weir Jetty Design

1983  Reconstruction of a Grain Loading Jetty with Minimum Downtime

1980  The Berthing of a Ship to a Jetty

1980  Fendering Requirements/Design Fender Impact Criteria

1980  Mechanisms Operating at a Jettied River Entrance

1980  New Jetties for Rung-Kang Fishing Harbour, Taiwan

1980  Photobathymetry

1980  The Role of a State Geological Survey in Barrier Island Management: A Critical Link Between Research and Policy

1980  Wave Tank Use In Small Boat Harbor Design, Newport News, Virginia

1979  Rubble-Mound Structures as Artificial Reefs