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2015  Automated Geo-Spatial Hazard Warning System GEOWARNS: Italian Case Study

2015  Evolution of the Fracturing Process in Masonry Arches

2015  Seismic Performance of Precast Industrial Facilities Following Major Earthquakes in the Italian Territory

2015  Seismic Performance of Storage Steel Tanks during the May 2012 Emilia, Italy, Earthquakes

2014  Bottom Profile Evolution of a Perched Nourished Beach

2014  Curve Number: Empirical Evaluation and Comparison with Curve Number Handbook Tables in Sicily

2014  Flooding Hazard Mapping in Floodplain Areas Affected by Piping Breaches in the Po River, Italy

2014  Fracturing Pressure in Clay

2014  Legal Disputes and Building Defects: Data from Tuscany

2014  Overconsolidation and Stiffness of Venice Lagoon Sands and Silts from SDMT and CPTU

2014  Performance of a Theoretical Model for the Description of Water Balance and Runoff Dynamics in Southern Italy

2014  Planning for Sustainable Land-Use Changes: Indications from an Assessment of Soil Consumption in a Polycentric Region

2014  Spillway Collapse of the Montedoglio Dam on the Tiber River, Central Italy: Data Collection and Event Analysis

2013  Application of Strategic Environmental Assessment to Eco-Industrial Parks: Raibano Case in Italy

2013  Cappella dei Principi in Firenze, Italy: Experimental Analyses and Numerical Modeling for the Investigation of a Local Failure

2013  Climatic Characterization and Response of Water Resources to Climate Change in Limestone Areas: Considerations on the Importance of Geological Setting

2013  Compartmentalization Effects in Geologic CO2 Sequestration. A Case Study in an Offshore Reservoir in Italy

2013  A contribution for the assessment of sliding susceptibility in Sarno area, Southern Italy

2013  Digital Mapping Project Aims to Preserve, Protect Historic Sites

2013  Forensic Engineering in Italy: A Reality

2013  Regionalization of the Hargreaves Coefficient for the Assessment of Distributed Reference Evapotranspiration in Southern Italy

2013  Speed Stochastic Processes and Freeway Reliability Estimation: Evidence from the A22 Freeway, Italy

2012  Compression and Creep of Venice Lagoon Sands

2012  Deep Soil Mixing to Help the Restoration of Venice San Marco Bell Tower

2012  Earthquakes and Engineers, An International History; The head of the Oral History Series at the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)

2012  Field Measurements of Tug Waves in the Cagliari Harbor, Italy

2012  High Standards

2012  The Italian Association of Forensic Engineering

2012  NewsBriefs: Venice’s Famed Bridge of Sighs Restored(AFP)

2012  Output-Only Modal Identification of Ancient L’Aquila City Hall and Civic Tower

2012  Partial Collapse of an Ancient Masonry Church

2012  Public Financing into Build-Operate-Transfer Hospital Projects in Italy

2012  Remediation of the Waterproofing System of a Tunnel

2012  Roman Concrete Vaulting in the Great Hall of Trajan’s Markets: Structural Evaluation

2012  Stiffness Monitoring during Vibratory Compaction of Foundation Soil for Venice Lagoon Restoration Project

2012  Study Indicates Venice Tilting, Still Subsiding

2012  Two Difficult Tunnelling Problems Solved by Using Permeation Grouting: The Excavation of Submerged Large Size Tunnels for Roma and Napoli Metro Projects

2012  Vulnerability of Reinforced-Concrete-Frame Buildings and Their Occupants in the 2009 L’Aquila, Italy, Earthquake

2011  1923 Gleno Dam Break: Case Study and Numerical Modeling

2011  Adaptation of Precipitation Index for the Estimation of Antecedent Moisture Condition in Large Mountainous Basins

2011  Automation of High Density Metro Lines: Rome Line A Case Study

2011  A Cableway People Mover for a Strategic Interchange Node

2011  Common Connections: Lessons Learned on Italy’s High Speed Rail Networks

2011  Comparing Safety Performance Measures Obtained from Video Capture Data

2011  A Comparison of 2D and 3D Settlement Analyses of the Tower of Pisa

2011  Dominance-Based Rough Set Approach to Budget Allocation in Highway Maintenance Activities

2011  Evaluation of the CRITERIA Irrigation Scheme Soil Water Balance Model in Texas—Initial Results

2011  Flow Field and Morphology Mapping Using ADCP and Multibeam Techniques: Survey in the Po River

2011  Geohazard Interpretation of the Cagliari Slope (Southern Sardinia, Italy)

2011  How to Address Velocity Measurements during High Floods: The Case Study of the Hydrometric Section along the Chiascio River in Central Italy

2011  Hydraulic Design and Preliminary Performance Evaluation of Countermeasure against Debris Accumulation and Resulting Local Pier Scour on River Po in Italy

2011  Italian Footbridge Doubles as Piazza

2011  Italy’s Largest Constructed Wetlands Begins Accepting Wastewater

2011  NewsBriefs: Engineers Drain Lake under a Glacier On Mont Blanc (BBC News)

2011  NewsBriefs: Leaning Tower of Pisa Restoration Nears Completion (PressTV)

2011  Numerical Prediction of the Dynamic Behavior of Two Earth Dams in Italy Using a Fully Coupled Nonlinear Approach

2011  Pollution Reduction in Receivers: Storm-Water Tanks

2011  Record-breaking Boring Machine used in Italy

2011  Restoration Experts Put Finishing Touches on Leaning Tower of Pisa

2010  Below-Average Bidding Method

2010  Considerations Regarding the Retrofit Intervention of Santa Maria Di Collemaggio Basilica in L’Aquila Following 2009 Italian Earthquake

2010  Detection of Terrain Morphologic Features Using GPS, TLS, and Land Surveys: "Tana della Volpe" Blind Valley Case Study

2010  Driving the Modeling of Saltwater Intrusion at the Venice Coastland (Italy) by Ground-Based, Water-, and Air-Borne Geophysical Investigations

2010  Effect of Time Scale on the Performance of Different Sediment Transport Formulas in a Semiarid Region

2010  Evaluation and Remediation of an Abandoned Gypsum Mine

2010  Formulation of the Entropy Parameter Based on Hydraulic and Geometric Characteristics of River Cross Sections

2010  Geomechanical Characterization of the Volcaniclastic Material Involved in the 2002 Landslides at Stromboli

2010  Hydrological Effects of Bounding the Venice (Italy) Industrial Harbor by a Protection Cutoff Wall: Modeling Study

2010  The Influence of River Bottom Topography on Salt Water Encroachment Along the Lamone River (Ravenna, Italy), and Implications for the Salinization of the Adjacent Coastal Aquifer

2010  Learning from Construction Failures due to the 2009 L’Aquila, Italy, Earthquake

2010  Operational Monitoring of Daily Crop Water Requirements at the Regional Scale with Time Series of Satellite Data

2010  Prospects of Using Rainwater as a Local Resource

2010  The Scandalous Contract of Venice

2010  Structural Analysis and Fatigue Reliability Assessment of the Paderno Bridge

2009  Case Study: Design of Flood Control Systems on the Vara River by Numerical and Physical Modeling

2009  Cost and Schedule Monitoring of Industrial Building Projects: Case Study

2009  Dynamic Characterization Test of the New Law Court in Naples

2009  Emergency Preparedness Training and Education in Lombardy Region, Italy: Survey of Supply and Demand

2009  In-Line Partially Closed Valves: How to Detect by Transient Tests

2009  Interconnected Galleries Bring New Museum To Life

2009  Investigation Yields Insights in Earthquake Aftermath

2009  L’Aquila, Italy: The Next Lesson

2009  London-Based Foster + Partners.

2009  Multilinear Muskingum Method for Stage-Hydrograph Routing in Compound Channels

2009  NewsBriefs: Funds Approved for Messina Suspension Bridge

2009  NewsBriefs: New High-Speed Rail Line in Italy

2009  Numerical Modeling of Site Effects at San Giuliano di Puglia (Southern Italy) during the 2002 Molise Seismic Sequence

2009  Partial Collapse of a Historical Masonry Building

2009  Proposal to Roof the Courtyards of an Historical Building in Pisa with Glass and Steel Grid Shells: Form Finding and Stability Problems

2009  Seismic Retrofitting of Three Important Buildings in Italy and Turkey

2009  Short Takes: TCLEE Volunteer Assesses Lifeline Performance in China and Italy

2009  Using Impellers to Distribute Local Nutrient Loadings in a Stratified Lake: Lake Como, Italy

2008  Analysis of a Resonance Phenomenon in a Water Supply System

2008  Combining Criticality Analysis and Failure Rate Assessment to Plan Asset Management in the Water Supply System of the Province of Ferrara

2008  Cycling Management: The Success Story of the City of Bolzano Bozen

2008  Evaluation of the Minimum Discharge from the Dam on Menta Stream (Reggio Calabria, Italy)

2008  Integrated Agro-Economic Approach to Deficit Irrigation on Lettuce Crops in Sicily (Italy)

2008  NewsBriefs: Leaning Tower of Pisa Stabilized

2008  Preservation of Historical Walser Houses in Alagna Valsesia, Italy

2008  A Reinterpretation of the 2002 Attempted Water Terror Attack on the US Rome Embassy: Don’t Underestimate the Enemy