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2015  Mechanistic Model for Simulating Critical Behavior in Elastomeric Bearings

2014  Experimental Behavior of Steel Fixed Bearings and Implications for Seismic Bridge Response

2014  Influence of Soil-Structure Interaction and Liquefaction on the Isolation Efficiency of a Typical Multispan Continuous Steel Girder Bridge

2014  Novel Isolation Device for Protection of Cable-Stayed Bridges against Near-Fault Earthquakes

2014  Seismic-Isolation Retrofits of School Buildings: Practice in China after Recent Devastating Earthquakes

2013  Dynamic Stability Testing of Isolation Systems Composed of Elastomeric Bearings and Implications for Design

2013  Experimental Study of the Dynamic Behavior of High-Damping Rubber-Bearing Isolator

2013  Mechanics Performance Test and Seismic Behavior of a Novel 3D Isolation Bearing for Bridges

2013  Response of Seismic-Isolated Bridges in Relation to Intensity Measures of Ordinary and Pulselike Ground Motions

2013  The Response of the Seismically Isolated Bolu Viaduct Subjected to Fault Crossing

2013  Seismic Response Characteristics of Saturated Sand Deposits Mixed with Tire Chips

2013  Static and Dynamic Stability of Elastomeric Bearings for Seismic Protection of Structures

2012  Aspects of Isolation Device Behavior Observed from Full-Scale Testing of an Isolated Building at E-Defense

2012  Integral Lifting and Seismic Isolation Retrofit of Great Hall of Nanjing Museum

2012  Isolation of DDC Impact to Sheet Pile Walls by Open Trenches

2012  Property Verification of Triple Pendulum Seismic Isolation Bearings

2012  Real-Time Dynamic Substructuring Testing of a Bridge Equipped with Friction-Based Seismic Isolators

2012  Seismic Response of Full and Hybrid Isolated Curved Bridges

2012  A Simplified Method of Analysis of Isolated Bridges with Yielding Substructures

2012  Stretch–Stress Behavior of Elastomeric Seismic Isolators with Different Rubber Materials: Numerical Insight

2012  Transverse versus Longitudinal Eigenperiods of Multispan Seismically Isolated Bridges

2011  Analysis and Design of Vibration Isolation System Using Open Trenches

2011  Computational Analyses of Quasi-Isolated Bridges with Fusing Bearing Components

2011  Seismic Isolation: Applications of WorkSafe Technologies Ball-N-Cone Isolator

2011  Seismic Isolation of Safety-Related Nuclear Structures

2011  Seismic Protection of Bridge Structures Using Shape Memory Alloy-Based Isolation Devices

2011  "The Bowls Project"—A Prototype for Full Scale Testing As an Alternate Approval Process for Small Scale Base-Isolated Structures

2010  Behavior of Bidirectional Spring Unit in Isolated Floor Systems

2010  Characterization of a Roller Seismic Isolation Bearing with Supplemental Energy Dissipation for Highway Bridges

2010  Comparison of US and Japanese Codes and Practices for Seismically Isolated Buildings

2010  Effects of Large Cumulative Travel on the Behavior of Lead-Rubber Seismic Isolation Bearings

2010  Fault Tolerant Control of a Building Structure with AMD

2010  Hybrid Vibration Control for Structure and Device Platform under Environment Excitation

2010  The Influence of Isolator Hysteresis on Equipment Performance in Seismic Isolated Buildings

2010  A New Seismic Isolation Method by Using a Periodic Foundation

2010  Seismic Isolation of Buildings with a New Type of Periodic Foundations

2010  Seismic Sophistication

2010  Tensile Stiffness and Deformation Model of Rubber Isolators in Tension and Tension-Shear States

2010  Theoretical Studies of the XY-FP Seismic Isolation Bearing for Bridges

2010  Vibration Isolation of Structure Connected with SMA Helical Springs

2009  Analytical and Experimental Studies on Seismic Behavior of Buildings with Mid-Story Isolation

2009  Effectiveness of Partial Isolation of Bridges for Improving Column Performance

2009  Experimental Study of the XY-Friction Pendulum Bearing for Bridge Applications

2009  Isolation Performance of the Intelligent Plug in High-Pressure Pipeline

2009  Isolation System for Vibration Control of Stay Cables

2009  Numerical Study to Investigate the Effect of Elastomeric Snubber Properties on Seismic Response of Vibration-Isolated Nonstructural Components

2009  Optimal Isolator Parameters for Economical Mitigation of Seismic Risk for Highway Bridges

2009  Seismic Behaviour of an Isolated Bridge with Directional Effects

2009  Seismic Isolation Retrofit for Existing Buildings in Japan

2009  Seismic Isolators of Variable Stiffness for Earthquakes with Strong Long-Period Components

2009  Seismic Retrofitting of Three Important Buildings in Italy and Turkey

2009  Structural Control Using Functionally Upgraded Spring-Damper Isolator Having Integral Gapping Elements

2009  Tall Building Motion Control Using Double Skin Façades

2009  Vertical Stiffness and Deformation Analysis Models of Rubber Isolators in Compression and Compression-Shear States

2008  Analytical Evaluation of Various Passive Isolation Systems on Seismic Performance of a Low-Cost Chilean Masonry House

2008  Applying Seismic Isolation to Buildings in Japan — Retrofitting and Middle-Story Isolation

2008  Comparative Assessment with Detailed Models of Sliding versus Elastomeric Seismic Isolation in Typical Multi-Span Bridges

2008  Effect of Soil — Structure Interaction on Seismic Isolated Bridges

2008  Evaluating Performance in Seismic Isolated Buildings Using Performance Indexes

2008  Experimental Verification of the Static Method for Seismic Design of Vibration-Isolated HVAC Equipment

2008  Introduction to NEES TIPS: Tools for Isolation and Protective Systems

2008  Lateral Response Evaluation of Fiber-Reinforced Neoprene Seismic Isolators Utilized in an Unbonded Application

2008  Numerical Simulation of Seismic Ground Motion Isolation Using Fully Coupled Nonlinear Response in Saturated Sands

2008  Satisfying Drift and Acceleration Criteria with Multi-Stage Friction Pendulum Isolation Systems

2008  Seismic Performance of Seismic-Isolated Building for Long-Period Ground Motion and Limited Performance of Seismic Isolator

2008  Stochastic Response of Bridges Seismically Isolated by Friction Pendulum System

2008  Vertical Earthquake Loads on Seismic Isolation Systems in Bridges

2008  Vertical Vibration Isolation Device Using Constant Load Supporting Mechanism

2007  E-Defense Tests on Full-Scale Steel Buildings: Part 1 - Experiments Using Dampers and Isolators

2007  Experimental Evaluation of a Sacrificial Seismic Fuse Device for Masonry Infill Walls

2007  Force-Deformation Behavior of Isolation Bearings

2007  Isolation, Characterization, and Identification of Bacteria from Activated Sludge and Soluble Microbial Products in Wastewater Treatment Systems

2007  Practical Development and Application of Fragility Functions

2007  Semiactive Control of Nonlinear Isolated Bridges with Time Delay

2007  Simplified Analysis for Preliminary Design of Base-Isolated Structures

2007  Vertical Distribution of Seismic Forces for Simplified Design of Base-Isolated Buildings

2006  Effects of Pier and Deck Flexibility on the Seismic Response of Isolated Bridges

2006  Essential Facility Benefits from New Base Isolation Technology

2006  Formulation and Implementation of a Lead-Rubber Bearing Model Including Material and Geometric Nonlinearities

2006  Numerical Study on Buckling of Elastomeric Seismic Isolation Bearings

2006  Property Modification Factors for Seismically Isolated Bridges

2006  Response Modification of Highway Bridge Benchmark Structure Using Supervisory Fuzzy Control of Smart Seismic Isolation System

2006  Semiactive Lyapunov Controller for Phase II Seismic Isolated Highway Bridge Benchmark

2005  A First-Order Reliability Method for Contaminant Detection and Isolation

2005  Guidelines for the Testing of Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipating Devices

2005  Numerical Evaluation of Adaptive Base-Isolated Structures Subjected to Earthquake Ground Motions

2005  Static Soil – Structure Interaction Effects in Seismic-Isolated Bridges

2005  Systematic Performance Evaluation of Smart Seismic Isolation Systems

2005  Testing and Modeling of Prestressed Isolators

2005  Vibration Isolation Using Gas-filled Cushions

2004  Applicability of Seismic Protective Systems to Structures with Vibration-Sensitive Equipment

2004  Foundation Isolation for Seismic Protection using a Smooth Synthetic Liner

2004  Front Matter

2004  Index

2004  Performance of a Seismically Isolated Bridge under Near-Fault Earthquake Ground Motions

2004  Primer on Seismic Isolation

2004  Seismic Isolation of Masonry Infill Walls

2004  Seismic Response of Isolated Bridges

2004  Soil Isolation for Seismic Protection using a Smooth Synthetic Liner

2004  Supervisory Fuzzy Logic Control of Smart Seismic Isolation Systems