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2013  Construction of Ocean Reef Islands Residential Community

2013  Designing a Harbor Entrance to Defeat Swell Wave Agitation

2012  Evaluation of Floating Wetland Islands As a Retrofit to Existing Stormwater Detention Basins

2012  Galveston’s Life Line—Considerations When Designing an Aerial Crossing

2012  A Wave, Water Level, and Structural Monitoring Plan for Dauphin Island, Alabama

2011  A High Resolution Unstructured Model to Study Storm Surge in the Pacific Island of Guam

2011  Major Breakwater Repair in the Azores

2011  Storm Surge Study of the Hawaiian Islands Using the EST Method

2011  TWAVE Modeling Package for Simulation of Coastal Inundation in Island Regions

2011  A Wave of New Information: LIDAR Investigations of the 2009 Samoan Tsunami

2010  Assessment of Long-Term Water Quality Impacts of the Craney Island Eastward Expansion, Elizabeth River, Virginia

2010  The Challenge of Designing a Port Terminal on a Compressible Spring, Craney Island Eastward Expansion, Portsmouth, Virginia

2010  Emulating Nature by Building an Island Style Breakwater for the Fort Pierce Marina

2010  A (Geotechnical) Tale of Two Land Reclamations

2010  Integrated Site Investigation for Craney Island Eastward Expansion, Portsmouth, Virginia

2010  Island Groundwater: A Limited and Vulnerable Resource

2010  Modern Greenfield Terminal Development

2010  New York City Harbor: A New Face for a National Landmark

2010  Port of Ehoala—Planning of a Multi-Use Facility

2009  Geophysical Investigations at Shishmaref, Alaska

2008  Airports

2008  Application of a Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Model for Restoration Feasibility Assessment at Cottonwood Island, Washington

2008  The April 2007 Solomon Islands Earthquake, Tsunami, and Land Level Changes

2008  Climate Risk Assessment for Coastal Policy in the Pacific Islands

2008  Coastal Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise on Tahiti Island, French Polynesia

2008  Electrical Power Systems

2008  Front Matter

2008  Geoscience

2008  Hydraulic Modeling and System Optimization of the Marco Island Wastewater Collection System Expansion

2008  Index

2008  Introduction

2008  National Park Service and Federal Highway Administration: Partners in Replacing Storm-Damaged Roads at Gulf Islands National Seashore

2008  NewsBriefs: Floating Islands to Write Out Arabic Poem

2008  Performance of the Kawaihae Harbor Port Facility Resulting from the October 2006 Earthquake

2008  The Plight of the Beaches of Crete

2008  Railway Systems

2008  Roadway Transportation Systems

2008  Run-Up Heights of Tsunamis around Circular Islands

2008  Seaports and Harbors

2008  Social Services

2008  Sumatra-Andaman Islands Earthquake and Tsunami of December 26, 2004, Lifeline Performance

2008  Telecommunication Systems

2008  Tsunami Warnings, De-alerts, and Warning Systems

2008  Typhoon Inundation in an Island Environment

2008  Up From the Deep

2008  Wastewater Systems

2008  Water Systems

2007  Evaluating Constructed Backwater Habitat and Sandbar Islands on the Missouri River

2007  Evolution of Erosion Hot Spots on a Barrier Island: Fire Island, New York

2007  Factors Influencing the Long-Term Stability of the Carbonate Sand Beaches of Mauritius

2007  Sand Bypassing Restores Natural Processes to Assateague Island, Maryland

2007  A Study of Intertidal Bar Dynamics Using the Argus Video System

2006  Levees: Ring Levee Would Protect San Joaquin Delta Island Community

2006  Limitations of Depth-Averaged Modeling for Shallow Wakes

2006  ”Postcards” — Staten Island September 11th Memorial

2005  The Channel Islands Marine Reserve Process: The Role of the Social Science

2005  Differential Scanning between Sex and Age Classes of Pacific Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina richardii) at Yerba Buena Island

2005  FEMA Sponsored Coastal Structures Damage Assessment in North Carolina for Hurricane Isabel (HMTAP Task Order 274 Sep 2003)

2005  A Geographic Information System (GIS)-Based Planning and Permitting Tool to Support Natural Hazard Risk Management in the US Flag Pacific Islands

2005  Highway Vulnerability Along NC 12 — Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

2005  The Politics of Marine Ecosystem Management: The Case of the Channel Islands

2005  Small Island States in Indian and Atlantic Oceans: Vulnerability to Climate Change and Strategies for Adaptation

2005  The Staten Island Bluebelt: A Case Study in Urban Watershed Management

2004  Crown Wall Parapet Failure after a Severe Wave Storm — Isle of Alboran, Mediterranean Sea

2003  Breton Island Restoration Project

2003  Wetlands at Work

2002  Amino Acid Geochronology Applied to the Dating of Eolianites on San Salvador Island, Bahamas

2002  Amino Acid Geochronology Applied to the Dating of Eolianites on San Salvador Island, Bahamas

2002  Beach Erosion Studies on Tropical Islands

2002  Management of the Carbonate Beaches of the Florida Keys

2002  A Rational Technique for Evaluating Proposed Expansions of Craney Island in the Elizabeth River, Virginia

2002  Rebuilding an Island

2002  Shoreline Protection Design and Construction in Response to Hurricane Lenny in Nevis, West Indies

2001  Emergency Replacement of Ferry Berthing Structures at the Orcas Island Ferry Terminal

2001  Geotechnical: Airport Expansion Proceeds despite Rapid Sinking

2001  Repair of Fregate Island Breakwater, Seychelles

2000  Simulation of Tunnel Island and Bridge Piling Effects in a Tidal Estuary

1999  Alderney Breakwater—Scheme Evolution

1999  Mapping Impacts of Hurricanes Fran and Bertha on North Carolina Dunes

1999  Project Performance Analysis and Monitoring for the Coney Island, New York, Storm Damage Reduction Project

1999  Scaling Winter Storm Impacts on Assateague Island, Maryland, Virginia

1998  Basic Planning for Ports in a New Offshore Free Trade Zone Development

1998  Development of Sand Island with Vegetation in Fluvial Fan River Under Degradation

1998  Dredging and Site Engineering Design for the Poplar Island Restoration Project

1998  Hazardous Harbor Seiches, Tides, Wind and Baroclinicity

1998  The “Islands’ Effect” in Wind Waves

1998  Planning & Design Aspects for the Poplar Island Restoration Project

1998  Poplar Island Restoration Project: Coastal Engineering Aspects

1998  Wetland Delineation by Means of Tide Gauge, South Padre Island, Texas

1997  The Caribbean Disaster Mitigation Project: Introducing Disaster Mitigation in Highly Vulnerable Small Islands

1997  Long Wave Runup on Coastal Structures

1997  Ocean Wave-Powered Desalination

1997  Shallow-Water Flow around Model Conical Islands of Small Side Slope. Part I: Surface Piercing

1997  Shallow-Water Flow around Model Conical Islands of Small Side Slope. Part II: Submerged

1996  Employment of Electronic Sand Level Gauges for Measurement of Beach Slope Deformation on Norderney Island

1996  Field Validation and Application of a Coastal Profile Model

1996  Innovative Drilling Brings Potable Water to Islanders

1996  Modelling Eddy Formation in Coastal Waters: A Comparison between Model Capabilities

1996  Performance Assessment Modeling of the Proposed Genting Island Repository Facility

1996  Simulating the Transport of an Algae Bloom off the West Coast of Vancouver Island